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The Prince Maiden – Episode 5

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Chapter 5



Allison’s POV










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I removed my clothes as soon as I got inside and prepared my bath.


I came out an hour later and Tyler hasn’t come home.


I wore a comfy cloth and went to the kitchen to prepare my food.


I met the maid trying to prepare dinner and I asked her to leave the kitchen for me.


I’m going to do my wifely duties as I promised mother except having sex with him.



“What’s the essence of making love with him when I don’t like him?”


Well apart from the fact that I’m scared and I’ve never done it before, I should do it with him because I love him just like in movies and novels, I can’t give up my pride to an arranged marriage.

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I hope all the embarrassing things I do will remove the idea from his head.

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He won’t even be allowed to kiss me even on the cheeks but all other things, I’ll do as a wife.


I prepared the meal and set the table.


I waited for a little while for him to come so we can eat together.


When I didn’t see him, I called the maid instead to eat with me and I left his food covered on the table.


I’m sure every channel would be replaying the scene I made at Mr Francisco’s.


When it was ten pm and I didn’t see him, I retired to the bedroom and slept on the bed.


Moments later, I awoke to the sound of the bedroom door opening.


“Have you eaten?” I asked


“No, since I have a wife, I shouldn’t be eating a food prepared by the maid”


“Oh…… really? I ate it and it was delicious. I must admit she’s a good cook”


“Now you can speak correctly”


“Well I’m not outside trying to embarrass you” I shrugged


“This could affect my business badly”



“No, it’ll give it more fame. The Business tycoon’s wife is acting like she’s sick” I laughed


“When will you stop?” He asked


“When I get back home”


“You know I can be a little crazy too and if a couple act like they are crazy, what will people think?”


“Simple and straightforward, They’re mad!”


“Fine, you really are crazy”


“You have no idea” I grinned.


“You have to start your wifely duties which includes cooking, taking care of the house, tame my wild dog with me, we sleep together and we build a family!”


“Family??” I recoiled inside “This embarrassing of a thing isn’t working, I need to try harder”




Tyler’s POV


She looked at me like I’ve grown two heads and burst out laughing.


“Did you know what part that got me laughing the most? We build a family!” She burst out laughing more.


“It’s not funny, my mum wants to meet her grandchildren”


“Well she’ll wait for a long time because I can’t start a family with someone I don’t love”



“Exactly my point” I replied “I don’t love you either and I ain’t tolerating you. I’m just observing how crazy you can be”


She smiled even wider. “Follow me” she said


I followed her and she led me to the dining room.


Maybe she wants to cook for me, I’m starving and I don’t want to order food.


“Sit down” she pulled out a chair for me and crossed over to sit opposite me.


She uncovered the dishes and set then in front of her.


Looking at the food alone made me salivate. “Can my maid cook this well?” She glanced at me and picked up a fork.


“Now watch me eat since you don’t want it”


She took a forkful and moaned at the taste.


“Is the food that delicious? My maid has never made a delicious meal. Is Allison faking it?”


I watched her finish the food unable to say anything.


When she was through, she stood up and rubbed her belly in satisfaction. “Your maid is a nice cook”


I stood up angrily and went back to the room.


She followed and kept filling me in on how delicious the food is.


When we got inside, she removed the duvet from the bed and placed it on the couch.


“Why did you remove it?” I asked



“I’m sleeping on the couch, you take the bed”


“That’s better, I loosened my time and unbuttoned my shirt.


She removed her flip flops from her


feets, the same flip flops she wore to our wedding and put them on the wardrobe. “Why are you putting that dirty thing in my clothes”


“I’m trying to make the room neat” she locked the wardrobe and laid on the couch to sleep.


“When will we build a family?”


“In your dreams”


I removed my clothes and went to the bathroom.


When I came back to the room, I heard her snoring softly.


I couldn’t help but wonder what’s beneath the baggy clothes she wears.


I think I need to teach her a lesson.


I laid on the bed and slept off



Next Morning




I woke up very early and went downstairs to meet the maid, Tina.


Sh should be up and doing house chores now.


I found her in the kitchen wiping the plates she just washed.



“Tina please prepare the meal you cooked yesterday for dinner. I didn’t get my share of the food yesterday and I’ll like some”


Her eyes became round and huge.


“What? Are you now scared to cook for me?”


She shook her head quickly “I’ll prepare it sir”


“Be fast with it, I’m hungry” I left the kitchen and waited patiently in the dining room.


Minutes later, Tina came in with a tray.


I closed my eyes in anticipation as she set the food before.


The smell almost made me open my eyes but I resisted the urge.


She left the table and I opened my eyes.


This isn’t how it was yesterday, even the smell makes me feel nauseous.


I picked a fork and put a little in my mouth to taste.


I spat it out immediately




She came running at the same time Allison came downstairs.


“You prepared a good one for her” I pointed at Allison “and made rubbish for me” I shouted


“Stop barking at the poor girl, she obviously made mine out of love and prepared yours in fear” She smiled


“Go back to your room Tina” she instructed her



Tina left even before Allison completed the order. “I have a surprise for you” I said and stood up. “What’s that?” She raised her eyebrows “Just sit here and wait”


I went to the kitchen and came back with a plate, fork and table knife.


I dropped the plate in front of her and sat opposite her.


“Now I want to watch you eat this”


“Why should I eat an uncooked meat?”


“Remember you said you love eating raw meat, I’d like you to eat this now” Now it’s my turn to smile cheekily.


She glared at me and picked up the fork and table knife.


She cut out a small piece and stabbed it with the fork.


She raised the fork gently to her mouth, time stilled as she looked at me, her eyes not leaving mine and mine not leaving hers.





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