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The Scientist’s God : Episode 32

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© Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


“How is the Madam doing?” Massai had asked Folabi


“Still unconscious..” he replied


“I heard the hospitals are shutting down and possibly the telecommunication companies will do same.” Massai said


“ Is this not the end of the world? I mean you seem to know more Scriptures than I do, Is this how the world is meant to end..?”


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Massai sighed deeply…


“Well, Scriptures tell us that, Wars, battles will be the sign of the end of the world. So if what is happening could pass as those battles, then this is the beginning of the end of the world.” Massai said


“ I thought it was supposed to be rapture that would cause the end of the world…not virus and fireflies…”


“ Well, I think this is not the real end of the world, this is an unplanned extermination of earth’s inhabitants. I perceive this is a repeat of history. I suspect


God is angry at the terrible lifestyles and he wants to purge the land as He did during the days of Joshua and CALEB.” Massai said


“ God killing everyone above 20 years old except Joshua and Caleb?” Folabi said “ Yes, from my study of History… I have realized that When humans become very terrible, God has a way of purging the Land and starting a new generation of people. “ Massai said

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“ Hmmm… but there is always an escape for few righteous people right?” Folabi asked



“Like Lot escaped from Sodom & Gomorrah, Like Noah & his family, Like Joshua & Caleb and the younger generation of the Israelites…” Massai affirmed

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“ Hmmm… younger generation! Is that why the Fireflies don’t touch Children.?” “ I guess!”


“So how many of us are going to be saved?” Folabi asked at the reality that God could actually wipe the entire earth out, if He is the one behind the fireflies.


“Are you asking me that?” Massai said laughing


“ Well, you have everything all figured out, I might as well find that out from you!”


“ Well, I am as ignorant as you! All I know is that in any display of God’s anger, he mostly retains some humans. My prayer is that I end up as one of the retained ones.” Massai said


“Me too.., but … I have a great dilemma at hand….” Folabi said


Folabi explained the recent update about Ella and how he had to make a decision urgently…


“ What do you think God would want me to do? Would he want me to pull the plug?” Folabi asked


“ I don’t know, but do you have a choice?” Massai replied


“‘Medically, No…”


“ But we can pray?”


“ I would be happy to know what God wants us to do…”



“ And beyond that, we need to really seek the face of God about the Islingbee Virus and Fireflies…”


“ Yeah… I really want to know what is happening…”


“Anytime you are free I am ready!”


“ What’s wrong with now? We have been jobless for weeks.” “ Fine! Your place or mine?”


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Let’s have it at your place so we do not disturb my wife…”




Lucky, the Chef on the Airship, was happy he did not drink the syrup. He had the Islingbee Virus but he had been so hopeful that he will be cured once he had the Syrup on the Airship.


He remembered wanting to take the syrup first but he had told his assistant chefs to take their own first.


The two assistants dropped dead a few seconds after they took the syrup.


Lucky knew his name pulled through for him or else he would have been dead, however, he was still unlucky as he was still Islingbee Virus positive.


He didn’t need anyone to inform him that his death was near… but how would it be only him that won’t make it to the ALPHA CENTER…?


“Never, everyone on this Airship has to get the Virus, because that is the only way, the 3 kings can seek the antivirus.”


To be continued














Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde




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