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The Adventure Of Kúkù Jósẹ́fù – Episode 12

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උɦคpt㉫® 12




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Author’s POV


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Junior’s POV




As I woke up very early today I looked followed to what’s going to happen or how today’s going to be.




Me that have been long since I’ve been to school now once again I will going back.


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I just hope I won’t have any weird experience just like the one I had in my previous school.




I got up then dash into the bathroom and have my bath, after that I looked into the my wardrobe and look a very good shirt and trouser.




Since I don’t have my school uniform yet I have to wear appropriate dress.




I chose a perfect one and wear it then dress my hair well, I looked myself in the mirror and smiled.




I grabbed my bag, actually it’s Vanessa’s old schoolbag, Mrs Richards said she will get me mine but I should use this today.




As I got out of my room I see Vanessa also coming out, dressed in her own school uniform.




She saw me and she hissed then went to the parlor and I followed her downstairs.




I went to the kitchen and met Mrs Richards in there already done with breakfast and I greeted her.




how was your night?…joseph ” she asked.


I’m fine aunty” I said.


are you ready to go to school?” she said.




yes aunty ” I replied.


good morning mom” vanessa greeted as she entered.




hey baby, how was your night? ” Mrs Richards asked.


it was good” she said.




your siblings? ” Mrs Richards asked.


they are ready, they will be here soon” Vanessa said.




okay good, I’ve packed all your food, joseph here’s your own flask” she said pointing to a green flask.




thank you ma” I said then went out of the kitchen.




Author’s POV




he get a flask too? ” Vanessa said unbelieving.


c’mon Nessa, don’t start this morning” Mrs Richards said.



mom, he’s getting everything just like we did, why you just adopt him for us to know he’s your son” Vanessa said.




woww, that’s a very good advise, I will put it under consideration” she said.


Mom, it’s not funny” Vanessa said.




look here honey, he’s part of this family now, and the earlier you accept him the better” Mrs Richards said.




No mom” she said then went out of the kitchen.


Paul, Paulina and Katie also came down dressed and ready for school.




Mr Richards came down all dressed up ready for work and the kids went to greet him including Joseph.




I can see you guys are so ready for school that very good of you” he said.




Joseph, your aunt will take you to the principal office and do all the necessary things, be a good boy and take care of them” he said.




oh c’mon dad, what are we 5?” Vanessa said.


sorry baby” he said then wink at Joseph and went to the kitchen.




hey honey” he said.


coming” she said arranging his flask for him then handed it to him.




here we go” she said.


thank dear, you are the best” he said.


yaeah….i know” she said.





” I got to go now” he said.


” alright dear, bye” he said then left the kitchen.




After Mr Richards left for the office, Mrs Richards came out and serve them their breakfast while she went to have her bath.




As they are all eating the four of them are staring at Joseph weirdly and Joseph is also returning their glare.




Mrs Richards came down all dressed and by that time the kids are done with their food.


is everybody set?” she asked.




yes mom” they said.


alright, let’s go” she said and they grabbed their bag went outside towards her car.




She opened the car and they entered then she drove off.




Joseph, I’m only dropping you guys off today cause it’s your first time, and after today you will be boarding the school bus to school” she said as she was driving.




okay aunty” he said.


Vanessa, here take this” she said giving a #1000 note and Joseph was wondering what she’s supposed to do with it.




mom what about us? ” Paul asked.


I will give it to Joseph, you can collect it from him” Mrs Richards said.




no mom, don’t give it to him, bring it now” he demanded.




as you can see am driving……you don’t expect me to be doing all that now” Mrs Richards said.




(St. Royale college)




Mrs Richards drive into the school compound and parked the car and they all got down.


bye mom” Vanessa said.




alright sweetie, take care” Mrs Richards said as she left to her school block.




Paulina you take Katie here to her block, I need to go register Joseph” Mrs Richards said.




okay mom” Paulina said.


mom, what about the money?” Paul asked.


you can collect it from Joseph in the afternoon ” Mrs Richards said.




momm” he said


“go to your class” she shunned.


bye mommie” Katie said as she waved at her mother.




bye sweetie take care” Mrs richards said.


c’mon Joseph, let’s go” she said and Joseph followed her.




Joseph POV




I keep looking around the school cause I’ve never seen a school with a lot of qualities like this.




My school in the village is nothing compared to this one cause this magnificent.




Mrs Richards told me the senior block is at the right side which is Vanessa’s class.





And the primary block is at the left side which make the junior high school to be in the middle.




She told me that when we are close we should all wait for Vanessa cause they close late so we can go home together.




We keep walking till we reach a building and Mr Richards knocked and a voice told us to come in.




” Good morning principal drake” Mrs Richards greeted as we entered.




I saw a baldy man sitting on a chair with eye glass glued to his face, I can’t believe a man can be this bald cause not even a single hair can be seen.




The bald head make more reflexion in the office cause the ray of light is reflecting.




please come in Mrs Richards ” principal said.


good mawring sir” I greeted the man and I saw Mrs Richards making a strange face as I said that.




how are you?… boy” he asked.


I dey fine sir” I replied.




your husband has told me alot about him and have explain some things to me as well” Mr drake said.


really?” she said.




yeah, though we don’t really do this cause it’s third term already especially a jss3 student…..but because of the person your husband is…..we kinda overlooked that” the principal said.




okay then……this shouldn’t take much time as I still have to go to work” Mrs Richards said.




yeah” Mr drake said then bring out a form then turn to me.


so boy……what’s your name?” he asked.


” Josefu….Ol….”


oh you mean Joseph, right? ” Mr drake asked.




yes…. Jo….sep..phhu” I stuttered then he wrote it on the form.


your middle name and surname?” he asked.




Olawale Ediward” I said.


he mean Edwards ” Mrs Richards corrected.


yeah….of course ” the principal said.




He asked for some other details about me which I gave to him immediately without a delay.




He asked about my hobby and I told him I love eating and they laughed, yes naw abi……if I say na


fighting they fit pursue away from their school.




After a while we are through with the registration the principal call on a teacher to take me to the class I will be.




The principal told me I can’t leave my hair fallen like that, it’s either I cut it or tie it in ponytail, which I nodded to.




As we got out of the office Mrs Richards told me that if anyone asked me of my name that I should answer Joseph and tried my best not to call out the ‘U’ part and also Edwards not Ediward.




Aunty the thing Don master me because na so we dey call people for our village they call me” I said.




some people dem dey call them Mikeli, Peteru, usmanu, Rafeli, Jinadu and many many like that” I said.




well this is not the village so you need to adjust so you won’t be a laughing stock, you are now in school learn something new” she said.




” okay ma” I replied.




She gave me some money just incase I need to buy anything.




Also for me to give some to the kids when they come to me in the afternoon, after giving it to me she left.




I just can’t believe this people after eating at home, and also having another one in our bag she’s still giving us money just incase we need to buy something which must be what she gave to Vanessa in the car earlier.




The live of the rich people is very easy and sweet, full of enjoyment.




She told me to have #1,000 and for me to give the twins #500 each, and also for that small rat #200 and the remaining our transportation back …..imagine.




I remember when I was in the village that sometimes I won’t even eat before going to school.




It’s only when I got back only then will I eat, sometimes the food might turn to dinner.




Now this people’s life is so much comfortable and peaceful, wow money is good.




The teacher came and took me to my class, as we got to the class all attention is on me.




All the student stand up to greet the teacher and after then they all exert their attention on me as if I’m their exam specimen.




good morning class, today you will be having a new student ing you” the teacher said then turned to me.




introduced yourself” the teacher said.


my name na….umm, Josefu Olawale ediwards” I said and everyone burst into laughter.




It was then I remembered what I just said and what Mrs Richards said about it.




crazy fools” someone said among the students which hike up more laughter.


Silence” the teacher shouted and they all stop laughing.




I search around to see if I could see the student that said that and my eyes landed on someone.




” of course” I thought as I saw Paulina among them.




So this is actually her class which means we are going to be in the same class.




I checked the arrangement of the student and see that each person is seated on a chair.


It’s not like our school in the village where four people will be seating on a chair.




The teacher told me to sit at the empty chair at the back of the class and as I was going I realised that they are all younger than me and shorter also.




But no Wahala I come here to study so all that don’t matter anyway, so let’s study.




I sat on the chair and waited for the teacher like the rest of the class, some of them are looking at me then giggled.




I can see Paulina talking to her friends and pointing fingers at me and I knew she must be talking about me.




A teacher came into our class and everyone greeted him.


woww, a new student….that’s rare what’s your name?” he asked as he noticed me.
… se f” I said slowing then bit my lower lips when I’m about complete it for me not to cause another embarrassment of myself.




well Joseph, you are welcome to this school, I’m Mr Donald and I will be taking you guys Into Tech” He said and motioned me to sit down.




Throughout the day all the teachers did just as Mr Donald did when he first saw me and I’ve learned to pronounce my name very well “Joseph” without no difficulty.




At lunch break as I was eating my food in the classroom as everyone has went out of the class then the evil guys appeared.




The twins and the tiny rat Katherine and I know what they came for and they stood before me and stand akimbo.




our money? ” Paul asked then I dipped my hand inside my pocket and gave Paul #500 and he left immediately and also Katie her #200 though I wondered what a girl like her know about #200.




I refused to give Paulina her money cause of what she did earlier when I entered.


I will report to mom about this” she said and I remember what Vanessa usually said




who cares?…..Idc” I said to her and I can see hurt in her eyes.


why don’t you give her money, you this hungry village boy” Katie said.




hey, you better watch your mouth or else I will cut it for you” I said to her.


you are crazy” she said back.





” you this boy…..what’s your problem? ” Paulina said angrily.



I no get problem, na you dey with problem cause P dey for your name…..P for problem” I said and I see how angry she is.




fine, what do you want?” she asked.


okay, apologize to me” I said.


are you crazy?” she said.




umm, that one no be apology oo” I said.


fine, sorry…..are you okay now?” she said.


say it like you mean am… be that kind lazy and arrogant Sorry” I said.




you must be joking” she said.


shey I look like say I dey joke for your eyes? ” I asked.


Fine, sorry ” she said calmly.




sorry for what? ” I asked and she look me with anger.


for abusing you in class ” she said reluctantly.




Good” I said then give her the money.


you are crazy” she shouted as she and Katie left the class.


stupid boy” I heard Katie said.




you better watch your mouth or else you sef go see……yeye people” I said then continue eating.




Some hours later class ended for the day and I really enjoyed all the lesson.




As they keep teaching all the ones I’ve been thought before started flooding back.





Though not everything but at ones but I know with time I will understand everything.




I grabbed my bag and went outside and waited for the kids before we go to Vanessa’s block.




I can see Paul playing with his friends and Paulina also with her friends talking.




They’ve been talking since they are in class only God knows what they talked about, girls and their talk sha.




I saw the little rat coming towards me as she waved goodbye to her friends.




you don ready? ” I asked and she looked me from up to down like she’s sizing me up in this disgust.


don’t you dare talk to me” she said.




eh eh, see this small winch oo, if I give you a native slap eh, that your eyes go comot sharp sharp” I said.




heyy…..P for problem” I yelled and they both looked at me as if that’s exactly their name.




ha ha… una name be problem” I said to myself and they left their friends and came to us.




did you just call us problem?” Paul asked as they got to me.


before nko” I said.




you must be out of your mind” Paulina said.


you are asking for problem guy, you don’t want to try me” Paul said fuming angrily.




eh eh see this boy oo….if I give you one dirty native slap… will somersault” I said and I see Paul’s friends coming over when they see what’s going on.




hey man, what’s happening? ” one of them asked.


it’s this stupid boy, he’s just getting on my nerves ” Paul said.




let’s treat his f**k up….let’s show this motherf****r how it’s done” a black boy said and I move closer to him.




you say wetin?” I asked as I got closer.


I said motherf…….” before he could complete his statement I gave him a slap which sent him to the ground.




no ever call my mama again” I said and as the others see this they moved back.




now you two, make we dey go to your sister’s side” I said and they grabbed their bag and lead the way.




I can see the shock in their eyes and I thought if not for the promise I made to my mother they should be seeing more of that.




We got to Vanessa’s block and waited for them to finish their class, about forty-five minutes later they trooped out of their class.




I saw Vanessa and her friends talking then she left them and came to meet us, her two friends waved at me and I waved back, I recognized her two friends cause they are the ones that came to the house some days ago.




Guys, I’m sorry I won’t be going home with you today, my friends and I have to go somewhere” she said.




here take this, for the three of you” she said giving Paul #500 note then turn to me.




hey you, don’t go all about the place, just go home straight ” she said then bring out the key from her bag.



” this is the key……take them home immediately and look after them…… you hear me? ” she shouted and I burst into laughter.




” Weldone…..Mrs crazy talker……..ah no know say you don collect masters for mad people college of education” I said to her.




” what the hell do you mean by that? ” she said angrily.




” abegi, leave grammar……..leave matter for Mattias…… you better follow us now” I said.




are you deaf?…..or didn’t you hear what I just said” she said.




no Wahala, wetin I know be say, if you no know carry your bag and follow us now, ah go tell your mama and Papa say na boys you dey follow up and down for school and you no gree follow us home ” I said.




you wouldn’t dare say that” she said.


try me na” I fire back.


they will never believe you” she said.




are me sure about that? ” I said.


whatever, do what you like” she said then turned to meet his friends.




” ah no dey joke ooo…..ah go just lock you for outside and your parent go see you for outside…….you kuku know me wella” I said and she came back.




” fine…..what do you want?…” she said.




wich yeye money?…..wetin I won do with your yeye money, you better go carry your bag make we go home now” I said and I can see anger in her eyes.


“Who cares?……IDC”




She angrily went back to her friends and collect her bag from them, I see her friends asking her why what happened but I don’t know what she told them and she came back to us.




” Now……let’s go home” I said Victoriously as we exit the school.




Hmm you no know me I talk am for this wickedness wey we dey do we are just getting started……Now


na 3-2.












Guys, Hope you still dey count the scores?








Tank yhu
















. «««««««««««««««« J.✿.£ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»




(tђ㉫ คɗv㉫ɳtµ® ㉫ ✿ƒ kμkμ ʝ✿รɛԲμ)

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