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My Grumpy Crush – Episode 2

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My Grumpy Crush



Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie?






Pinky Preshy Chioma




<Maja Pov>

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One…. Two…. Three…. Four…. Five… Oh gosh! This is not enough yet… I cried as


kept my saving box on the bed with some notes and coin.


I really needed to pay for Mia’s tuition fee but I don’t have enough money…


Tears gradually dropped down my cheeks but I quickly cleaned them up.


I wouldn’t want Mia to see me crying, she was lying on the bed fast asleep.



I have given her some food and the medicine I bought earlier.


What do I do now? I said biting my fingers in confusion.


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Just then, there was a violent knock on the door and i quickly used a bed sheet to cover the savings box and money and then opened the door as Carla pushed me and walked into our room.


What are you doing here Carla? I asked anxiously


Well I came to ask you for some money, I need to buy makeups…. Carla said


arrogantly as she took out a stick of cigarette and lighted then smoked.


Carla you are polluting the room… I said coughing slightly


Shut up! Just give me some money… She said as thick smoke gushed out of her mouth.


I don’t have money Carla… I said as she pushed me aside and walked away.


Wretched bastard! She cursed me and walked away.




Am used to that already… I sighed still thinking of the possible way to raise money for Mia’s tuition fee.


<Jenna’s Pov>


Maja! Maja!! I ran to meet Maja my bestie, she was carrying a basket of dried fish heading to the market of course.


Oh Jenna! You scared me girl… startled Maja said as she placed her basket on the ground.



Bestie! Don’t tell me you are not going to the market with your dry fish today? Maja asked


Come on Maja! I have good news for you …. I smiled broadly


What is it? She asked


I got an offer! At skycity classy hotel! I said as surprised Maja stood in agape


What? How? When? She asked excitedly


Well it’s just a day offer but the pay is quite good, 500bucks….i said


What? Mia’s tuition fee is 300bucks! How did you get the offer? She asked


The hotel is actually having their anniversary so they are gonna have lots of guests so they decided to employ more waitresses but it’s only for tonight…. I said


Oh my goodness! Congrats friend!! Am happy for you…. She said


Come on Maja! I also got the job for you so you are among the waitresses for tonight’s event at skycity…. I said


You did! She shouted in excitement


of course bestie… I said as she hugged me tightly.


Friends we are! Friends we shall remain cos we are in this together… we chorused and high five as we hugged each other again.




The night finally came, Maja and I were so excited cos we are going to earn higher tonight.


Maja! Hurry up!! What are you still doing? I asked as I sat on the bed inside Maja ‘s room waiting for her.

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Am coming! Am almost done taking a shower… She screamed from the bathroom.


Minutes later she came out from the bathroom and quickly wore her uniform.


Are we good to go? I asked anxiously


Yeah! She said as we headed to the door


Wait! She suddenly shouted and ran towards the bed, she brought out a newspaper under her pillow.


Love ya! I know your handsome face will bring good luck for me… She said kissing the newspaper as i quickly snatched it from her.


It was no other than Marco Avelino my bestie’s everyday crush.


Silly you! I smiled….. I also like him but let’s say I hate day dreaming of something




Well we headed out and flagged down a cab.


<Maja’s Pov>


We started working immediately we got there as Madam Barbara the owner of the hotel handed us to the manager whose name is Nadine.


Hello sir! What do I offer you? Nadine asked smiling at a handsome young man sitting alone


I want uhmm…. The man said as he saw me coming and eyed me


Don’t worry I will get my order from her… he said dismissing Nadine who threw a dangerous look at me as i served the man.


I hate this bloody fool that calls herself Maja…. Nadine said in anger and walked





I was still in the kitchen preparing some toast bread ordered by one of the customers when Jenna rushed in.


Maja! Maja!! Guess what? Jenna screamed without breathing


What is it? I asked startled


Sir Marco Avelino is here…Jenna announced


What? I asked in shock as the glass I was holding fell from my hand and broke…..
















Love in the air



Is she not in trouble for breaking the expensive glass?


But why is she in anxiety to see her crush for the first time?

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