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Love Affairs – Episode 43

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Episode 43




Skannish Restaurant was a renowned restaurant originally owned by a British restaurateur during the colonial era but was eventually sold to State government in 1946, after the country gained independence. The restaurant was excellent with all kinds of


dishes and drinks that boosted customers’ appetite and it also offered a friendly atmosphere and astonishing relaxation.


Their service was superb and the restaurant attracted the affluent from State, other states and across Africa.


A guard came out from the front door and opened the rear door of the limousine. He stood aside as Williams and his family stepped out of the car. They moved into the


restaurant and a waiter showed them to their table. They sat and another waiter came immediately with a tray of plates, cans of water and two bottles of wine. He served

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them, bowed and left.


When they finished eating, Williams said, “I’m contesting for the presidency.” Stella and her mum were both visibly stunned, with their gazes on Williams. Thelda exhaled and said slowly, “That’s not possible. It’s too dangerous darling, your life will automatically be in danger once you announce that.


You know the politicians of this country better than I do. They’re over ambitious and dangerous and I don’t want you to get_”


Williams held her palms in his, “I understand what you’re saying. I understand your concern and fears. But it’s time this nation is liberated from the shackles of backwardness and underdevelopment. It’s time this nation got a pragmatic leader who can face the challenges of this country boldly and decisively.



All this while, we’ve lived in a country where democracy is only spoken of but not put into


practice. We’ve lived in a country where citizens have kept silent while their resources are being embezzled. We live in a country where few individuals determine who should


live and who should die by the kind of inconsiderate policies and laws they formulate and implement. Since we got independence, we’ve not made any remarkable progress.


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We’ve had rabble-rousers who’re more interested in murdering rather than upholding democracy as leaders. Every sector of this


country has been negatively affected and they have all been brought to a pitiable state of chaos by the military and civilian presidents we’ve had until now. Ten years back, when the military miraculously handed power over to civilians, we all thought that a new dawn of positive transformation had come, we thought it was time the country found her place at the helm of African leadership for the enormous development that would come with the change of government, but as years went by, we found out to our uttermost dismay that the civilian government is even worst. What we practice in this country is best termed manipulative government, which I can say to mean a system of government where the chief executive acts as a military and manipulates the other arms of government for his selfish interests.


Take the judiciary for an instance, the court is supposed to be the last hope of the common man, but in this country the reverse is the


case; the court has rather become the first hope of the common man and his eventual


miserable death, his last hope. In this country, if you have money, you have justice and if you don’t have money, you have injustice and these are exactly against the tenets of the ideal democracy. Each year, thousands of students graduate from our universities and are pushed into the society but are provided


with no employment. Many frustrated youths have taken to all sorts of crimes against the state because they feel marginalized and betrayed and eventually, the poor innocent


masses are the ones that are left to suffer and not the state. The disheartening thing about


all these is that the leaders at the centre seem not perturbed by the confusion which has



overtaken the entire nation and because of that, most state governments have chosen to imitate them. The difficulties our country is passing through are disheartening. I think I can


contribute to making this nation what it ought to be. What this nation needs is a leader who’ll set the pace, a pace of progress.” He paused, watched his wife and daughter and saw they already looked convinced. They were staring at him in admiration. Thelda was impressed with her husband, she always was.You can also read some interesting stories from


He liked Williams for his charisma in everything he did. Whatever he did, he was his


best at that. Stella was smiling; her dad had always been an orator and her mentor. Williams smiled, “It’s time I rose above all odds and transformed this nation. It’s time I found this nation its deserved place in both the African and world politics and it’s time to lead so that other African countries can follow. I know it will be risky vying for the most important position in this country but I believe I’ll pull through. My faith had always led me, it has never failed me and it will see me through this. There won’t be any problem.”


He smiled broadly and released his hold on Thelda’s palms.


Thelda was lost in thoughts, her head slightly bent. After some seconds, she slowly raised her eyes to Williams, “Have you announced it to your party?”


Williams said, “Not yet. I decided to seek your approval first,” he smiled, “and now you’ve approved of it, I’ll make it official.” He looked at Stella and gave her a playful punch on the arm, “Hope we’re on the same page?”


Stella flicked a smile at him, “Yes dad.” She fondled his tie, “I know you’ll win. I also


believe you’ll liberate this country and take us to that height everyone has thought impossible. Dad, you’ll definitely make….”






Stella heard footsteps outside, quickly stroked away the tears on her face and immediately


shut her eyes. Reagan opened the door and got in. He stood before her and regarded her,


“Still unconscious.” He mumbled and looked at the clock. It was 1:30AM. He had only thirty minutes to get rid of the lady. He decided it was time to force her back to


consciousness. He stared at her smooth straight legs and salivated. He would spend every minute of the remaining time satisfying his libido on every part of her



beautiful body, then at 2:00AM on the dot, he would do away with her. He decided to start with her fine legs. He squatted, stretched Stella’s legs apart and slowly ran his tongue through her right leg.


Stella was nauseated and held her breath.


Reagan held her left leg and repeated what he did to the other. He felt his manhood hard against his trousers and swallowed. He made to undress her but decided to have a quick shower first, for his body was stinky from the


assignment he just completed. He stood, licked his lips and hurried into the







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