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The Scar In My Heart – Episode 3

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(Part 3)




What have i done! She exclaimed in tears. You dont know what you have done?he asked. I dont,she said in tears.


Ok,I will tell you what you have done,you went to my brother complaining about me,he said to her.




I didn’t complain to your brother about you. Aisha saw me in tears this morning and she asked me why and i told her,that was all i did,she said sobbing.



Listen to me Ameerah,if you are tired of me,say it,I dont like this attitude of yours,in fact,I think i know what to do about you,you better be careful with me,he added.

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You can have the room all to yourself,he said to her and he went to the sitting room.




She sat in their room for a while crying. What have i done,oh God! She exclaimed,is it a crime to be married,what is my wrong for fulfilling the sunnah of my beloved Rasul(s a w).


After much soliloquies,she went to the sitting room to plead for her husband’s forgiveness. I know I have wronged you,I am sorry,inn shaa Allah such won’t repeat itself,she said.




It had better not,he said to her.



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The next day,as usual Ameerah did all her house chores and she served everyone as usual. Hussain’s mother complained to him that his wife added too much salt in the meal and she knows that she does take much salt. Ameerah was summoned and she was questioned by her husband. Why is there too much salt in today’s meal?asked Hussain. Too much salt?asked Ameerah out of surprise. Yes,said her mother in-law. Ameerah had not had time to eat,so,she was unaware of the food’s taste. She dished little from her in-laws plate and tasted it. Subahanallah! I am so sorry mother,I had know idea,I was busy washing plates for the meal i didn’t check the food properly,she pleaded.




What do you mean by that?asked Hussain. I am so sorry…before she could say his name,he gave her a hard slap. I am so sorry,she said in tears,it was a mistake.




Everyone in the house,heard the voice of Hussain and they ran towards his direction. What is going on here?asked Hassan.



Why is Ameerah in tears?he added. She added too much salt in today’s food and she knows i dont take much salt,said mother.




Mother!Hassan called,am sure she didn’t do it deliberately,said Hassan. And besides,this is the first time she has made this mistake,Hassan added.




Aisha nodded her head in agreement with her brother.


Hassan! What are you saying,what if it had affected mother,will you be saying all this,said Hussain. But,mother is fine. Ameerah does all the work at home,her one mistake shouldn’t let you hit her,she is human,hassan said and left.


Every other members of the family left. Ameerah!I hope you dont make this mistake again,said Hussain as he walked out on her.




Ameerah was in tears,she couldn’t control her tears,Aisha was there to console her,she did the rest of the house chores in tears. When it was late at night,she couldn’t go back to her room,she was scared of the wrath of her husband. She tiptoe into their room,she lied on the floor in tears. Why me,she kept asking herself.




*The next morning*


She woke up with fear in her heart,she went to her husband to


apologise,but,instead, he…




“Not yet edited”



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