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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 3

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Episode 03



Kyle’s POV



I was so right about Violet. I’ve been kissing her for like five seconds now and she hasn’t reacted.

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“Damn she tastes so good . ” I thought as I deepened the kiss while still holding her hands so she couldn’t move.



All of a sudden, I felt unimaginable pain in my lower lip and couldn’t help but stop the kiss.


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“You bitch! ” I yelled holding my jaw as I stared at her.



The damn girl bit my lip while we were kissing and it hurts like hell .



“You’re the bitch, you idiot! How dare you kiss me with your sewer mouth? Gosh, you tasted like toilet water… You should be thankful I’m letting you off like this. D*ckface. ”


And just like that, she left leaving me with a bloody lip and a fierce resolve for revenge!


I’m so going to get her for this!



My precious lips .



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Violet’s POV



“Hey you! Where have you been? I was worried. ” Anna said as I met up with her in gym class.


“Nowhere! Just handling some business. ” I said stretching alongside her and the others.


“Does that business involve Kyle Tanner? ”


She chuckled.


“Oh my gosh! What’d he do this time? ”


“He kissed me. ”



She gasped.


“He did? What’d you do? ”


“I bit his lip. ”


“Oh my gosh! You did not! ” She exclaimed laughing.


I shrugged.


“He deserved much more than that and he’s gonna get it if he doesn’t leave me alone. ”


“You’re crazy Violet! But you’re exactly what he needs! ”


I smiled.


Kyle is so lucky. If he’d been my first kiss, I would have murdered him right there in that closet but he wasn’t. God saved him!




After gym class, we had one more class before it was finally time for lunch. Since we didn’t have classes together, Anna and I met up just in front of the cafeteria and then, it was off to the lunch line.


We were served burger, fries along with a milkshake and then we found a free table. We took our seats and passed the time by eating our lunch and getting to know each other.


Lunch was going pretty well until three girls suddenly stopped in front of our table.


The leader said “Who would guessed that a girl like you would be such a slut? But then again, it’s the holy ones that are quick to jump in bed. ”


“Excuse me!? ”



“Enough faking Violet. We know. Everybody knows. ”


“Okay what the heck are you talking about? ” I asked already close to punching someone.


“Argh! Don’t you get it Violet!? Kyle used you and now everyone knows. ”


Immediately I heard Kyle, my anger knew no bounds. I immediately seized the last girl who spoke by her hair and held her against the wall.


“What are you talking about? What happened between me and Kyle? ” I yelled angrily.


“You’re hurting me! ” She cried but I didn’t care.


“Oh my gosh! V, you have to see this. ” Anna said, her eyes on her phone.


I nodded and pushed the girl to her friends who caught her and ran away.


“What? ”


“See this. ” Anna said giving me her phone.


“What is it? ‘


” This is the school’s news feed. Check out Kyle’s recent post! ”


I read through it and almost exploded.


Kyle had written that after the incident in class, I’d approached him later on and that I’d literally begged to be f*cked. The most annoying part was that he’d attached a picture of himself with his swollen lip saying that that was how ferocious I was in bed. He even called me a nut case.


I handed Anna’s phone to her silently.


“Violet, are you okay? What are you going to do? ”


I didn’t reply. I just turned to her and said with all honesty


“I’m going to kill somebody. ”





You guys have heard Violet o



Someone is about to die



Abeg who’ll assist with digging Kyle’s grave



















The Bad Boy’s Girl


Playboy In Love
















Written By Authoress Tyna

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