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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 5

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Episode 5




I walked into the lecture hall with my gown, clutching my handbag and wondering what the lecturer would say to me. I had come to school with Kamsi that day, we got a seat and sat down but my period pain wasn’t helping me so I had gone to a chemist to get some drugs. The nurse I met there helped me with warm water instead and asked me to relax a bit. Now, the menstrual pain has stopped but I’m 20 minutes late to class.


Mr Ofora was a no nonsense man. He took the smallest of things serious. I was very good at his course but I just don’t want to get into his bad books.


Me: Good morning sir.



I greeted with the most tender voice I could give. All eyes were now on me and I wished I had just stayed back at the clinic.


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He looked at his wristwatch and gave me a scornful look


Mr Ofora: Lady, you’re 22 minutes late for this class.


Me: I’m sorry sir. I was at the clinic. I’m sick.


Mr Ofora: Sick? Which clinic are you coming from?


Me: Tok pharmacy.


Mr Ofora: Because I’ll go and confirm. Give me your ID card right away.


There was a loud murmuring from the class. I looked at them and some were shaking their heads, asking me not to give it to him.


Me: I’m sorry sir, I don’t have it here. But if you wish to confirm, I will go with you.


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He frowned his face immediately. That was what lecturers were known for. They found any reason to take your ID card, then they’ll ask you to come and take it later. Once you’re in there office, they’ll give you conditions; either sex, get your ID card and pass their course or you take your ID card and keep on carrying over their course.


Mr Ofora: Alright. Go and sit down.


I silently said “thank you Jesus” and walked over to where Kamsi was seated.


After lectures, Rose, Kamsi and I decided to pick a cab to thrillers and have lunch.


It had being two months since after Roses’ visit to the house and since then,


Gospel and I haven’t set eyes on each other and I loved it that way.


We got to thrillers and ordered same meal; rice and chicken with yoghurts. We ate amidst taking pictures and laughing at our smiley faces.


Kamsi: So I think its time I say this.


We asked her what it was about and she said we should guess.


Me: Ted has proposed?


Kamsi: Nope.


Me: You’re pregnant?



Rose: Wtf! Say no please.


We all laughed.


Kamsi: I’m not pregnant


Rose: Then what?


Me: What is it?


She cleared her throat and looked at our curious faces


Kamsi; Someone has being on my neck for a while now.


Me: Better tell him that Ted is in the picture.


Kamsi: Shhh! Wait let me finish first.


Rose: You don’t know your sister?


Kamsi: He’s being disturbing me for you, Amanda and in fact, I just texted him our location and he’ll be here soon.


I frowned immediately. Rose and Kamsi stared at me as they didn’t understand my countenance.


Me: Why ? You would have told me first.


Kamsi: Amy I know you very well. You would’ve gone home straight if I’ve told you.


Me: And you think I can’t go home now?


Rose: I’ll just bundle you back to this place and get you tied to a spot.


Me: Its not funny Rose.


Rose: I’m sorry.


Kamsi: Come on Amanda, you’re beautiful and people have the right to admire you.


Rose: I don’t know why you’re acting so reserved. Open up and socialise girl. Let them admire you, let them approach you.


Me: Hey! Now I smell a conspiracy. You both are in this right?


Rose raised her hands.



Rose: I’m not. But I want you to socialise that’s all.


Kamsi: Exactly.


Me: Okay. I’ve heard you two. Who’s he?


Kamsi giggled and we looked at her expectantly.


Rose: Talk .

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Kamsi: Most handsome guy, our chapter.


Rose: Wow! Hillary?


I sat down there, looking at the entrance. He chose to enter the very minute his name was mentioned. I’ve seen his pictures everywhere in school, he’s even my friend on Facebook but I’ve never had a chat with him. Seeing him facially now, I couldn’t help but wonder why he took pictures because he looked more handsome than in the pictures.


If I had said breathtakingly handsome for Ken, Hillary is then the beauty god. I fell for his colour immediately which were a bit darker than my chocolate complexion. I watched him approach our table with a smile and I looked away, silently wishing that I can disappear because he looks too handsome to be seen with him.


Ever heard of beauty being intimidated by handsome?.










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