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ICE – Episode 15

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Imogene sat on her bed angry, frustrated and confused.

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The bracelet won’t allow her kill the chosen one now.


Nana came in with a glass of juice.


“Still thinking about the bracelet? ”


“Yes of course. I want it out of my hands, I won’t be able to kill the chosen one


with it on my hand”.


Imogene replied angrily.


“Gosh I hate that guy”.


She said.


“Calm down sweetie”.


“How will I calm down. I can’t touch someone with this on me. That guys annoys me. I wish I can tear him apart”.


“But the guy is smart, he put that bracelet on your hand cause he knows you will really tear him apart”.


“Nana why do you keep supporting him? Am your kid here but you keep supporting that fool. ”


“How do I support him? I only support you”.


“By calling him smart always”.


“Not always but just twice”.


“What ever”.


Nana sat close to her.


“Don’t be angry sweetie, just try staying away from danger and hurting people for a week. ”


“A week, Nana they will treat me like trash”.


“How? ”


“I don’t know, but my instinct knows. And besides I won’t be able to freeze people to get that big sandwich again “.


“Wait, you where the one who brought the sandwich? ”



“Yes. For me and you”.


“Well I thought it was from nature so i ate one and half, the second half is in the fridge”.


Imogene looked at Nana.


“Half? Seriously? ”


“Sorry dear but I was hungry”.


“Gosh today is the worst day”.


“Because I ate your half?”.


“No, the bracelet and everything”.


Nana sighed.


“Concerning the bracelet, stay away from trouble so you don’t hurt someone for a week so that he will trust you when he sees that you are a good beast, then he will remove it. But use that one week opportunity to look for the chosen one”. Nana said.


Imogene smiled.


“Good idea Nana, you are smart”.


“Thanks love”.


“I guess this is your destiny. The bracelet might teach you how to stay without hurting others. I need to read your future and I will need help”. Nana thought.








Elma felt bored staying all alone so she decided to go out to fun places.


“But I can’t go alone”.


She said and went to carlisa’s room.


She knocked on the door.


“Please let it be aunt please, I don’t want to see carlisa”.


She prayed silently.


The door opened.


“What do you want again? “.


Carlisa asked.


“Please is aunt in? “.


“No. Any issue? ”


“I just wanted to go out for a while and I thought I will ask you to come with me”.


Elma asked childishly.


“Do you know any place here? ”


“No but I have a map of fun places here”.


“I will go with you that is if I get to choose where we will go to”.


Elma smiled.


“Really? You can choose a place and am ok with it”.


“Great, do you have a phone. I don’t have one, have been using my mom’s phone but she went to the market”.


Elma happily gave her the phone.


“Come in”.


Carlisa said opening the door wide while looking at the phone.


Carlisa sat down on the bed while Ea sat opposite her. She browsed for fun places and their schedules.


“Hope you have cash with you? ”



“Yes I do”.


Elma said.


“Great let’s go”.


“Where are we going to? ”


“You will see when we get there “.


Carlisa replied going to wear a different cloth.


She came out of the room with a more beautiful and sexy cloth.


“Wow she looks beautiful, are we going to look for a boyfriend or what? ” Elma thought.


“Let’s go”.


Carlisa said.


They both left.








Carlisa and Elma came out of the taxi, it was dark already.


“Where is this place? ”


Elma asked.




“Club? What are we doing in a club? ”


“To have fun”.


Carlisa said and went in.


“I hate clubs, what am I going to do now? ”


Elma asked worried.



She can’t leave cause carlisa will be angry with her.


Ivy always tells her how a club is like, that it is full of bad people and that she should never go there, but here she is disobeying her mother.


“What de you waiting? ”


Carlisa asked coming to her.


Elma sighed and went to her.




Carlisa said.


Elma brought out the money and paid.


The bouncers kept looking at Elma cause of the simple cloth she wore.


“She is my servant”.


Carlisa said when she saw them stirring at Elma, she don’t want then to think Elma is her friend if not they will laugh at her.


They allowed the both of them to enter.


Elma close her nose as the strong stench of alcohol hit her nose.

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“You stay here, I don’t want people to think we are together. ”


Carlisa said and left Elma.


Elma felt bad cause carlisa called her servant and now she don’t want her anywhere


near her.








Carlisa sat down.


She looked at Elma who was feeling uncomfortable.


“Wanna dance,” a man asked standing in front of her.



“Of course”.


She said.


They both went to the dance floor.


Elma watched as carlisa was having fun dancing with a guy.


She sighed and went out of the building.


Carlisa was having fun dancing with the man but some men gathered her and one of them touched her butt.


She angrily turned and gave him a slap.


The people close by gasped.


“How dare you? Do you know who I am? ”


The man asked.


“Do you know who I am too? ”


Carlisa asked.


Everyone attention where on them.


Ten more men stood close to him.


“You shouldn’t have mess with me”


“You fool, I should tell you that,” carlisa said.


He slapped her making her to fall on the floor.


Carlisa stood up and tried hiting him but he slapped her again making her to fall on the floor.


“My damn motherfu.cking people, switch on your damn phone. A porn movie is about to began. So get it into your stupid phones”. A man said.



Some men walked to carlisa to strip her na.ked but a big stone landed on the leader’s head.


“Get away from my friend”.


Elma said.


“And who are you? ”


The leader asked.


“Someone you should listen to”.


Elma said and began to fight them using a stick she took when she came in. She used the skills she do use to fight animals.


Some men came to the scene to and Elma was getting tired already. They charged towards her together but the police came in.


They arrested all of them including Elma and carlisa.


“Leave those ladies”.


A man said coming to the scene.


“They are not part of it”.


The police left them and left with the criminals.


The young man walk to them.


“Hi. Hope you are alright? ”


He asked.


“Yes thank you”.


Elma replied.


“That is good. You girls should stay away from danger like this. Am Alex”.


He said.


“Nice meeting you alex but we have to go”.


Elma said and left with carlisa who was still surprise. She can fight them, she don’t know what happened to her back there? If not for Elma then she would have been embarrassed.

















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