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Episode 12




Love is so strange.


Sometimes it becomes reason to live life and sometimes to leave life.


I hold tight on the cutla*ss, with my eye fixed directly on the spirit guard. He wasn’t in anyway showing cowardice. He stood strong against me with his eye burning like a red coal.


” ay back off, I will talk to him” yemi said. I took a step backward, without taking my eyes off him.


” I want you back home, right now!!!” Yemi command. And within a blink of an eye, he was gone.


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I took a deep breath, then fall lifeless pig on the bed. I wouldn’t have hesitate in combating with the spirit guard, if not for yemi interference. Well thank God she did, cos am no match for him.


” you know ay… I don’t know what to say, why’s everything about you so weird, you saw a thing meant for only me to see… For the past few weeks, I have been sacrificing a lot of things for you.


I was warned that you will be my downfall, that you will betray me. But I turned deaf to those warnings. And for the first time in my life am feeling insecure, you let me send away my only guard, I still don’t understand why am doing all this for you. ” she muttered. I didn’t reply her immediately, instead I helped myself with a chilled water. I need to cool my head off her spirit guard.


” do I make you soft? Or do I weakens you? Let make one thing clear here, I lied to you being a bad boy. Am certainly not who you think I am. You are bad, a killer, a murderer, whenever things goes wrong, you must be the reason. Because of who you are, my whole life is in danger. Am cupped under your circ*mstances. If you can’t change for good and start doing what is right, I think its best we both go on separate ways. I can never be in love with a lady like you!!! ” i yelled angrily at her.


She went mute for minutes without saying a word. She couldn’t look into my eyes, her face was buried down. After a while, she raised on her feet. She wanted to say something but she swallowed the words back in, then she left.


I picked up my phone then run a call through to Janet.




Janet: Ay what’s up?


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Me: am sorry to say this. Am not interested in this game anymore.




Janet: why? What went wrong?




Me: she has foreseen everything, she know I will betray her. She can change her mind and kill me anytime.




Janet: so?




Me: I told her the bitter truth, I said, I can’t be with a lady like her. And I know, that’s the end of the road. Cos she won’t of any reason be the person I want her to be. She can’t be the good girl I want her to be. She will always be a criminal.




Janet: ay you shouldn’t have said that to her.




Me: I can’t help being a betrayal neither. Even if she’s bad, the guilt of betrayal will always run in my vein till my last breath.




Janet: so can I have the little evidence you have.




Me: no problem, you know where to find me .




I ended the call, then head to the bathroom for a cold shower. When evening arrived, I went to my best friend place, I need to fill her head with my recent activities, I’ve been hiding a lot of things from her, which is very unusual of me.


I was surprised when I met ope at her place. It




s seems both of them have been getting along quietly. He was eating rice when I entered.


“Ope!!! Papa God, see the life a fornicator. Upon how girls full campus, na my best friend you choose to fornicate with abi. Look at how he sitdown like tipper chairman, eating rice like person wey hunger swear for” I let out loudly.


” Ay take am easy na, you understand as e dey go between me and this girl na, no dey do me like this na. You no it’s not easy for a guy like me to change like that na, but believe me am trying, i have do away with all my side chicks. I love your friend daku, I love…”


“Whatever” I cut in before he could finish his words.


I was served my own plate of rice too, after am done eating, I called Agatha behind, and I fill her up with all my recent secret. One thing about best friend, they give the best advise.




Weeks pa*ssed, I didn’t hear from yemi neither do I make any means of contacting her . life goes on except for some anomalous misery that do occur sometimes. Joy seems to be in love with Ay, and Ayokemi couldn’t sleep without having a thought about ay. I was playing my game so cool between the two of them and non of them never suspect anything.




I hate attending vigils cos I do see things I wish I never have seen. Agatha invited me to a vigil one day. I didn’t want to go but after a lot of persuasion, I followed her. The vigil was scheduled to hold by 10 pm. We got there around 9:45. But before we entered I saw a big black eagle with only an eye sitting on the church roof. I drew Agatha attention to it. But she didn’t see anything, she thought that I was overstating about the black eagle. So I kept mute and entered in with her.


The praise and worship was awesome, to be sincere I saw the pure spirit moving majestically in our mist . when the pastor came to the alter, four angels where beside him and every words he speak came with fire. One thing I noticed about the pastor, he was spirit gifted but he lack the gift of sight, which means he is not a seer. We got into the prayer section and also the deliverance section. It was a horrific sight, even when the pastor instructed us all to close our eyes. My eye was fully opened. I saw as he casted demon away from some possessed soul. He casted a powerful demon away from a lady. When the demon was out, he looked around then he began heading towards me. My intentions was to run, but somehow I didn’t. He was two steps away from where i am,when he turned and face the pastor.


” tonight their shall be tears in your household, you can only escape this if you didn’t sleep in your house. But if you do.. Hahaha. No one sleep in that house and won’t be dead by dawn” the



demon said, then he disappeared. No one heard him, not even the pastor. I wanted to mind my businesses but I realized I could save a life with my gift. So immediately after the end of the vigil , I ran to meet the pastor. I told him what I saw and what I heard.


” does the holy spirit tells you that?” He asked. I knew it wasn’t from the pure spirit but from the demon himself.


” emmm… I heard it from a demon you casted away, not from the holy spirit ” I said with my head facing downward. The pastor didn’t believe me.he said he wouldn’t listen anything from the devil, indirectly he is tagging me a devil. I tried all my best to make him believe me but all my efforts were abortive. All because i said I heard it from a demon.


He had a twin girls, and both of them are very beautiful.


I went to Agatha and narrated everything to her.


” right now am less concern about the pastor, look at those two girls, they will die just because of their father foolishness ” I said sorrowfully.


” maybe you should give it one more try, but this time try the weaker vessel, his wife” Agatha advised. And immediately, I run quickly to them. They were already inside the car and they Were about leaving.


” excuse me ma, is it really compulsory you go home tonight, I was thinking maybe you could stay back in the church till dawn. At least, this is the house of God, it is the safest place anyone could be. And beside I need so




me counseling from you and your husband ” i said. As God may have it. It worked. she convinced her husband and they both agreed to counsel me till dawn. Now I understand why the snake approached eve in the garden of eden.


I couldn’t go home too, I had to wait for an importune counseling. I shared my experienced with them and also my gift. The counseling wasn’t as bored as I thought. Their two daughters contributed to the talk, and it was also a great pleasure taking to the twins. Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, their voice could melt a metal heart. Their names are Vanessa and Victoria. We exchanged contact during the counseling and to Frank and sincere, the talk was awesome we didn’t know when clock ticked 7:00 .


Exactly a minute after 7am. I call entered the pastor phone. And he received the greatest shock of his life. Their was an earth tremor which swallowed in his whole house.


Immediately the news was pa*ssed to him. He shifted his gaze towards me. I can see tears gathering in his eyes. Everyone was in confusion of his sudden change of mood. He later break the news to us.



“As am speaking to you right now, our house is a Vitim of an earth tremor. And God used this young man here to save our lives from a sudden death. if not for him we will all be dead by now, am sorry that i doubted you. I will be forever great full to you, please help me appreciate this young man” he said slowly. I couldn’t explain how I felt that day, the news travels fast across the church and before I knew it, I was the talk of the town.


I felt really great doing something great, the pastor counseled me to use my gift in helping people so as from that day, I stopped minding my businesses.




Examination was fast approaching, and every student know the important of having a good grade and the important of having a carry over, no one will want that.


Some weeks to the exams, a night tutorial was arranged, which was schedule between 7pm to 9 pm. But due to some difficulties, the tutorial ended at 11:30 pm. I walked joy to where she will take a bike before I began heading back alone to my villa.


I was about getting home when I began to feel the presence of a ghost, my head began swelling up and my palm and feet were as cold as an ice.


I knew the ghost will be somewhere close so I increased my pace. I got home only to see the ghost sitting right infront of my door, Whereas preventing me from entry. I knew he must be there for a reason. So I voiced out.


” hello young man, you are blocking my way, I need to enter in and sleep” I said a*ssertively. He faced up and his face resemble someone I know but I couldn’t remember clearly.


” my name is Johnson, Janet brother. I need your help” he said. I wonder how he was able to discover my ability of sight. From the stories have heard from some elders , contact are not meant to be made with ghost let alone to be communicating with them.


” am sorry, you are dead, and am a living. There should not be any interaction between us. So I certainly can’t help you ” I muttered.


” I think you should reconsider my offer cos I can help you with the past death that’s is hurting you” he said. I never expected that from him. The death from the past was a great misery to me. The fact that I don’t have an idea of when, where and how the death operate has became an unsolved puzzle to me. Reconsidering the situation, I have to rethink my decision. I gave it some minutes thought then made up my mind to help him,since he got a help to offer in return.


” so—what is it you want from me?” I mumbled.


” I want you to reveal the misery behind my death, out for everyone to know ”



I laughed at him, cos his death seems not to have a misery to me. All I know was that, he was shot dead on his birthday night by Yemi. That seems to be a cold blooded death, I wouldn’t imagine it having a misery.


” I don’t think you need my help here, your sister is actually taking a lead on the case, she knows the killer, and she’s working on getting justice for your death ” I said calmly to him. He stood up and walked up and down for a wh




ile. He seems uncertain about what to say but after a while he let loose of the cat.


” the main reason why I need your help is because of my sister Janet, I don’t want her to become the way I am. You might find this as suprise… I wasn’t killed by whom you thought I was. You were both wrong about my killer”


That got me puzzled, I began to wonder about what he meant about being killed by someone else.


” I’m in darkness, what and where exactly are you driving at, what did you mean by that statement? ” I asked with a puzzled face.


” let start from the source and take it step by step, the first step is understanding the whole situation. And the second step is reconciling back with yemi. She’s the key to the truth …”


I cut it along the way.


” reconcile back with yemi? Urggghh… That will be hell”


I muttered.




To be continued….






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