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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 10

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“In the torment world? “.


Eliza asked.




“You where suppose to be with mi so but you where with your mom”.


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“Actually I was with my future self, she was the one who showed me my mom”.


“Your future self? What did she say to you”.


Eliza asked.


“Hmm…… Nothing……. Nothing much”.


Rebecca replied.


“When you saw your mother what did she say? “.


“She did not see us cause we where invisible to her”.


“Do you have anything that belongs to your mother? “.


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“No I don’t have anything with me”.


“Do you know where you can get it from? Do you know what belongs to her? “.


Rebecca thought for a while.


“Yes, a diary. But its in our old house, but am not sure if its still there cause its more than hundred years now”.


“Well no matter what, we must find it if you want to know more about yourself and your mother”.


“Ok, I will do all I can to find it”.


Rebecca said.


“Now go and rest cause the second ritual will be tomorrow. You need a lot of rest”.


Eliza said.


Rebecca forced a smile and left.






Rebecca POV


All I can think of is that mistake.


Am really scared.


Am to bring joy and destruction to the world and that is my fate?.


And the most scary part is that Nicole will be part of those who will be destroyed by me.


Am really scared.


I don’t want to ever lose him an now I will be the one to destroy him.


And what will mi so tell me.


Is there really something that can kill a vampire?.


Gosh am so confuse and scared.


And knowing my mom will bring bad news.


What is all this?.


I bumped into someone.


“Sor…… “.


I stopped when I saw who he was.


I became lost in his eyes.


I could feel fireworks in my head.


“Rebecca are you okay? “.


He asked looking concerned.



“Yes….. Yes am fine”.


I said.


“You don’t look okay to me”.


I forced a smile.


“Am really fine. How are you now? I heard you fell unconscious”.


“Am good now, you? “.


“Am fine”.


I replied.


“Rebecca don’t forget we are mates, I can feel your pain”.


He said.


I can’t tell him, I can’t tell him that I will bring destruction to many lives.


I can’t tell him that I will destroy him.


I can’t tell him anything.


“Am fine”.


I said and left.






Nicole pov


What the is wrong with her?.


I can feel her pain.


I can feel her worries.


Why isn’t she saying anything?.


I need to speak to Eliza.


I went to the basement.




I called.


“Hi Nicole”.


She said smiling.


Miso was looking so weak and pale.


“Eliza we need to talk”.


“Go on”.


“What is wrong with rebecca? What did you say to her? What is happening to her?”.


“Is something wrong with her? “.


“Yes she is worried about something I can’t figure out. I can only feel her pain but I


don’t know what is wrong with her”.


I said.


“Well we just talked about her mother and that’s all”.


“Her mother? What about her mother? “.


“Well she said she saw her mother that’s all”.


“Did she tell you what her mom say to her”.


“No, she only said that her mom did not see her cause she was invisible”.


“Was she the only one?”.


“No, she was with her future self”.


“Future self? “.


“Yes she saw someone like her and that person is her future”.


“What did she say to her? “.


“Don’t know, she said that she did not say anything much. Am sure she is sad cause of her mother”.


“Well you might be right, maybe its because of her mom”.


I said and left.






Rebecca pov


I haven’t gotten out of my room ever since I came in.


Nicole and his siblings all came to call me out, but I told them am tired.


I laid on the bed tiredly.


Its night already.


Have been thinking about what my future self said.


Am still very worried, I can’t lose Nicole.


I don’t know why but I fell like closing my eyes.


I close my eyes and I don’t know what happened next.


All I know is that I was out for some minutes.






I appeared in an unknown place.


Everywhere was so dark that I could feel its thickness.


A light appeared from a distance but its so small, it began to come close to me, it came closer and shined brighter revealing someone who was standing close to me.




I shouted and fell down in fright.



I look at the person face and…….




I called.


He was covered in blood.


“What happened to you”.


“You destroyed me…. You killed me”.


He said angry.


“What do you mean? How did I kill you”.


“You killed me”.


He said.


It began to rain blood.


“Now I will kill you”.


He said coming to me.


He rose his hand to hit me but I shouted.








I shouted and quickly sat up.


“What was that? What just happened? Was that a vision? “.


I looked round me.




I shouted seeing someone sitting close to me.


“Rebecca are you okay? “.


Nicole asked holding my hand.





I called and hugged him tightly.


“I don’t know what is happening to me, this don’t look like a vision”.


“Its not a vision, its a dream”.




I said and looked at him.


“How is it a dream, I don’t sleep so how will I dream, have never dreamt of anything”.


“That is what am about to ask. Cause you just slept and had a dream”.


“What? Am I becoming a human? “.


“We need to talk to Eliza”.


Nicole said.


He held my hand and we both went to her room.


Immediately we got to the door Nicole stood stirring at the door.


Why is he stirring at it like that?.


I raise my hand to knock but he stopped me.


“No don’t. If we do that, we will wake the others. We can enter without anyone




He said.




He smiled.


He held my hand and before we know it, we where inside the room.


What just happened?.


Did we just pass through that door.




I asked in a whisper.


“Have been learning a lot”.


He replied in a whisper too.


We both looked at Eliza who was sleeping quietly.


Nicole walked to her and tapped her.


“Hmmmm? “.


She asked.


“Eliza please wake up”.


He said.


Eliza opened her eyes.


“You two?…… How did you get here? “.


She asked looking at her door.


“We are vampires remember, the two most powerful vampires”.


He replied.


“So what brings you here? You know am not a vampire so I need my rest “.


She said yawning.


“Eliza there is a little problem”.


“Problem, what problem? “.


“Rebecca just slept and had a dream”.


“You….. You slept? “.


“Yes Eliza”.


I replied.


“You had a dream? “.




“But how? Why? “.


“Don’t know too”.


“How is that possible? “.


“Maybe its the ritual”.


Nicole said.


Eliza thought for a while.


“Yes you are right it could be”.


“That ritual is dangerous can you please stop it”.


He said.


“I can’t stop it”.


“What? Why? “.


“Cause if i do, she is gonna be tormented all her life. But if I finish the ritual then


everything will go back to normal”.


Eliza said.


“So I will still be going to other dimensions”.







“And what they say is true? “.




I looked down.


Now am more worried.


“Tomorrow is another ritual so get ready and prepared for more torments”.


Eliza said.


Nicole looked at me with sadness in his eyes.


“I shouldn’t have let you pass through all this, i shouldn’t have let you be the


vampire to help mi so”.


He said.


This is just so not good.




The second day.


The second ritual.


I sat down close to mi so who was glaring at me.


Eliza began to perform the ritual and this time, the pain was worst than yesterday’s.


The pain is unbearable.


I just hope Nicole is safe cause he would also feel the pain too.


I fell on the floor losing consciousness.


I opened my eyes to see my self in a different place, but it wasn’t where i was yesterday.


Where is this place?.


Where am I?.



“Rebecca? “.


A familiar voice called.


I turned.


“Mi so? “.















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