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Three Empty Words – Episode 20

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I stopped in my tracks and watched as my mother became conflicted on what to do, this was sad; very sad. No mother should ever have to go through the option of picking who amongst her children was her favorite. Kelvin had insisted that we go home but I had refused and we were seated in the vehicle for hours. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him we had to go inside and check if Xeno was awake and now here I am standing and eavesdropping on their conversation.


‘You don’t need to call the cops, I messed up. I hurt her and so I will take myself there.’ I said


Mum looked at me and I saw the tears glistering in her eyes, her words of me being the mature one now replaying in my head.


‘I will be fine.’ I told her


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I looked at Xeno who turned to look at the wall.


‘I am sorry Xeno, you are my sister. My twin for crying out loud, whatever you did didn’t give me the right to hurt you.’ I said but she didn’t even look at me


I heard mum sniff, she was probably crying now.


‘I will go with you.’ She said


I looked at Xeno and saw the hurt in her eyes.


I shook my head.


‘Xeno needs you more than I do right now, let me go with Kelvin.’ I responded I turned to walk out but Kangwa blocked my way.


‘Excuse me.’ I said


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‘You, out!’ he barked at the doctor


The doctor didn’t hesitate to leave the room


‘Kelvin, I need you to go outside as well. I need to talk to these three alone.’ He said


Kelvin kissed my forehead and walked out, closing the door behind him. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ mum asked looking at Kangwa


He paced about the room, making it feel a lot smaller than it already was as he was muscular.


‘Xenosah sit up right.’ He said now leaning against the wall She looked at him and rolled her eyes


‘Young lady I will not hesitate to make you do it if you don’t.’ he said through gritted teeth


She sat upright and pulled the covers more so that only her head was out.


‘I need the two of you to seat down as well.’ he said now looking at me and mum We did as told and for a good minute there was silence in the room.


‘I grew up as the only child, my parents both died in a tragic accident at a young age and the only family I knew were my grandparents.’


‘And you are telling us this because?’ Xeno rudely asked I saw him squeeze his fits together as he looked at her


‘You have each other, I mean you were born at the same time and God look at how identical you are. If anything you are supposed to be each other’s protectors.’


I looked at Xeno, who did the same as well but we both looked away quickly when our eyes met.


‘Your mother has done everything she can to raise you to be right and you want to repay her by sending her to her early grave?’


Xeno and I shook our heads


‘Because I am certain that is where she is headed to with this kind of behavior. I mean she raised you alone, with no one to wipe her own tears whilst she did yours and now that she is supposed to be breathing that you are all grown up; that is when you are bringing her more problems!’ he yelled scaring the both of us


I saw mum wiping some tears.


‘The both of you are childish, immature beings and most importantly you are selfish! Caring about no one but yourselves. Have you for once ever sat down to think of how your behavior is affecting your mother? Have you ever thought of how she sleeps at night knowing the only family she has don’t even love each other? You should be each other’s keeper, protecting each other with your lives but no.’ he paused shaking his head as if he was avoiding to say much



‘I and your mother are going to walk out of this room right now and by the time we would have returned I want all this nonsense to stop. If you have to fight some more just so you can be better sisters do it; all I want is to see peace here.’ He said and walked out.


Mum did the same as well.


‘Who does he think he is telling us what to do?’ Xeno asked


‘Imagine, does he have kids or brothers to know what to say?’ I asked and it both sent us into laughter


But the laughter didn’t last long enough.


‘Why do you hate me?’ Xeno asked after a while ‘Excuse me?’ I asked surprised


‘Xenia I know I am not the friendliest person and not the most up right but you hating me is just extreme.’


I stood up from where I sat and sat next to her.


‘I don’t hate you, that would be like hating myself. Come on, we are sisters. Twins for that matter.’


‘But you act otherwise.’ She accused


I held her hand.


‘Xeno you are my sister.’


‘Don’t give me that nonsense.’ She said wanking my hand off ‘Being my sister shouldn’t be guarantee for you to love me.’


‘I know Xeno, I know. But I actually do regardless, maybe my mistake has been that you intimidate me.’


‘Tell me something I don’t already know.’ She joked making a face ‘Honestly Xeno between us you are the stronger part of us.’


‘That is the mistake that you have always made little sister, thinking that I am the


stronger one and have it all together.’


‘But.’ I tried to say


‘No buts, you are stronger than I am. Despite you not knowing it and as much as you think I have it all together I don’t. I admire you in many ways and there times I have wanted to be you except not with your heart.’ She jokingly said ‘You are witty and sassy and everyone loves you.’ I said


‘Yes they do because I have put in effort, you don’t have to try for people to love you Xenia. You are a natural, you are beautiful, flawless and so innocent. Something I would want to get back given a chance.’ ‘Can we just start over?’ I asked



‘I like the sound of that, I won’t be the easiest person to get along with but I can manage this.’


I moved closer to embrace her.


‘I love you.’


‘I have always loved you.’




‘I hope they don’t kill each other in there.’ Francie said more to herself Kangwa held her waist, something he didn’t intend to do but did. ‘They will be fine.’ He said trying to believe himself

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