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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 7

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Episode 7




His steps were gracious, very gracious. He walked to our table with a permanent smile. His tooth were gaped and he knew how to flaunt them with his smiles.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

Hillary: Hi ladies.


We took turns to say our greetings and I wondered where my shyness had gone to.


He took a seat beside me and I could feel his eyes all over me.


Hillary: So, hope you girls are enjoying your meal, yes?



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I giggled as usual. Who ends statements with rhetorical questions?


Kamsi and Rose replied in the affirmative so he turned to me.


Me: Of course. Though, you’re a little late.


Hillary: Had lunch in school.


Me: Okay.


Hillary: So I’m Hillary Thompson, final year student of microbiology.


Me: Wow! Rose, radiography level.


Hillary: Nice. Very nice.


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Me: Thanks.


Hillary: Very much welcomed. Can I ask for a favour?


Me: Of course.


Hillary: Would really love to know more about you, yourself and yours.


I chuckled, finding his words sexy and funny at same time


Hillary: Is that a yes?


Me: To what?


Hillary: Dinner tomorrow. To tell me more about yourself.


I gave Kamsi a glance. she was smiled and nodded Rose was doing the same thing.


Me: Okay then.


He passed me his phone , I put in my number and He called me immediately then I saved it.


Hillary: You’ll text me your house direction and I’ll come and pick you then yes?


Me: Its okay


Hillary: 6:30 yes?


I laughed, throwing my head backwards..


Me: Yes please.


He smiled before turning to Kamsi and Rose.



Hillary: I beg to be excused now girls. Thanks for giving me a “me” time with your friend. I appreciate.


Kamsi: Its okay Mr handsome.


Rose: No. No. What if I don’t agree with that?


We all turned to her to know what’s wrong with her.


Rose: So you came here, not even an introduction or something, you just went straight to business and forgot there are other girls these side of the table. Not fair if you ask me. Besides, its not because you’re familiar with Kammy means its same with me.


By the time she was done, we were all smiling;


Hillary: Sorry damsel. I was taken away by the thoughts of this girl that I forgot she was with her friends. Forgive my manners please.


Rose: You’re making it up to me.


Hillary: Fine. How?


Rose: A selfie.


We all laughed. We all took selfies with him before he left, not before registering a peck on my forehead.


Kamsi: Aha. I can see you like him already. Look how you’re smiling


Me: He’s a nice guy. yes?


We all laughed as I mimicked his misuse of the word “yes” in his own sexy way.


Rose: And he’s too cute to be real. Amy, you’ve got to play your cards well.


Me: Of course. The way you’re playing your cards well with Ken and Kammy is playing hers with Ted.


They rolled their eyes at me and I smiled.


We finished our lunch and went home, with each of them trying her best to give me a thousand and one reasons why I should be with Mr handsome (as if he’s even asked me out).







The ride to Golden Royale hotel was a silent one. We just kept on stealing glances at each other as he drove.


Kamsi was quick to tell mum about Hillary. She had called me to her room and asked me so many questions like if I was ready to move on, if I had gotten over Gospel, if the new guy was good for me. I did tell her that I liked him but he was yet to ask me out. She had showed her concern, saying she didn’t want any of her children to get hurt again, me especially. We had hugged each passionately and I had slept in her room that night. I woke up the next morning to her voice, asking Kamsi to come wake me up and help me pick out an outfit for my dinner. That was how I ended up wearing a black handless gown which showed off lots of my cleavages. I had worn a blue wedge which had made me stand tall and clutched a blue purse. You should have seen my face. It went from Amanda Okoye to Celebrity Rihanna. I looked absolutely cute and I was afraid Hillary won’t be able to recognise me anymore.


When Hillary had driven into the house, I thought it was to cancel the dinner but was I wrong? He came in to greet mummy and Kamsi before we stepped out hand in hand after mum had had a little chat with him and asking him to take care of me and bring me back in one piece.


The universe always favours the just because as soon as we stepped out of the house, the first person we ran into was Gospel. He didn’t respond to our greetings because he was staring at the way Hillary had held my hand in his.


Now, we were sitting in a honeymoon suite at Golden Royale. I don’t know why I felt comfortable enough to follow him to a room. The room was well decorated. A table was set already and I quickly did a calculation that he had booked a reservation. Two waiters and a waitress were also in the room which made me more relaxed. They used our phones to take pictures after which they shifted from earshot. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


Hillary: I guess you’re used to these luxuries already?


I scoffed, trying to make it sound sexy though.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Me: Are you kidding me? Why would you say that?


Hillary: I was at your house few minutes ago remember?



Me: Oh yes. Still doesn’t beat a student who rides a Venza.


He tilted his head to a side and smiled.


Hillary: You’ve won.


Me: I always win. Just tell me what I want to know already.


Hillary: And what is that? Can’t it wait till we’re done eating?


Me: Okay. I’ll serve.


There were varieties of meals on the table that I didn’t know where to start from. I looked at Hillary in confusion and he smiled before calling on the waiters. He had called the girl by her name and I was surprised. I didn’t say anything till they had served us and poured our wine.


Me: Thank you.


The girl nodded with a smile and they left. We began to eat, with me, looking for the very moment to pop in my observation. And of course I got it. The very moment he picked up a serviette to wipe the sides of his lips.


Me: Guess you’re already a regular guy here that you already know their names.


Wonder how many girls you’ve given same treatment.


He paused his lip before bringing in a smile; Hillary: Sorry to disappoint you,none.


Me: I….


Hillary; I’ll tell you. There’s a club house here. My dad and his friends are registered members here so this is just one of our rights. Its wrong for you to think so lowly of me.


Guilt and shame washed over me. He dropped his fork and stood up, leaving the dinning area and going deeper into the room. I stood up and followed him.


He got to a point and stopped.


Me: I’m sorry. I’m not used to having dinner in this flamboyant way. I’m also surprised that you called her by her name so I just had to ask. I’m sorry.


He turned to me with a smile.


Hillary: Its okay. Let’s go back and finish our meal then I’ll clear all your doubts.



Me: You ain’t angry anymore?


Hillary: I’m not.


He led me back to the dinning area and we resumed our eating, stealing glances at each other and thinking the other doesn’t know each other.





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