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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 21

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Episode twenty one
Alexa’s pov
“Hey i’m sorry what i said earlier” kyung seok said walking into my room.
“It’s okay i understand, you know people say the truth when they’re angry and thats what you just did,so i think i should leave” i said taking my luggage and folding my cloths into it.
“Dont be so dramatic, i said i’m sorry” kyung seok apologized removing my cloths from the luggage.
“We’ll be leaving for the beach soon, make sure you get ready on time” kyung seok said before walking out.
I squealed excitedly jumping up as soon as kyung seok left the room, i was only being dramatic earlie even though i was hurt by what he said.
I mean now that i’m in korea i’ll never leave no matter what.
I brought out a picnic bag and started packing the things i’ll need in, i went into the bathroom, took a quick bath and wore a tank top and a short with my flip flop, i left the room to go help mom pack somethings too.
“Whats with the tank top and shorts” ji soo asked as soon as i came downstairs.
“Is there any problem with it” i asked checking my self properly.
“Aren’t you supposed to wear a bikini” ji soo asked again with a smirk and earned a knock from kyung seok and i thanked him.
Mom came downstairs,she was wearing a pink bikini and a pink robe. We packed our bags into the car trunk before we all hopped into the car.
We got to the beach, mom and i went went our way,i found a crumpled beach towel on th ground and pushed it away spreading two beach towels on the ground and placing two umbrella’s beside it to serve as a shade from the sun.
I and mom laid on the towel chatting, i was really happy she was finally coming out of her shell.
“Which idiots took over our spot” i and mom heard someone say before we knew it someone had flung th beach umbrella away and i and mom sat up to find min ah and her mom staring down at us.
“Wow,wow,wow we meet again widow” min ah’s mom said laughing like a manaic and i huffed, i glanced at mom and her face had turned pale.
“Seems you haven’t learnt your lessons yet” i said staring at min ah’s mom.
How dare you, you mannerless brat, didn’t you know that this place was taken min ah’s mom yelled.
“So that smelling towel belonged to you no wonder the smell was familiar cos you guys smell like the towel” i said.
“How dare you talk to my mother like that” min ah half yelled.
“Mom this place smell real bad” i said covering my nose dramatically and mom played along as well.
“Gosh they smell like dead rotten rats, i think we should get some oxygen cos the smell is suffocating” mom said scowling at them.
“Lets go min ah we shouldn’t cause a scene” min ah’s mom said glaring at me and i returned the glare before they left.
“Thank you so much” mom said hugging me.
“I’ll do anything for you mom just dont let that beast bully you” i replied.
I figured i wss getting aggressive recently and if my mom found out i’ve been fighting i’ll be dead.
“Mom i’ll be right back i wanna go see the boys” i said and mom nodded.
I met the guys signing autographs for some girls who were giggling.
Hey three little ugly duckings lets go swim” i suggested. “No we’re not swimming” ji soo replied and turned to the guys. I brought out my water gun and shot at them.
“Hey stop that” kyung seok yelled.
“I’ll not stop till you guys agree we go swim” i replied still shooting at them.
“Wait till we get you” kyung seok yelled running after me with ji soo and nam shin behind him.
I ran into the ocean but the wave drove me back and i ran right into their arms.
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Kyung seok caught me holding my hands and nam shin lifted my legs and the started spinning me around while i kept screaming.
“Please let me go, i promise to never pick on you guys again” i begged before they finally left me laughing while i fell to the ground angry.
My head was spinning and i wanted some water, i forced myself up going to find mom.
“Isn’t she the one” a girl said pointing at me looking into her phone.
“She’s cute though but she’s black” another girl said and i stared at them while they scurried off.
I got to were mom was lying, picked my phone and water bottle staring into my phone and drinking water.
I spat out the water i was drinking my eyes popping out of my head at what i saw.

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