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Episode 21


© Simrah Saeed



Semi final






Have you found the person that sent them?


I asked

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Yes boss, they are under our captive .






Yes boss, it’s a lady and a guy. Chuks and miss Janelle. They wanted miss Tamara dead .


Good thing you have them with you, don’t let them go, toture the devil out of them, beat them, kick them , tie them up , burn their skin with fire make them scream in pain with no mercy . I will be with you in a few minutes


Yes boss .



One more thing, release June immediately

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Right away


He says and hung up ..


Who the hell is Chuks and Janelle and why did they want Mara dead ?


For the attempt made, they have to witness what hell looks like..


But first, I should go home and inform my sister that I’m fine . She must be worried about me .


And maybe this time, I will have to involve Ryan. He might know who they are or so .



I felt a little guilt for punishing June over what she knows nothing about, you wouldn’t blame me. She was my suspect .


You all might be wondering what my connection with June was in the past. Well, the only truth in what I told Mara about me was the fact that I have a baby girl. The rest were fallacy ..


And June is my baby mama, the mother of my first child Angel ..


I loved her so much but she broke me, she left me when I needed her most.


She left me with our 2months baby, she ran away to God knows where. I was left alone to bring up our daughter all by myself for the past 2years .


When my parents died, I joined the most deadly gangsters for survival and luckily for me, they made me their leader. It was the only thing I could think of to fend for myself and my baby …


It wasn’t my fault, that’s what destiny has for me …


I don’t know why June left, maybe because I couldn’t provide for her needs … I can’t practically blame her, I was a poor guy. No lady will want that type of a boyfriend..


Now I found my family, my uncle has enough to take care of me ..


One of his company is already under my name.


I think it’s high time I stopped being a bad boy ……












✨ Tamara ✨



Baby what’s wrong with you? You haven’t been happy since we arrived here . Did I do something wrong? Please forgive me if I did, I can’t bear you staying mad at me ” I said to Ryan holding his hand


I don’t understand his change of attitude all of a sudden


You haven’t done anything wrong love bug ” he said plainly


Then what’s the problem?”


He sat up staring into my soul, seriously! It’s scaring me .


Uhhm, who is Luis to you ?” He asked .. I burst out laughing so hard, geez!


I should have known he was jealous. OMG !


I totally forgot he’s a jealous freak! I could remember when we were in school, he almost killed a guy who only asked for ny number.


He frowned at me confused about what I’m laughing..


Wh.. what’s funny ?” He asked as his frown deepened


really? Are you jealous he saved me? Or because he called me jellybean? ” I asked laughing


I’m not jealous okay, I just want to know who he is to you ” he said


He’s my brother, admit you were jealous” I announced.


I don’t want him to die if jealousy…


Really?’ his face brightened up which made me chuckle..


You said you weren’t jealous why are you happy he’s my brother?”


Fine! I admit I was jealous, you know I can’t bear sharing you with anyone wifey





” I know right” I replied with his hand in my hair .



” Then wait! How is he your brother? ” He asked out of a blue moon


My first cousin, as it stands now, he’s my only family aside Dad ” I explained


Wow! He must have loved you so much to go to the extend of loosing his life for yours love, that’s pure love ” he grimaced..


I myself, it still baffles me.


Luis almost died for me, what if the bullet hit his head or stomach?


Aww! I so much Love him …


Yeah, he loves me. I mean, who wouldn’t save the one he loves ?”


But he doesn’t love you more than I do ” he pouted while I chuckled..


Anyways, I still have to thank him for saving us ”


Yeah we need to ” I replied, I haven’t seen him although… Is he fine? I pray he is. I can’t loose him. He’s become a very important part of my life


Your phone is ringing babe ” Ryan said handing the phone over to me .. Unknown number…


Hey jellybean .



Oh my God! Luis, how are you? Where are you. Hope you are fine ?



Chill sis, I’m fine, just call to inform you about that. I will be home soon when I’m done with something I have at hand .


Okay and Angel? Where’s she? You left her all alone at home?


I asked



No she isn’t alone, I left her with her Nanny ..



Thank goodness!



And your husband is he with you?



Yeah, he’s here..



Pass him the phone please.





I trailed off passing the phone to Ryan..


It’s Luis, he wants to speak with you” I said and gave him the phone . He collected it and stood up..


What? ” He said over the phone


Okay, I’ll be there in a jiffy ” he said and hung up..


He wore his shirt hastily


” I will be back love bug ”


Hope there’s no problem?” I asked .. What did Luis said to him?


Not at all baby, take care ” he kissed my cheek and left. What?





” I will be fine Mara ”






✨ Ryan ✨



How could you ” I yelled immediately I saw Janelle and Chuks Haven’t they betrayed me enough?


Calm down man, I’m glad you know them”


Yeah, my exes. My so called ex best friend and my ex girlfriend” I said disgustingly kicking Chuks


Why did you want my Mara dead? Have you met her before? Did you know her from somewhere?”


You broke me and you still want to destroy everything that brings joy to me? You animal ”


I was beyond angry, I don’t get he hates me so much..


I..I’m sorry Ryan ” Janelle Said


I was desperate to have you back please forgive me, it was all Chuks plan to kill her not mine ” Janelle Said with a swollen and bleeding mouth .


The must have tortured them so well…


“What makes you think, I will ever love you again even if your plan was successful? I will never marry a desperate gold digger like you ”


Why did you want to leave your lover boy now? I guess to carry out another plan where you will finally get me killed ”


What have I ever done to you Chuks ?”


I collected the rod and flogged them mercilessly. They were both tied together so it’s easy ..



Ryan please” Chuks muttered while i laughed devilishly..


You now know how to plead? Hahahaha! So funny ” I said angrily.


I need to get out of here else I will just sluter someone right here which I don’t want to happen…


I was only jealous of you but I’m sorry ” he said . I want them to go through the pains I went through.


How can a friend be jealous of me? With what exactly?


He was brought up with a silver spoon while my family struggled to become what we are today..


I wasn’t rich yet he was jealous of me..


I turned ti Luis and gave him a brotherly hug ..


” Thank you so much for everything Luis, I owe you alot ”


” It’s nothing bro, we are one ”


Let the boys deal with them, let them scream in agony and hand them over to the cops for attempt murder ” I said ..


It will be done bro ”


Thank you once again Luis and I wish to see you later ”


I will come around and please don’t tell Mara about this till we hand them over to the cops”






✨ Tamara ✨



Ryan! What happened? You scared the hell out of me. Where have you been?you just returned this night since morning” I said hugging him ..



Seeing him gave me strength, I almost ran mad thinking something happened to him .


I couldn’t even reach him on the phone


You are such a scary cat love bug, look at me I’m fine . Seeing your face washes away my anger and pain ”


I so much love you baby ” he said as I wrapped my legs around his waist kissing him


I Love you too ” I said in between the kiss ”


We deepened the kiss as he gently placed me on the bed …


How much I missed his touch





He kissed my stomach, ear down to my jaw.


We were both unclad.his hands into my hair while I held his back tightly.


Don’t worry Love bug, I promise you this time you won’t feel any pain ” he assured while I smiled at him .


His erection was touching my cl*t but he wasn’t penetrating .


I shivered in pleasure as my soft moans fills the room.. Thank goodness it was sound proof else, I’m sure Nina will be the first I distrupt the moment


I moaned in anxiousness with my mouth and legs wide opened ..


It feels so good..


Ow.. Ryan” a moan escape my lips as his c**k rubbed the edge of my c**t My legs wide opened as I brushed my hands into his hair..


I was damn wet which made my desire for his penetration increase in multiple .. Oww! Heaven!


I love the way his touch made me go crazy..


I held him tightly as I felt him going into me deeply ..


It wasn’t painful like the first time rather I want him, I want more, my desire rised to it’s peak.


He relaxed in my arm and began thrusting in slowly..


Oh my God, Ryan..” I moaned his name..


Baby ” he kept moving in and out of me as we both moaned simultaneously.




Enjoying the moment, he gently move out of me kissing my lips .


He lay beside me wrapping his arms around me tiredly..


We were both tired ….


We didn’t just had sex but we made love..


” I love you love bug ”


” I Love you too Ryan ”


” Good night cutie pie ”


” Night mi amor ”




Aww, that was intense ..


Thank God my eyes were closed when I was typing.



Anyways, did you think June have changed and deserve a second chance with Luis?




Mr Flirt

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