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Just After I Said I Do – Episode 9

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My heart beat was at it peak, my sweats were so visible despite the fact that the AC is on. My mother inlaw was speechless, Raph himself was astonished and all he could do was to rest his chin in his palm while he put his elbow on the long arm of the chair to gain support… I looked at both mother and son and my fear began to spring up again, but the sign of amazement coupled with great shock on their faces got me right back on track and then I felt this is just the perfect time to speak up for myself even if my husband couldn’t do that for me… Right from the start, I had always thought I couldn’t control my tears, but right now, I discovered that as my fears were gathering up from within, another part of me began to whisper silently to me… ‘omolola you won’t want to cry now, you won’t want to show these people you are weak, will you?’…. And then all of a sudden my


strength came from nowhere and for the first time in my life, I said no to my tears, I refuse to let my tears out, my face and eyelids were as dry as ever and then the sound of ‘you can do this’ began to echo over and over again in my heart… I faced my mother inlaw, I made sure my eyelids were in contact with hers and I was as passionate as ever… “mama, what exactly have I actually done wrong, why have you decided to hate me this much out of the three daughter in-laws you have. You treat the other two like an egg, you cherish them like the apple of your eyes despite the fact that they are not even Yorubas. And you keep treating me like an outcast despite the fact that I took you as my own biological mother. Why mama”… My voice began to shake, my courage and tears began to wage war against each other and it appears my tears is going to win, I held on to my fingers so tightly and I began to encourage myself from within. I looked at mama in the eye again and I began to ask her questions as though I am a baby.


…”mama, am I not respectful to you enough? Am I not polite and gentle enough, or has my husband been complaining to you that I’ve been a bad wife? Or is there anything other wives are doing that I have not been doing mama?…. I


paused for a while and all I could do was to look at her, I really want her to talk, I need her to say something, and for minutes we both looked at each other without saying anything. Her eyes were running over my face and I just stood still and I kept on staring at her. My husband was still standing, he couldn’t say a word, and it’s quite obvious that he is still trying to get over the shock of seeing the timid and shy omolola in a new dimension. The whole house was just so quiet as if no argument has been going on couple of minutes ago. We all stared at each other one after the other until mama broke the silence


…”I think I have truly overstayed my welcome in this house”…

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Raph and I stood still without a word as we watch her walk out of sight towards her room. Guilt and condemnation began to arise within me, my mother inlaw has never been this soft and so I began to feel I have over reacted. I wish I didn’t say all that I said in the first place, I wish I didn’t tell my mother inlaw she has overstayed her welcome in her son’s house, I began to blame myself for those words I exchanged with her… I looked at Raph, I expect him to say something, I was expecting him to have beaten black and blue by now for talking to his mother, but no, he didn’t… I know he’s hurt, I could sense he’s hurt from within because I reminded him how I have been coping with his meanness and infertility all this years….

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While you’re reading this, I know alot must have been going through your mind, you might also be thinking I have over reacted, you might be thinking I’m rude….


But don’t forget I am also human, I am not a super being, I have blood running through my veins too, I also have the limits I can reach before I explode… Yes I am meek and Godly, but that doesn’t stop me from getting frustrated too… If you were in my position, will you wait this long before you take your stand?




I looked directly at Raph who was still standing mute looking at me as though I am a stranger, I expected him to have followed his mum while she was going inside, but here he is, standing and looking at me. I managed to gather the few courage i have within and i walked towards him. I fell weakly on my knees and I held his left leg so tightly with my two hands.


….”please, forgive me. Please, Raphael please, I am so sorry for talking to you and


mama in that manner. I was only frustrated, i couldn’t take the pains any longer, I wanted to speak up for myself since you couldn’t speak for me, I felt I should defend myself, please forgive me….. I held onto his legs and all I kept on saying


was “please forgive me” until he managed to remove his leg from my hands and he walked directly to mama’s room. I sat helplessly on the floor as I watch Raph walk into mama’s room, I was lost in thought on weather to go and join them in the room or I should wait behind. I wish I didn’t react the way I reacted, I wiped

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my face with my hands and as I was about to stand up, I sighted mama coming out with her luggage while my husband followed her without saying anything. I quickly jumped on my feet and ran towards her. I tried to block her from moving forward and off I went on my knees, now my tears were loosed, I can’t cage them anymore, I tried my best to collect the luggage from her, and I began to plead


….” no mama, please. I didn’t mean a single word in all that I have said to you.


Please ma, this is your sons house and you haven’t overstayed your welcome here, this your territory, please don’t go, please”….


No single word came from her mouth despite all my plea, she wasn’t talking neither was she looking in my direction, my husband was not saying anything too and then I began to move from mother to son pleading on my knees in tears… In no time they were both out of the house and all I could do was to stay helplessly and watch my mother inlaw and my husband walked out of the house.


This is last and final episode of *after I said i do* I hope we all gained from this story so *I will like us to comment one or two lessons we gained from the series*…… Thanks for following.


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