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Joe And Voe: Episode 5

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Author’s POV




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N.B: a decade means 10years








Two months after the death of Joey their leader, Jayden call on all the committee to discuss on who’s going to lead them.




There are only five elders in the committee as the rest have died at the war with the vampires.


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I called this meeting because since Lion JOE is dead without giving us someone to lead us which has never happened before. So we are going to need someone to lead the Joeans before the next JOE arrives” Jayden said.




you know that’s not how things works, no one Is permitted to lead the Joeans except a JOE, so until the new joe comes I’d say whatever it is that needs to be done will be considered by the committee” Josette Said.



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And how long do we have to wait for the new JOE huh?, 50years, 100years, we don’t even know who the person is or how he looks like” Jayden said.




Jayden, we understand what you meant, but Josette is right, no one except the JOE is permitted to lead, so until the next JOE arrive I’d us committee will decide on what needs to be done” Jeffrey said.




how about we let the Elders give us an insight?” Josette said then they turned to the elders.




Then Janka, one of the elders stood up to clear things up between them.




Jayden, what you are saying is right but it’s not done like that, only a JOE can lead us and no one else” Janka said then continue.




something like this had happened before, when the Lion JOE died without telling us who the next Lion JOE will be” Janka said.




what did you do, Janka?” Jeffrey asked.


we had to wait for the next Lion JOE to arrived” Janka said.




how do you know he’s the one?” Josette asked.


what did all the JOES have in common?” Janka asked.




they all have joe in their name, we have Joel, Joe, Joeshiro, joela, Joeby, Joey” Joyce said.




Good what else do they all have in common?” Janka asked again and they thought for a while.




they all have the same special hair, they all have dreadlocks” Josette said.




yes that’s it……but to confirm it all he needs to pass through terrigenesis then if a Lion tattoo is designed on his back then he is the one” Janka said.




you hear that, we just need to wait for the next JOE to show up, so stop this childish act” Josette said.




That’s nonsense, total nonsense, we all know someone needs to step up and take charge” Jayden said.




Someone like who if I may ask? ” Joyce asked.


I don’t know, Me of course, I’m strong and capable of leading our people” Jayden said.




you?…..we all know you to be a greedy person, someone like you can never lead” Josette said and Jayden got angry.




Don’t tempt me, Josette…….you are passing your boundary” Jayden growled.




then stay put, cause you can’t lead us, never, no one can except a JOE” Josette said.


Then you leave me no choice” Jayden said then everyone stared at him.




I Jayden Brooks, challenge you Josette Hawkins to a duel” Jayden said.


what the hell do you think you are doing?” Josette asked.




Anyone that’s going to be the leader has to be the strongest, so I challenge you” Jayden said.


I have no intention of leading us” Josette said.




then let someone else do it or we fight” Jayden said.


No one is fighting anyone, and also no one is fighting to be the leader, you know all this so stop being childish” Joyce said.




If anyone of you can defeat me then you can do as you wish but if I do win, I will lead our people until the next JOE arrives” Jayden said.




This is crazy Jayden, I’m not fighting you period” Josette said turn to face the rest.


it’s like you are not taking me seriously” he said then pull out a knife.




well if you don’t then I will” he snuck behind Josette and made to stab her but she caught him on time then dodge it.




Jayden are you crazy?” Josette shouted in shock then Jayden charge at her again and she punched him on the face.




I won’t stop until we fight, if I don’t come at you I’m coming for the rest” Jayden said.


it’s either we fight or things go south” he added.




fine, you want to fight then challenge accepted” Josette said.


Good girl, you have three hours to prepare” Jayden said.




if I win, you will be banished from this place and never come back” Josette said and Jayden smiled.


if you win” he said then left.


he has gone crazy, you shouldn’t have accepted his challenge” Jeffrey said.


what can I do, he’s a greedy bastard” Josette said then left the conference room.




She went back to her chamber and changed into her combat gear and then pick up her sword.




Her seven years old younger sister see her then went to her.


is there a war going on?” Joana asked.




Joana, I need to do something” Josette said.


what is it that need to be done that you change to your battle clothes?” Joana asked and Josette sighed.




Jayden challenged me to a duel and I accept” she said.




you are fighting each other now, we stopped fighting vampire only to turn on each other” Joana said.




trust me I didn’t want this, but Jayden is getting out of control, he needs to be stopped” Josette said.




can you beat him?” Joana asked.


of course I can” Josette said.


be careful” Joana said.




I will” Josette said then stood up and started practicing her moves.








Everyone gathered at the sparring field to see the fight between them. Jayden came out holding his sword in his hand followed by Josette also with her sword.


They faced each other and they are both ready then begin fighting .




As they are fighting Jayden was having the upper hand as he keeps charging at Josette non stop.

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Josette tried her best to stood her ground then after a while she charge back at him made the first cut by piercing his shoulder.




happy to know you are not holding back” Jayden said then charge at her again and again but Josette keeps steady.




She then swiftly turned and punch him hard on the face which sent him to the ground.




Jayden never stops as he keep getting back up and charge at her but Josette keep beating him to the ground.




Jayden, let’s end this petty charade” Josette said.


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over my dead body, I’m not done with you, I’m just getting started” Jayden said angrily they stood up and keep fighting then he skillfully made his first cut by piercing her leg.




Josette charge back at him angrily but Jayden seems to know her combat style as he gave her a punch which sent her to the ground.




” I told you I’m just getting started” Jayden said then Josette stood up and charge at him.




Josette change her combat mode as she keep fighting and keeps piercing him all over and punch him to the ground.




Josette though he gave up then she turn her back on him, Jayden then create a fire ball without her knowing then throw it at her which sent her to the ground.


” Rule number one, Never turn your back at your enemies” Jayden said as he stood up.




Josette also managed to stand up as she wince loudly due to the burn, then she also create a fireball then throw it at him but he dodge it.




Josette keeps throwing the fire at him and he keeps doing stunt to dodge it all and when Jayden noticed that she was tires he created a bigger fire and send it to her.




She tried to dodge it but not fast enough as the fire hit her and she fell. She tried to get back up but she couldn’t.




you fought well but not well enough, you are defeated” Jayden said.




Listen Joeans, as from now on I’m your leader till the next JOE arrives” Jayden said.


no you’re not” Jeffrey said then charge at Jayden.




As they keep fighting Jeffrey throw all he got at him but he’s not strong enough to take him as Jayden hit him hard on the chest.




you are no match for me and you know it” Jayden said.




I have to try anyways cause I’d rather die than let you rule us” Jeffrey said again then charge at him.




They continue fighting then Jayden thrust his sword at his shoulder.




this should serve as a lesson to you” Jayden said then thrust out his sword then suddenly a force send him to the ground.




He turned back and see Joyce coming at him then he stood up and they keep fighting.



Then he creates a fireball throw it at her which sent her to the ground, she stood up again and charge at him then Jayden give her a punch on the head which sent her unconscious immediate.




Anyone else want to have a taste of my power?” he shouted but no one come out.


that’s what I thought” he said then he walked to them.




in a situation like this the Joeans needs a strong warrior like me to lead them…..not a weakling like you” he said to them then turn to the people.




As the temporary leader of the Joeans, I sentence you three to 30years in the dungeon, take them away” he said then they took them away.




don’t worry, your siblings are in good hands” Jayden said as they drag them away to the dungeon.








After the fight he had ealier he went back to his fortress and called Julian the head of the medical section to treat him.




don’t try to do anything funny or else I will send you to where I sent the others” Jayden said to him as he treat his wound.




As the times goes on the people started living in fear of Jayden of the kind of man he has become.




No one can face him the people that could are locked up in the dungeon, the elders tried to confront him but he killed them all.




Jayden remembered Joey’s wife Ashley then he send some warriors to kill her but they couldn’t find her.




They searched for months but she was no where to be found.




(15 years later)




Joana, Josette sister decided to free his sister from the dungeon as she made up a plan.




She made the plan with Jack and Jessi, Jeffrey’s sibling, and also with Jenna, Joyce sister.



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you have to be careful Joana, we have no idea of what Jayden could do if he catch you” Jack said.




don’t worry I will be fine…..just watch my back” Joana said.




if you realise it seems hard to do just run away, there’s always another time….you can’t get caught” Jenna said.


okay” she said.




They waited till the midnight and they made their way to the dungeon. With the help if Jack and Jenna, Joana sneaked pasted the guards at the dungeon.




She tiptoed to the place they held her sister and the others.




sister, sister it’s me” Joana said and josette looked up to see who that is.


who are you?” she asked weakly.




it’s me Sis, it’s Joana” Joana said crying.


Joana?……you…a.are…bbig now” she said.




yes sister, c’mon let’s go I need to get you out of here” Joana said.


what…of….Jayden?” Josette asked.





” just let’s get out of here” Joana said then tried to unlock her chains.


” Just leave me here Joana, you have to go it’s dangerous” Josette said.




Then one of the guard heard the key rustling in the dungeon then he alerted the rest.




When Jack and Jenna saw this they tried to make a sound to distract them but it’s not working as they went to dungeon.




Joana turned then see some guards coming and she tried to hide, the guards look all over the place but didn’t see anyone and they turn back to leave.




As they are leaving the keys fell from Joana which made them turn to her direction.




She ran towards them and started fighting them, she was able to take down three of the guards.




Then she saw another one behind her and before she could turn the guard hit her with the baton which sent her unconscious.








In the morning they took her to Jayden and told him what she tried to do. Jayden called on all the Joeans to witness the judgment.




He also told the guard to bring her sister Josette to witness as well and they brought her.




Listen Joeans, yesterday we caught one of you sneaked into the dungeon and free the prisoners” he stopped then continue.




such person will not go unpunished, bring her out” he said then the guards bring out Joana.




Jayden let her go… can’t do this” Josette said.




yes I can and I will” Jayden said to her then he looked at the people noticed their reaction so he change his mind.




you know what actually I’m in a good mood today, so I will show leniency” Jayden said smiling.




so this is my judgement, Joana Hawkins you commit a great crime but I show you mercy so I banish you from this fortress never to step here again” he said and everyone gasped.




you are lucky, we Joeans don’t age quickly I’m very sure you will fit in perfectly with the humans” he added.




you have one hour to leave and never come back” he said then went back to his quarter.




Joana bade goodbye to all the people she knows then she left the J-fortress.








Joana’s POV




After my five years in the human realm now is the only time I getting something positive.




All my gut is telling me this new boy is the Next JOE, cause I can see everything about a JOE in him.




But perhaps I should just confirm my suspicions before I carry on with my plans.




I changed in a casual dress then put on a hood then went to the ghetto.




As I entered the ghetto some of the thugs are staring at me but seem not to mind as I keep going.


One of them came behind checking me out and tried to grope me.


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touch me and you will lose your hand” I said to him.


oooohhh., I love challenge” he said then tried to grab me but I caught it and broke it.




aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhggg” he screamed out in pain.


I said don’t dare touch me” I said then keep walking till I got to where am going.




what is a young girl like you doing in a dangerous place like this?” the man said.


I have a job for you” I said and he laughed.




A job you say, and how do you think you can hire us? ” he said then I dropped bundle of hundred dollars before him and he stopped laughing.




you are serious, tell me what do you want?” the man asked then I bring out a picture of the boy I secretly took then give it to him.




him, I want you to beat him up” I said.


beat him?, that’s all? ” he asked.


yes that’s all” I replied.




what did he do?…..boyfriend huh?” he asked.


yes boyfriend,…..he cheated on me” I said.


don’t worry baby, I will take care of him personally” he said.




I don’t want you alone to do it……take up to six men with you, he’s highly skilled, you alone can’t handle him” I said though I wondered if I’m actually doing what’s right.




no worries baby, with these money…..we will beat him black and blue” he said.


Good…..your balance await when the job is done……good day” I said then left.




My people my can’t wait any longer the Lion JOE is needed badly.












I suggest we just go with the flow and not jump into conclusion but don’t worry everything will be clear… thanks.




. . JOE VOE .

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