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The DNA Test – Episode 9

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The DNA Test (episode 9)


Life doesn’t always go the way we plan or towards the direction we want and as humans, all we can do is hope and pray that things turns out the way we desire because we don’t have the Final Say. Belinda was already excited at the thought of reclaiming her lost son but that hope was instantly crushed and shattered in a twinkle of an eye. The heart break that came with the news of Rita’s disappearance was too much for the devastated woman to bear and it made her unconscious.


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Immediately Belinda collapsed, everyone forgot what they initially came to Rita’s compound for and rushed her to the hospital. Ace was scared to his stomach and kept shivering due to the tension he was feeling at that moment. The thought of something drastic happening to his wife almost gave the frustrated husband a heart attack. A day that supposed to be a good one for the couple, turned out to be a total disaster.


To be fair, Rita wasn’t to be over blamed because the threaten woman did what any mother would have done if put in her shoes. Just imagine someone coming out of nowhere to claim ownership of your own child you have nurtured for 6 good years; don’t you think you might have reacted more than Rita did? Despite the fact that she was quite selfish and unreasonable by not giving Belinda and Ace a listening ear, she still did what any rational threatened mother would have done.


When they arrived at the hospital, Belinda was quickly admitted and the doctor and nurses tried to revive her. Those hours she was unconscious were the most traumatising hours of Ace’s life. That moment was a time of sober reflection for the frustrated man, as he reminisced on both his past and present life. He felt extremely bad to see his wife in such condition and the fact that he played a major role in all that was presently happening, broke his heart even the more.


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“How did we get here? What happened to my once cheerful and loving wife that was so full of life and positivity? So I am truly a father of two boys now? Oh God!” Ace soberly said as he sat on the chair in the hospital’s waiting area. There was a whole lot going on in his mind at that moment and it almost brought tears to his eyes.


After about 5 hours of waiting for a positive news from the doctors about Belinda’s health status, a nurse hurriedly walked to where Ace was sitting and informed him that his wife was now back to her consciousness. With great joy in his heart, he made his way to Belinda’s hospital room to see her.


Immediately Ace entered the room and Belinda saw him, she burst into uncontrollable tears and held her forehead in the process. He rushed to her bed and gave her a very tight hug. They held each other tightly as they let loose of bottled up emotions and pains. It was such an emotionally draining day for both of them.



“My son is gone, my son is gone, babe my son is gone. I am tired and my heart can’t take this much pain” Belinda soberly said as she cried bitterly. Ace tried to be strong and console her but couldn’t put himself together so he burst into tears too. “Babe I know I haven’t properly told you this but I am very Sorry! Babe please I’m sorry for partly putting you through all this. I’m so sorry for not being there for you like I should have, please forgive me babe. It’s killing me slowly to see you like this, my heart just can’t hold it together anymore. I am sorry babe, I miss what we used to have” He soberly said.


It took a long time before the grieved couple were able to put themselves together and leave for their house. By the time they arrived home, Junior was already fast asleep so they went straight to their bedroom. Belinda was exhausted and headed straight to the bathroom to take her bath, while Ace went downstairs to fix her something to eat in bed. He returned with a tray filled with light dinner but his wife was still not out from the bathroom.


“Babe, are you OK in there?” Ace curiously inquired but no one replied. He knocked on the door twice before he heard a sound of someone sobbing. Immediately Ace heard his wife crying, he opened the bathroom door and saw her helplessly lying on the floor. “Babe stop this now, please stop doing this to yourself. I have spoken to the DPO about this new development and he assured me that a search will begin first thing in the morning. This town and nation is too small for Rita to hide effectively with our son. She might have ran far away but will definitely be caught, just trust me babe. I don’t like seeing you this way; It’s killing me” he gently said.


After those words of comfort left Ace’s mouth, Belinda’s began to feel a little better. Ace walked to where she was lying na.ked and held her tightly in a bid to get her up from the floor. When she got up, he was moved to give her a kiss and eventually did so. Despite the fact that she was angry with him, she didn’t hold back from kissing him too.


They kissed passionately for a while and it didn’t take long before they both got turned on. Belinda tried to take off her husband’s clothes and he jacked her up in the process, while still kissing her.

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Immediately Belinda’s feet touched the ground, Ace turned on the shower and the water cascaded on them. As the water gently beat their bodies, Ace made love to his wife in a way he had never done since 6 years plus they got married. You know what they say about Make-Up Love Making? I guess that’s the effect the two lovebirds were experiencing at that moment because they have never had serious issues in their marriage before then.


There was just so much emotions and feelings in every thrust Ace made and it took Belinda to Cloud 9 faster than she had ever gotten there before. That moment was so magical and was like a medicine to their fading love for one another. Belinda didn’t want to leave the shower that day and wished that sweet moment would never end.


One the other hand, Ace enjoyed his wife like he had never done before. It was just an awkward but yet sweet experience for the young man that was frustrated few hours back. At this junction, it’s safe to say that their dying love had been rekindled a bit. Such a relief indeed!


The following day, the search hunt was launched and Ace was ready to spend his last dime to make sure that Rita was found. They broadcast the information on Televisions and Radio stations. He even went as far as putting a bounty on Rita’s head; promising a huge amount of money to anyone with any substantial information on her whereabouts. Ace did everything he could to make sure that his wife’s faith in him was restored. He didn’t want her to worry or cry too much like she had been doing lately. With the search going on in such full force, it was just a matter of time before Rita’s new residence was found.

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It happened that Rita eloped to her elder sister’s house in the outskirts of town. She changed David’s school and they started life afresh there. The news of her whereabouts got leaked to the police by a couple she was contacted to clean their house. When she arrived at the couple’s house with David and also told them her name, it was then that they figured she could be the one they had been hearing about in the television news.


Sadly, Rita had no access to a television nor radio in order to be able to know what was going on in the outside world. She was naive and never knew that a bounty was on her head.



While Rita was still working in the couple’s house that day, they called the police on her and in a short while, the police arrived and she was arrested with David inclusive. As they took her to the station, she kept inquiring from the officers what her offence was but no one minded nor said anything to her as they bundled her to the station.


Immediately Rita arrived at the police station, words were sent to Ace and Belinda; informing them of the good news. Without wasting time, they set off to the police station and this time around, Belinda carried Junior along.


The ride to the police station was filled with so much tension as neither of them knew what was waiting for them ahead. They were a bit tensed as they now knew what Rita was capable of doing. When they arrived at the station, Belinda alighted from the car and carried Junior on her body as they all matched inside the station.


When they fully entered inside, Rita was sighted sitting at one end of the station with handcuffs on her wrist, while David sat on her laps. When Rita saw them coming towards her, it finally dawned on her what was going on and why she was arrested.


As the couple got closer to Rita, her heart dropped when she set her eyes on Junior. For some strange reasons, she felt as though a part of her that had been missing for a long time was finally found and fixed back into her life. The connection everyone was feeling at that moment was very strong and authentic.


When Belinda and Ace finally got to where Rita was sitting, before either of them could utter any word, David and Junior quickly recognised themselves from the other day they played together at Junior’s school.


The innocent kids ran towards each other and screamed back at their parents saying; “Mummy, see my friend!”



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