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Just After I Said I Do – Episode 6

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“I’m so sorry for not getting in touch with you all this while dearie”….


I said softly with a broad smile as I watch Amaka stepped out of her kitchen with a tray containing a glass cup of water. She gently placed the tray on the table right before me and she handed over the glass cup of water to me…. ” no no no, it’s


nothing dear, I was actually worried when I didn’t hear from you in a very long time, but I felt I should just give you sometime more, before I press further. I felt you changes your mind about telling me all you’re going through in your marriage”…..


She sat down with full concentration and seriousness and it was just obvious she was expecting an answer from me without any delay. I tried to sit upright and I adjusted all parts of my body to make sure I’m perfectly comfortable. I gently placed my right palm in the left one and I rested my left arm on one of the arms of the couch as I crossed my legs.


….. “You see darling, my mother inlaw has been around for some time now, And


she’s part of the problem I am facing in my marriage presently, and so I just have to keep my cool to avoid troubles and all… That’s why you haven’t heard from me in a long time. ( I paused for a while and I gave Amaka this “I have actually accepted my fate” look, because it was all over Amaka’s face that she’s a bit surprised that my mother inlaw is also a pain in my neck in my marriage)… Anyway, it’s all fine, now I am here with you, can we talk?


She nodded with a great interest and I need not to be told that she has actually been waiting and anticipating to hear from me.. I gently stood up from where I

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was sitting and I sat so very close to her on the couch she was sitting… And I


began to speak so faintly with a little affection as though I was her mother….




You see darling,


Hhhmm, *Your marriage, and the type of man you get married to can either make


or mar your destiny*…. No matter how much you have actually been on track


while you were still single, if you mistakenly miss it in the place of marriage…


Hhhmm, your destiny, plan and purpose will pay for it so dearly…. And you’ll

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spend years making amends and living as tho you’re dead….


Look at me, just take a look at me… I appear so nice on the physical, I have the body, but the engine is gone, just because I married the man who do not understand the manual that comes along with me….


Amaka, two years, I mean two good years of my marriage has been wasted already, just because I got married to the wrong person, the years that I’m suppose to be using in securing the future of my kids in the place of prayer, I am using it to ask for mercy and restoration concerning the wrong man….




If you miss it in the place of marriage, trust me, you’ll keep wasting your time to ask for mercy and guidance when you’re suppose to be investing in the place of prayer…..


So please my dear, let all the ladies out there know that, it is very important to ask for mercy and guidance from God while you’re still single so that you can spend your precious prayer time on things that are important when you finally get married instead of prayer of mercy and comfort…


I gently dabbed the lower part of my eyelids with my handkerchief to avoid the flow of tears that were already gathered in my eye and I continued…








Amaka, I made a lot of mistakes while I was still single despite the fact that I know the truth. If it’s actually possible for me to turn back the hands of time and have a second chance….




I will wait patiently in the place of prayer to hear directly from God himself and the people he uses in speaking to me before I say yes to any man, no matter how religious and dedicated he might be…




Amaka… If I’m given the second chance, i’ll take my time to know, study and also pray for my man before I say I do to him…


I’ll invest all the precious time I wasted while I was Still an undergraduate in school, to secure the future of my marriage…


I’ll spend my time and nights to speak peace and comfort into my marriage…


If I was still single, i’ll have arrested and committed the heart of my husband and that of all my in-laws into the hands of God. I would have planted and sealed my love in their heart in the place of prayer. And trust me, if I had done this before saying I do…. My mother inlaw wouldn’t have had her way into my marriage just


as she’s doing. God would have arrested her and planted my love in her heart by fire by force and she won’t have any choice than to pray endlessly in my favour…

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