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Love Of My Life – Episode 20

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Episode 20














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Anita woke up in the middle of the night feeling restless.


She sat on the bed and started crying.


Richard jerk up from the bed hearing Anita sobs “Babe why are you crying? Richard got no response



sweety,what is wrong? He asked again “I had a bad dream” Anita sniffed


“Was it that bad to make you cry? He ask as he caress her hair. She nodded her head


mind talking about it? Richard asked her


“It about the movie I watched yesterday, Richy the man left the woman heartbroken” she sobbed


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“Babe it just a dream,it alright” Richard comforted her


“Dreams do come true.what if you leave me” Anita burst into tears “I won’t.babe it just a dream” Richard sighed “Promise? Anita raised her brows


” promise” Richard kiss her tempo and wiped her tears


“Lie here okay” Richard told her as he properly covered her with the bed spread.


He massaged her hand to help her feel calm and she dozed off




“Babe you need to stop watching those soap opera’s” Richard said as he dished the food


“Why” Anita ate a spoon of her cornflakes


“Last night you were crying because if a movie.seriously I thought it was something else. You almost freak me out” Richard muttered



Anita laughed slightly


“The man was caring like you but one day he just change and he left the woman,Richy am scared” Anita said


“It just a movie” Richard mused


“And movies are things that happens real life” Anita added


“Not all movies though. You don’t need to be scared.I love you and I will never leave you.stop watching movies that get you emotionally moved”


“How will I know the movie will move me emotionally ” Anita ask him as she look him in the eyes


“Hmm,we will discuss that later.let’s eat breakfast”




Anita came out of the room.Richard stared at her.


“Why are you staring at me like that? Anita loom at herself


oh is it about the shoe? Honey I can wear your shoes right? My shoes suddenly became small for me.I could barely put my legs. So I decided to wear your canvas.” Anita explained


“And what do you have to say about my pyjamas” Richard asked her


“Oh,that? I just feel like wearing your cloth. The doctor said I need to exercise regularly. Am going for a jog” she heads towards the door


Richard ran to her


“Babe you can’t go out like this.your dress sense don’t look good” Richard stood at the door



“I wear what I feel comfortable with. Richy I need to go for a jog” Anita screamed. She had started shouting again.very soon she will burst into tears


“Okay babe. Just do the exercise around the house.don’t go outside please” Richard pleaded




“Let me help you”


“Richy I can jog myself”


“Okay.let me just follow you to watch you”


********2 months later*****


“Babe please na” Richard crawled to her side and wrapped his hand on her waist


“Richy am not in the mood joor” Anita remove his hand from her waist and adjusted to the other side of the bed


“I have been enduring this thing now since last month. If you want to punish me.punish me in another way not by s*x starving me” Richard muttered


“It just a month not a year. I don’t feel like having s*x” Anita mused “Did I offend you?are you angry with me? Am sorry” Richard apologized “No you didn’t but……”


“But what? You are heard when the doctor said we should get intimate regularly” Richard informed

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“Am scared you will hurt the baby”


“I won’t. I will be easy” Richard said confusingly



“No,Richard am not doing this” Anita closed her eyes


babe consider me na..okay if not for my sake at least for your condition” Richard pleaded but got no response


“Babe are you sleeping?” He got no response.he sighed and slept off *one beautiful evening****


Richard came back from work and met Anita on the bed still on her nighties


“Don’t tell me you are still sleeping since I left the house? Richard look at her surprisely


I couldn’t sleep last night.the baby was just kicking me maybe that why am still sleeping ” Anita yawn


“You haven’t taken your bath? Richard asked


no am weak to bath,please give me that bowl


Anita point to a bowl and Richard gave it to her and watch as she spit in the bowl.Anita had thought spitting will stop but it didn’t stop


“When did my wife become this lazy she can’t even take her bath” Richard thought “Richy am hungry” Anita said as Richard came out from his thoughts ” you haven’t eaten since morning?


“I lost my appetite ” she rub her baby pump


“Gosh let me prepare rice for you” he was about going to the kitchen when Anita called him


” richy please help me stand up.” Anita told him



Richard help her stand


sweethrt please kiss me” Anita told him “What?


kiss me” Anita said again.Richard sighed and kiss her “Tanx” she smiled




Richard help Anita took her bath after feeding her.he rubbed her baby pump as they sat to watch a movie


Richy change the channel ” Anita screamed Richard stared at her confusingly


Anita ran to the kitchen sink and vomited


“Babe are you alright? Richard ask as he massaged her back


no that movie is irritating ” Anita told him


“The movie? How?” Richard ask


“It irritating ” Anita said


“Okay,I will change it”


“I just have to endure all these for the next one month” Richard thought Tbc




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