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Joe And Voe: Episode 2

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Author’s POV




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(two(2) months later)




Two months after Joseph was given the award and scholarship it’s now time for him to continue his education in the States.




His luggage have been packed together and every other things he’s going to use.




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He’s got a phone as well and Vanessa showed showed him some few things on it, she helped him open a social media accounts and by now he’s got a billion followers.




Joseph told Mr Richards to help him get a house for his mother Here in Lagos, He doesn’t want his mother to stay in the village any longer.



Mr Richards got the house and Joseph’s Mother pack in, she begged granny Richards to come live with her and she agreed.




During the last two months had been been a great Joy for him, there’s so much love everywhere in fact he’s thinking of declining the scholarship.




He knew how much he’s going to miss them all if he left to the States.




Joseph’s POV




It’s time for me to start going and I started hugging them one after the other starting from Mr Richards.




thank you so much sir, for everything” I said.


you are welcome son….be careful over there” Mr Richards said as we disengage.




I will” I said then went to his wife.


thank you for everything ma” I said hugging her.

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uh-huh….I’m going to miss you dear,……even though I don’t want you to leave but that will be very selfish of me” she said.




I will miss you too” I said then went to Katie who’s in tears already.


oh c’mon baby, don’t cry” I said then hug her.


I will miss you so much” Katie said.




you have no idea how much I’m going to miss you too” I said.


please be careful” she said.




of course I will” I said then we disengage then moved to the twins and hugged them together.


take care of everyone okay” I said.


yeah……take care of yourself too” Paul said.


I will, paul you are the man now so take care of them all” I said.




don’t worry I’ve got it covered” Paul said then I went to their big sister.


Joseph, I know we have a rough start but…….”




it’s okay, at least we’ve passed that now, we are on the same page now and also best friend” I said and she smiled.




take care of yourself, joseph……. don’t forget to video call when you settle doeb” she said as we hugged.




yeah, I will” I said then disengage.


Granny” I said as I hugged her.




the first time I met you I knew you are made for a greater purpose” granny said.


thank you for believing in me” I said.




you’re welcome” she said and I went my mother.


I will miss you mama” I said.




me sef I go miss you, when you first comot for village my heart dey do gbim gbim… you dey go obodo heart dey do gbim gbim gbim gbim” she said and I smiled.




mama, don’t worry I will be fine…….shey no be me again” I said.


I know….i know………but remember the promise wey you do say you no go fight anybody” she said.




yes mama, I don hear” I said then we hugged.


make mama proud for there okay” she said.


okay mama” I replied then we disengaged.


Alright Joseph, it’s time……you don’t want to miss the flight” Mr Richards said then I entered the car.




I wave at then one more time then Mr Richards drove off, I’m really going to miss them all.




I can’t believe I’m actually going to America, what will happen when I get there since no one is going with me.




Uncle, when I get there….what am I supposed to do or where am I supposed to go?” I asked.




oh you don’t have to worry about that…….the government officials already prepared all that for you” he said.




someone will be waiting for you there” he said.


how will I know the person?” I asked.




trust me,….you will know……and incase you didn’t meet the person call the number given to you, the person will direct you” he said.


okay” I said.










Mr Richards parked the car when We reached the airport and we entered the airport.




Mr Richards took me to where to they will check my visa and passport, then I bad goodbye to him as they directed me to the other side.



I followed the rest to the plane and search for the number given to me, i sat bedside the window and wait for the plane to take off.










I sleeping when I felt someone shaking me then I woke up and see the flight attendant staring at me.


whaat?” I asked.




welcome to America” she said and I look out and realised that the plane has landed.


thank you” I said then I grabbed my luggage out of the plane.




The immigration service checked my luggage completely to confirm I didn’t bring in anything illegal, they even checked my hair.




I was surprised cause I don’t think they do this to their people in Nigeria then why are they doing this to me.




They told few of us to step aside and I noticed that they let the white men leave but insisted that we black stay behind.




The white officer were looking at me strangely and they are about to take us to a room for us to strip completely for them to search.




What’s the meaning of all this?” I said out angrily.


You saying anything young man?” the officer said to me.




why are we the only one you are searching this way while others are going without no problem” I said then the officer moved to my ear.





” because you black people are full of sh*t” he said grinning which make me angry.




Oh My God……it’s You” another white man in suit came to me.


You know this boy, Boss?” the officer asked.




Yeah…..everyone does, He’s a Hero” the man said.




thank God, someone know me” I said within.




I’m so sorry, Mr Edwards……you are free to go” the man said.




thank you” I said collecting my passport from the officer.


I’m sorry too” the officer said as I leave.




sorry for yourself, yeye people” I said I leave.




As I got to the lobby I looked around and looked for the person that’s supposed to come pick me.




A lot of people are there looking for their people as well, then I saw an African man holding a small signboards that says “Nigeria Hero” and I know that my ride.




I went to the man and when he see me his eyes lit up in excitement.


Oh My God, it’s You” the man said.




yeah……so shall we” I said.


yes let’s go…….let me help you with your luggage” he said taking one of my bag.




I followed him to the car and he put my luggage inside the jeep, I entered after him and he drove off.




” How was your flight, sir?” the man asked.


it was fine but please don’t call me sir, my name is Joseph” I said.




okay Joseph……my name is Frank” the man said.


okay Frank, so where are we going?” I asked.




I’m taking you to my boss’s house” he said.


your boss?” I asked.




yes, he’s supposed to be the one to come pick you but he was busy that’s why” the man said.




oh really,… who are you?” I asked.


I’m his driver” he said.


oh…..I really thought you are the person I’m expecting” I said.

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oh no….I’m not, I’m just his driver” he said.


okay then” I said then look outside the window and enjoy the beautiful sight.




omo, American na fine place ooo, see as everywhere is shinning and beautiful” I thought.




I can’t believe I’m actually in the same car with a celebrity, I’m so happy right now” Frank said and I smiled.


I’m glad to be here too” I replied.




sir,sorry…joseph…..what you did in Nigeria is a brave thing ooo,…na since then I just dey like you” Frank said.




it’s really not a big deal, I saw a chance to save the student and I did which I’m very sure anyone will as well” I said.



no be everybody ooo, if na another person e for don run since,…e no go even stay after all those beating wey you collect” he said and I smiled.




maybe he’s right” I thought.




please I want you to do something for me” he said.


and what is that?” I asked.




I want us to take pictures together so that I will show it to everybody that I know Nigeria Hero” he said and I smiled warmly.




it’s okay, no problem…..whenever you’re ready” I said.








Not long after he pulled into a huge mansion and i must confess it’s really beautiful.




I knew the house must belong to a very rich man, I can’t believe a Nigeria man can own a mansion this big here in America.




this house is beautiful” I exclaimed.


yes oo, my oga sabi better thing” the driver said then parked the car.




I got down and stared at the house before me then some people came out of the house.




A woman came out along with a boy and a girl which I conclude to be her children.




The woman is beautiful and if I’m correct she should be in her early 40s, the boy should be 15 or 16years if am right, and the girl should be 14 or 15 cause she’s more like the same age with Paulina.


He’s here” the boy said as they came to meet me.


Good afternoon ma” I said as I prostrated before the woman.




oh… are welcome dear” the woman said.




hi, my name is Luke and this is my younger sister Nancy” the boy said offering his hand for an handshake.




hi, my name is Joseph” I said as I shook his hand.


oh we know who you are…….you are very popular” Nancy said.




oh you’ve heard” I said.


of course, ever since I heard you will be coming to the states I’ve been looking forward to meeting you” Nancy said.




Nice meeting you too” I said.


okay guys, the guy just got here……let him come in” the woman said then we entered.




As we entered I saw an old woman sitting in the parlour and she turned her attention to me.




I went to her and prostrated before her as a good Nigerian boy.


God bless you my son” the granny said.




please sit down” the woman said and I sat on the couch.


so how was your trip?” the woman asked.


it was fine ma” I answered.




You know I saw the video of what you did on instagram, you are a total badass, that was so cool” the boy Luke said.


I didn’t do it for anything……i only tried to save people and I’m glad I did” I replied.




you I followed you on social media, even some of my friends are following as well” Nancy said.




woww” that’s all I couldn’t say cause I still find this all weird being here with a total stranger.








My husband will be here soon, he went to settle some things ” the woman said then the door open and a man entered.




Immediately he saw me he stopped on his track and keep staring at me just like the old woman.




I can’t stay here with this people, they didn’t tell me I will living with some family, I just don’t want to stay here.




“oh oh….. What have I gotten myself into” I thought then the man shook out of his reverie.




Oh you’ve arrived” he said as he came to meet me.




Hy, welcome to my house, I’m Mr Donald Edwards” he said and I was surprised caused we share the same surname.




wow….that’s strange, we happened to share the same name” I said grinning.




y..yeah it seems so…….I’m so happy to finally meet you, I saw what you did on TV, that was very brave” the man said.


thank you sir” I said.



I’ve been informed by the governing board that you will be coming over, so I will be your guide to whatever you’ll need here in the States” He said.




okay sir” I said.


I’ve you eaten or do you need anything ” he asked which I find weirdly.




No Sir, I’m good……thank you” I said.


since you’re above 18years……..”


I’m 19years” I said interrupting him.




oh yes, so I’ve been told to get an apartment for you to stay in so you can live on your own” he said and heart jump in excitement.




or if you like to live with us here you are more than welcome to stay” he added.




uhn uhn……Abi mo ti stay ni” I thought, even with there awkward behavior they are scaring me.




thanks for the offer,i really appreciate but I think the apartment will be great” I said.


alright then…….let’s go” he said.




you should come over sometimes okay” the granny said.


okay ma, I will” I replied then followed the man out of the house .




I noticed their reaction when I rejected their offer about me living with them, I realize they are not happy but who cares I don’t know them and they don’t know me.




I can only come over sometimes just like the granny said, if I’m living with them I won’t have the freedom that is want.





Anything I do will demand an explanation and I don’t want to be tide up in some weird family sh*t.




I realised my luggage is still in the jeep I came with, I entered the jeep after the man and he took me to the apartment.




I realized the apartment is not far from his house cause less than 15min we’ve reached there.




We got down after the driver Parked the car, the house is not big but it’s moderate for someone like me.




It’s exactly how I wanted it to be, he gave me the keys to unlock the door and we enter.


The place is well furnished, high quality decoration and everything is just perfect.




The driver bring in all my luggage then went back outside.




Everything that you need is here in this house, it is well stocked, come with me” he said and I followed him.




this is the kitchen, and that over there is the store, stocked with food” he said pointing to the door in the kitchen.




He took me to the bathroom and my room and also a guest room which I find to be cool.




With the huge figure in my bank account I can buy any house of my choice but this one here is just the right one I needed.




so what do you say?” the man said.


it’s great……it’s perfect” I replied.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


are you sure you’re going to be fine staying alone?” the man asked.




don’t worry sir, I will be fine” I said.


if you need anything….you can holla at me” he said.




I will do that sir” I said.


okay…..if you say so, but if you’re bored you are welcome in our house anytime” the man said.




“thank you ” I said then escort him to his car.


I’m coming over tomorrow to clear some things together” he said.




no problem sir” I said then they drove off leaving me alone in the house.














. . JOE VOE .

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