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Loving You – Episode 13

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Episode 13


© Simrah Saeed


Ian Tristan * ⃣


I drove crazily to Tessa’s place. Right now, I don’t care if I get into an accident or not .


All that matters is seeing Tessa and apologizing to her .


I won’t forgive myself if she left . I’m a fool, how can I possibly lie to my love instead of facing the problem together .


I packed the car running inside the house only to discover that the door has been locked which implies one thing.


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” Nooo!”


I shouted sitting on the floor as tears flows down freely.


What have I done? I’m not a man! I’m a foolish human being.


She left me again and I was the cause .


My life is just a mess. Am I destined not to be Happy in life?


Dad caused all this, he destroyed me .


I need to pour out my heart to him.


I stood up, entered my car and drove off with a the anger in me


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I badged into my dad’s office while he stared at me with an unreadable expression.



What’s wrong with you Ian” dad snarled


You are wrong with me dad, haven’t you destroyed me enough?” I cried . I’m already a weakling so no need to hide it .


It’s of no use !


What are you talking about?” He narrowed his eyes at me before closing his laptop folding his hands


Why did you hate me this much? You are not concerned about my feelings but only yourself. Did you gave birth to me for your selfish reasons? You are a self centered man and I won’t forgive you for breaking me and taking away what matters to me most. You are the reason why Tessa left dad ” I broke down in front of him while he stared at me expressionless.


Did he even have emotions ?


Dare mention Tessa again and I will disown you son , she’s not good enough for you. She’s a low life who wander in the street. You want her as your wife? That’s impossible son. You are getting married in a week to Mr Rivers daughter period!” I kept blinking my eyes continuously trying to take in what he just said .


Get prepared for Sri Lanka, we and your siblings are going to see your future wife tomorrow and the ” we ” includes you . he said emotionless like he doesn’t care about anything else.


What about me dad , don’t you care how I feel? You don’t care if I’m okay with your decision. All you care about is the growth of your business and company”


Get out of my office Ian, see you tommorow at the airport”




I said get out ” ..


I won’t forgive you for this ”


I left in tears running out like a psychopath till I bumped into Claire



” What happened Ian ? Did you have a fight with dad?”


“Can you help me talk to Dad to reconsider his decision? We can grow the company without the help of Mr Rivers. I c..can… can’t marry his daughter” I sobbed bitterly


She gave me a pitiful look before speaking up


I’m sorry Ian, I wish I can be off help. We’ve spoke to him about it several times but you know how dad is adamant. He didn’t even listen to us. I think the best option now is for you to marry whoever he chooses for you ”




Tessa * ⃣


Today finally arrived.


Mum brought some beauticians and they dressed me gorgeously all for the unknown guests that are coming.


Mum and dad can be impossible sometimes .


I sigh tirelessly as I sat on my king size soft bed wondering who the guests might be and why dad tend it as a surprise.


Or they could be his relatives who knows?


I stared at the mirror for the hundredth time since I was all dolled up.


I look beautiful. Well, I don’t blame those guys who run after me. I could have been among if I’m in their place.


Who wouldn’t want a beauty to himself and I got everything in the right place. Curvy.. check ✓


Average boobs ..check ✓


Hips .. check✓


Glowing skin..check✓


Spotless face… Check✓


Flawless legs …check ✓


White eyes..check✓


Pink and soft lips..check ✓


Tiny waist… check✓



You name it ….


Not being proud but stating the obvious.


” Baby, they are here ” mum announced coming in.


My heart began racing as I became nervous all of a sudden


You look like a goddess darling”


Thanks mum but I’m curious to know who they are ” I bit my lower lip making a baby face


You will get to know when we reach the sitting room” she smiled dragging me along with her ..


Sighing and sighing. We finally got there.


I bent my head while my body heat up.


They were like 5guests but I dare not look at them .


I greeted in a low but steady voice as I composed myself. I’m sure everyone’s attention was on me and I hate to be a center of attraction. It can even make me pass out.


Come sit with me princess” dad patted a space beside him .


Uhhm.. we told you we have a surprise for you yesterday so here.. take a look at this handsome guy, he’s your future husband”


Wait what!


What he said made me raised my head to see the guy and I met the greatest shock of my life …


Ian and his family?




Tessa? ” They all chorused including Mr Tristan who hates me with so much passion.


I can kill to continue seeing the look he has on his face . His eye bulging out of it’s socket .


Everyone’s eyes was wide open except for my parents..




She’s your daughter?” Ian’s dad finally broke the awkwardness while I smirked . Sometimes you shouldn’t judge anyone in life. You might not know what he/she may turn out to be .


Yes Tristan.. Tessa Rivers , my one and only princess. Isn’t she beautiful? ?’ dad replied smiling before covering it with a frown.


Have you met her before? Oh , it might be when she went on vacation I’m Seoul ” dad completed while Ian’s dad forced a smile trying hard not to miss my gaze .


I’m sure he’s surprised!


Y..yeah..” he stammered.


I looked from him to his wife , Eva, Claire and finally Ian .


Is this how he could have married the lady without informing me? He could have ditched me if. Yeah he already ditched me with his sudden change of attitude. How can he? I trusted him so much to have sacrificed my pride to him. I feel so stupid right now..


None of them spoke except focussing their attention on me.


Ian could have left me for real?


I can’t believe he almost got married to another person..


I hate you Ian Tristan, yet my heart love you.


Dad cleared his throat


Princess! ” He called ..


You know I will never do anything against your will or try making you sad . I selected this young man because I at least trust him with you. To take care of you the way my heart desires. But it will still be okay if you don’t want him as your husband ”


I will respect your decision as a considerate father. So what did you say? ” He asked.Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen



Hunny, don’t panic okay? Any answer is okay by us” mum added


I’m so confused right now.


It’s this same Ian I lost my virginity to who planned on getting married to another woman without even letting me know about it..


It’s still him I have dreamt to spend the rest of my life with.


I love him but…


We are waiting baby” dad smiled


Uhh? Uhhm I ….I ….I…I …

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