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(The Demon I saw) (Episode 7)




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“Not only are you disobedient, you also lack morals for the gods. You mortal. You shout my name like I am a bloody human like you. I could strike you dead instantly.”

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I heaved a sudden sigh of relief. I was happy to hear Amara speak again. For some reasons, Amara’s presence made me feel like one who wasn’t alone in this bush path. Even though she had told me she was the seventh demon that was sent to kill me, Amara proved helpful in some ways.



She had told me about the apples and its powers in fighting the demons. My fear for her was slowly fading away. I saw her like just another normal human.


I bent my head to the floor when her voice echoed loudly. I felt the seriousness in her words.


“It seems you are now growing horns. Your ego seems to be increasing every minute. Even the elders of Agugu kneel to call the names of the gods. But you stand to shout out my name like I was some kind of dog?”


“I am sorry if I angered you, beautiful daughter of the gods. I only wanted to see your face again. It gives me hope in my times of fear. You have now become my companionship in this forest.”


“My presence gives you hope?” Amara asked rather supringly.


She echoed in great laughter, which caused a wind like that of a storm to shake the grasses and leaves. I felt the cool breeze upon my skin.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Ikenga you shall face me the moment you defeat the sixth demon. And presently, I wonder how you are going to do that knowing you just have one more apple to see the remaining two demons. You won’t be able to see me when the time comes. You shall stand no chance against me poor Ikenga. You shall die like a bush pig.”


I turned behind me to find Amara seated on the green flat grass with a long staff placed beside her, and a golden crown on her head. With her legs crossed upon each other, she held in her hands a white flower. I watched her play with the beautiful white flowers.


I felt a sudden sweet feeling when I saw her beautiful face again.. She looked like the true goddess of Agugu. Her skin radiated like that of a female python that had recently shredded off its old skin in one of the secrete caves in the mountains of Agugu. More interesting stories from





“Amara, what happened to the white rabbit? Why did it disappear? Please tell me. Was it also a spirit?”


“Here you go again, asking questions like a student when you are at the point of death.”


“Please tell me, i am curious. Why will it disappear like that. I had seen same rabbit before now. It didn’t disappear. It just ran away into the bushes.


“Well the rabbit had feasted on the apples and thus, had now become your next demon.”


“Why can’t I see it?” I asked fearfully.


“Your eyes are already opened Ikenga. They are opened to see anything the gods see. What I see you shall see. All you need to do is look.”


“Please show me. Tell me where it shall come from. Help me.” I cried.


“It is right there.” She pointed behind me to the thick bush.


I turned immediately to behold the white rabbit slowly rising from the thick bush. I watched the rabbit grow wide thick wings like that of a dragon. Its four legs had turned into that of a giant eagle with sharp claws. The rabbit flapped its wings and roared like a lion. From its nose, I saw thick black smoke puff out like burnt coal. When it opened its mouth slowly, I saw fire like that of a furnace.


Then slowly, very slowly, one large horn grew from the centre of its forehead. It grew very long and huge with a pointed edge. Just like a tree with many branches, ten other huge horns grew out from the big horn.


This was a different kind of demon. This was a combination of different animals. I took a closer look at its eagle legs and dragon wings, then I stared into its eyes which slowly turned golden brown.



Approaching from the other side of the bush, I saw a black sheep. It didn’t have four legs like the rabbit or any normal animal that I knew of. This sheep had just two legs like that of a man.


Its body was hairy. It stood on its two legs like a human. It was very tall, even taller than the rabbit I had seen. This sheep had five huge horns. Its horn made a crown shape on his head. Its horn was thicker and looked very sharp too. It had six huge hands. They were muscular and big.


“Amara what are these animals? Who created this beast? Please tell me.” I cried out as I took my steps backwards.


Amara stood up from the ground, giving way to the black Sheep.


“These are your demons Ikenga. Theybare your third and fourth demon. The gods sent two at once. The rabbit and the goat always work together. They feed on the same food. They punish the disobedient once.”


“But why two? Why not one?” I asked.


“Ikenga, I told you demons grow stronger as you defeat them. You destroyed the scorpions. Now face the dragon rabbit and the demon goat.”


“This is your end Ikenga. This is finally your end.” she lifted her stick and turned to walk away.


“Nooo. Please do not go. Wait!.”


Amara stopped and turned towards me.


“What is it?” She thundered at me.


“Tell them to wait. I want to tell you something before I die. Please hold them back. Hold them back.” I shouted in fear as they walked fearlessly towards me.


“Why should I? You are meant to face them. Why do you think I can hold them back?” Amara asked.



“Because you are the strongest of them all. You are the wisest of them. You are the daughter of the god of beauty and love.”


“Amara, You are daughter to the same man who created these demons and made you leader over them. You are the daughter to the beauty goddess of Agugu. The same woman whose stories I have heard and listened to all through my childhood days. Please hold them back.” I cried out as the dragon rabbit opened it mouth of fire and was about to spit fire in my face.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Stop let the human speak.” Amara stretched her right hands towards the two creatures immediately.


They obeyed her and both stopped walking instantly. They halted like soldiers and kept looking at me with fiery eyes.


The flying rabbit with a dragon wing, hung on the air like a kite – the same kite Grandma had made me when I clocked eight. I saw its long tail dance behind it like a wrapper hung on a rope.


I quickly fell to my knees and pleaded in tears.


“O goddess of beauty, you are not as wicked in heart as these ugly creatures are. You are sweet natured and beautiful. I know I have sinned against Agundaobi and I deserve to die. I have eaten from the tree he warned us not to eat. I deserve to die. But let me not die this way. Let me die a hero’s death. Let me die fighting for my life. Give me a sword and a shield I plead thee.”


“O sweet Amara, do not live me like a goat in the midst of lions. Let not the villager stare at my body in pity. Let them not say he died a shameful death. It is better I loose to the demons in a combat so they will say he fought the demons but lost.”


The giant goat roared like a lion instead of bleating like a normal goat will. Amara turned towards it.



“The Agbagu the giant goat agrees with you. You feel you can challenge the with a just a sword and shield? Fine. Take it.”


Amara stretched her hands towards the sky, and a sword and shield fell in front of me. The sword was sharp and stainless. This was a sword I had not seen in the whole Agugu before. This was definitely the future of all swords. This must be the swords of the gods themselves.


“Your wish is granted. Fight.” She commanded like a village referee.


“Wait. Please wait.”


“What is it again?” She fired at me angrily.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“I thank the gods for granting me the shield and sword. But even if I fight I know I shall still die in the hands of this giant creatures. ”


“And if I die, I shall regret why I never saw the last two demons. The last mango in my pocket shall be wasted.”


“I beg you, grant my wish. Let me eat my last mango so you show me the last demon, that I may see them before I die.”


“Fine, they stand behind you. Eat your last mango and die your death in their hands.”


I pulled out my last Igbuala mango and sucked the juice from it. Its sweetness swam to my head and I closed my eyes to savour the taste.


“Even if I die, I shall not die a hungry warrior. I shall die a proud fighter with a filled up stomach.” I whispered to myself.


I threw the last piece of mango in my mouth and chewed with delight. When I opened my eyes, I saw the remaining two demons. I saw them. Four in total, they were standing right in front of me. These creatures were the biggest I have ever set eyes on. They were two times bigger than the giant goat and dragon rabbits.


I looked at my hands and all I had was a stainless shield and a sword. I felt like an


ant about to fight a gorrila…..


To be continued….



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