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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 51

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© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


“Good morning to everyone in here.” River greeted staring at all the Kings and Queens of the supernatural seated a few meters away from where she and Royal were sitting. They were in the secret chamber. Isaac, who has been smiling since he walked in, answered with pride.


“Good morning my little niece.”


The rest of them nodded their heads to her greetings.


River ignored Isaac and faced the others. “So we are all here to know my decision.”


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“Yes, we are here to know and we all know who is going to be given the throne of the millennium.” Isaac chips in.


At that moment, Zeus appeared in their midst surprising everyone present except River and Royal who has a thoughtful look.


They all stood up and welcomed Zeus.


“Be seated everyone.” Zeus said and they sat down except him who wasn’t in the mood to sit. In his realm, he has been sitting almost everyday.


“Now that Zeus is here, I will go straight to the point.” River told them and continued. “Yesterday, after you all left, I went to visit Zeus and we both had an interesting discussion. I won’t leave my mate, Royal, because of the throne, I love him that much that I am willingly to take my hands off the throne and give it to the only person I trust, the only person I know will take good care of the kingdom and the other kingdoms, the only person I see as my relative, the only perso-”


Interrupting her rudely. “Just say the name of the person already and stop prolonging the words River.” Isaac said to her.


“Okay, I will be giving the throne to Mari.”


The silence was golden until Isaac said in an angry tone.


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Mari was surprised so was Luke and Royal. She wasn’t expecting that.


“Mari? Did you say Mari? Mari is not your relative and we are not blood related. I think you made a mistake in your speech niece.”


“I did not. Mari helped my mother during her delivery. Mari helped me disguise myself, if not I would have been with a worthless mate by now. Mari has been helping me ever since I was born now tell me dear Uncle, what help have you rendered to me if not by sending beasts to kill me and my mate? What have you done for me?” River demanded.


“Zeus won’t you say something?” Isaac said to the god standing in their midst. “She gave the throne to someone who isn’t her relative, me. She is-”


“She has every right to give the throne to anyone she trusts or her relative, that’s what I wrote. It is in the law.” Zeus replied, shutting up Isaac.


“This was why I had sent for him so you all can hear from the horse’s mouth.”


River told them. “What do you have to say Mari?”


“Yes, I accept your offer River.” Mari said getting up from her seat and closing the distance between them. “Thank you.”


River nodded her head with a smile. “If there is anyone in this supernatural who I can trust apart from my mate Royal, it’s you Mari.”


“Thank you once again for trusting me River.”


“Take this as a new law, Mari can invite River and her mate anytime to this palace.” Zeus told them.


“And that reminds me. Isaac, Darken and his mate with their Beauty and for those who also desire the throne, if you try to use any cunning way to take the throne then you will have me to contend with. Mari isn’t just a mere witch, when you want to do your evil remember that.” River said.



“If I see anyone who is not Mari and her mate sitting on the throne of the Millennium, then you will have to battle with I and the rest of the gods. Face your kingdom given to you.” Zeus said and faced River. “I will take my leave.”


“Thank you for coming Zeus.”


Zeus disappeared.


“This meeting is over.” River announced and everyone stood up and left. Mari and Luke didn’t go as she wanted to discuss with River. Isaac nearly cried when he walked out of the chamber.


“I know you are surprised that I gave you the throne instead of my uncle, right?” River asked.


“To be sincere, yes. Why did you give me the throne?”


“You are like my mother Mari, I know you won’t betray me or this kingdom.”


“Thank you, so what’s next?”


“I and Royal discussed all through the night so we will be leaving by noon time, though I would have said I will miss you much but Zeus has set a new law, so I will be seeing you from time to time Mari.”


Mari pulled River for a hug.


“Thank you River, I promise you I won’t disappoint.”


They release their hold on each other.


“Jeffrey!!” River yelled and Jeffrey rushed inside.


“Yes my Queen.”


“You know what you did right? Why I am punishing you?”



“Yes my Queen, I killed your father. I was the one who had been putting the poison into his food and drink, please forgive me.” Jeffrey pleaded.


“I have forgiven you since if not I would have killed you. I would have always given you to Mari to help in keeping you in your place but I will need a helping hand in my new home….which reminds me, Royal, hope you have a house where I can lay my head, I don’t mind living in a cave with you.”


Royal snorted loudly. “Cave really? Ice, Fire, Dark and Green would you mind telling our beloved princess where we live.”


The four large wolves heads came out through the wall behind Royal. Mari was speechless when she saw the wolves head.


“What question did she ask?” Green asked.


“If we are living in a cave.” Royal told them.


“Well aren’t you living in a cave behind the palace, you are always in that cave in fact you practically live in it, so our dear princess is not far from the truth.” Fire said.


“You have a palace?” River asked.


“Yes, much bigger than this one, how do you think we all fit inside Royal palace, love?” Dark answered


“Where is it located?” Mari asked this time.


“Somewhere in between this realm and that of the gods realm, you can see it even if you want to.” Green responded.


“Congratulations Mari, just ignore the three imbecile talking.” Ice said, making the witch smile sweetly at him.



“Thank you, I think you are the most quiet one among them and strong too.” Mari said staring at the wolf, he was the largest.


“You see Fire, when you act cool, they think you are the good one.” Ice told the Fire wolf then faces Royal. “So Royal. When are we testing our new bride?”


The End

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