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Joe And Voe: Episode 15

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උɦคpt㉫® 15 (F!ÑÂLË- A)










Author’s POV




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Joseph went to the ICT center where Josette and the others are then joined them.


” did you find how the vampires escaped,…..i thought you said only my blood can break the barrier? ”


Joseph asked.




yes, but not until we found out who did it” Josette answered.


who? ” Joseph asked.




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Jayden Brooks” Jose replied.


Jayden, why would he do such a thing against his own people, how?” Joseph asked.




we found out your blood is missing from the terrigenesis chamber” Josette said.




how could we let this happen?…….this is my fault I should’ve killed him the very chance I got” Joseph said regrettably.




it’s obvious you are not a killer, you shew him mercy and he return it with evil” Joana said.




We have no choice but to put him down, he’s a lost cause ” Joseph said.




he’s with the vampires now and you haven’t even heard the craziest part” Josette said.


what am I missing? ” joseph asked.




Jayden is now a vampire, one of our scout saw him at one of the city sucking blood from a mundane” Josette said.




whaaaat, how did that even happen?” Joseph said surprised.




Their leader DeVoe must’ve turned him” Jeffrey said then Joseph remembered the dream he had about a vampire controlling fire.





” so what does that makes him, A Joean or a Vampire?” Joseph said.


we still don’t know what he is” Joana said.




we need to stop them, tell me everything, where the massacre start and everything else” Joseph requested.




JOE, the first city they attacked is Pickett county killing up to 3000+” jack said.




and went over to the second city which is cookeville killing up to 5000+” Jack said.




Oh My God” Josephine exclaimed.




and the most confusing part is that they killed everyone in the first city but the next city they turned them to vampires after draining their blood” Jacquie said.




maybe it’s probably because they just came out of their prison and they needed to feed” Joseph said.




that’s what we first thought but why would they went back to where they came from” Josette said.




you mean they went back to the Doomcity?” Joseph asked.


exactly” Josette said.




“I’d say we go after them and finish them once and for all” Jose said.


No!, they knew we are coming” Joseph said.


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we can’t just sit here and do nothing just because they knew we are coming” Joana said.




it never occur to you, why they went back to Doomcity, they knew we will come after them yet they went back to there” Joseph said.



what could be in Doomcity that made them went back?, why would they want us to come to them?” Joseph asked.




Maybe it’s because that’s where we trapped them” Joana said.




Maybe but…..not enough” Joseph said.




because for them to see us coming?” Joyce said.


and why is that?” Joseph asked.




because the Doomcity has only one entrance” Joyce said with realisation.




so they are calling us over just as we called them over when we trapped them” Josette confirmed.




that’s it……..It’s a trap” Joseph said.




what are we going to do?……we have to go” Jose said and everyone looked at Joseph for reply.




yeah, we will go……..we will use a method called divide and conquer” Joseph said.


how should we go about it?” Joyce asked.




Josette, Joyce and Jackson you will lead a group while I, Jeffrey, and Jose will lead the other group” Joseph said.




I and the other will go right into Doomcity while Josette team will wait behind in a secluded spot where you can’t be seen” Joseph said.




why did you put it that way?” Joana asked.


don’t worry,… will understand very soon” Joseph said.


Josette team will be on the look out for us,……just incase there are any surprises” Joseph said.




they will be like a back up team” Josephine said.


yes, exactly” Joseph replied.




which team am I in?” Josephine asked.


what about me too, I’m a fine fighter” Joana said.




I have no doubt about that, which is why I want you to have a little team of your own, take 50 soldiers with you then I will give you your mission” Joseph said.




sorry Josephine, you’re not coming with us” Joseph said and Josephine was surprised.




whaaaat……you can’t do that…..I’m coming with you” Josephine said.




No not today…….you will stay here with the rest and lookout” joseph said then turn to Jose.




gather all our men and prepare them for battle, tell them what we are up against, anyone that doesn’t feel like going should stay behind…….don’t force anyone” Joseph said.




yes JOE” Jose said then left.


Gear_up everyone, we leave in 15min” Joseph said then they all went to get ready.


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Jack , Jacquie……..immediately anything go wrong inform us right away” Joseph said.




Yes JOE” they replied.


Joana, you, Josephine and Julian should meet me in my chamber in 10min” Joseph said.





” yes JOE ” Joana replied then Joseph went back to his chamber to wear his combat gear.




After Joseph got ready Joana, josephine, julian entered his chamber.




alright, listen to what I have to say……I’ve got a mission for you” Joseph said.


whatever you need JOE ” Julian said.




Josephine, where is the list I gave you earlier?” Joseph requested and she handed it to him.




these are the names of the people that might be in danger in this war, these are the names I know” Joseph said showing them and they went through with it.




wait….my sister’s name is on it” Joana said.


yeah…….and many more if we don’t do something about it” Joseph said.




how do you know about this? ” Julian asked.


I’ve seen it happen” Joseph said.




then we shouldn’t let them go for this fight…….they should stay back” Julian said.




it doesn’t matter if they go or not…….anyone that take their place will die as well” Joseph said.




how do we stop this? ” Joana asked.




that’s the reason I told you to have your own team, your team will be the rescue team……to save anyone that could be in danger” Joseph said.




you will stay behind and be on the look out…….each one of your men will be looking after each of them on the list…….they will be there to protect them” Joseph said.




can’t we just tell them for them to be aware and be careful” Julian asked.




what do you think will happen if you tell anyone that he/she is certainly going to die, of course they will never concentrate……they will be afraid, they will not think straight” Joseph said.




you’re right JOE” Joana said.


what about us? ” Julian asked.




you and some of your mate are coming along,…….your expertise will be needed just incase any of our men got injured and needed medical attention urgently” Joseph said.




we are going to the field” Julian said.


yes but not to fight……but to save lives” Joseph said.




what about me?…….I can’t just stay here and do nothing” Josephine asked.


fine then… will be there to protect the doctors from danger” joseph said.




Am I clear? ” Joseph asked.


Yes Lion JOE” they chorused.




you can go now……and get ready” he said then they left.








All the warriors are ready for the battlefield, Joana and her team are on standby.




Joeans, I know you all are great warriors, courageous people and the defendant of the world.” Joseph said then continue.




I know you all aren’t afraid of what’s to come, I know you all are born for this purpose and today that purpose will be served” he said.




this is not the time to fear but to instill fear into our enemies, let them know we Joeans will keep to our promises” he said.




we know what we are fighting for…….. we fight for what we believe in, we fight for our home, we fight the universe……….because we are guardians of the world” he said.




JOEANS, it’s about time” Joseph shouted.


Yeaaahh” they shouted and they started marching out of the fortress to Doomcity through a portal.








DeVoe and his vampires are waiting patiently for the Joeans to arrive and they started getting tired of waiting.


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I thought you said they will come” DeVoe said facing Jayden.




they will, his blood is in us we should feel him coming” Jayden said then after a while they felt his presence.




he’s here” Jayden announced and DeVoe smiled.


let’s get it started” DeVoe said.




we better go hide in the cave before they see us” Jayden said then took about a thousand vampires with him then went out of Doomcity.




As Joseph and his group are approaching the entrance to the deserted city, Josette and another group waited outside the city just as Joseph ordered.








Joana and her team are also ready to leave but are only waiting for the doctors.




you’re going to need this” Jacinta said giving Josephine a sword.




thanks but do you have bow and arrow?” Josephine asked collecting the sword.




of course……i will get you that as well” Jacinta said then went to the armour room.




c’mon Julian, we are waiting for you” Joana said out loud.




we are coming……just taking some medical stuff” Julian said then later they all came out.


we are ready” he said.




Good, let’s go” Joana said then they left the fortress.








Joseph and his group entered the city and when they got midway through the city they saw the vampires and their leader.




I see you’re the New JOE now, I’m gonna love your warm blood down my throat” DeVoe shouted.




And I see you’re the crazy oldest bloodsucking coffin dwelling monsters, I’m going to enjoy killing you” Joseph shouted back which angered him.




I see you have no manners for your elders, I’m way older than your generation and today is the day you die” DeVoe shouted.




Not if I kill you first” Joseph said then DeVoe commanded the vampires to attack.


” Joeans NOW” joseph shouted and they also charge at them.




The Joeans created a fireball ball each and throw it at the vampires, some of the vampires manage to dodge it while some aren’t so lucky as they burn to ashes.




Joseph also created a lightening bolt then throw it at them which killed lots of them.




He did it for some more times killing many of the vampires but they are too much, the Joeans draw out their sword and they started fighting the vampires.




Joseph drew out his scepter and magically turn it into two-piece sword then charge towards DeVoe.




DeVoe use his speed to charge towards him which is noticed by Joseph as he dodge all his advances.




Joseph created a lightening bolt then send it to him and it hit him which sent him to the ground.




Joseph expect him to burn like the orders but he didn’t instead he stood back up.




Joseph hit him again in much more volt but DeVoe didn’t burn, instead use his vamp-speed to run around and hit Joseph which sent him to the ground.




you think that petty little fire will kill me like the others, that’s ridiculous even with your blood now running through my veins it’s only make me more stronger” DeVoe said then grab joseph then throw him away like a trash can and he hit the wall.






After Jayden waited in the cave as Planned then he ordered the vampires to attack.




Josette the her group also waited as ordered then they saw the vampires about to enter Doomcity.



this must be the surprise Lion JOE is talking, Joeans Attack” Josette ordered and they all came out of their hiding and charged at the vampires.


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Jayden was surprised to see them coming after them.




” No……it can’t be, how did they know?” he growled then charge at them.




As the Joeans charge towards the vampires, they started killing them with their sword.




Josette ran towards Jayden with her sword and tried hit him but Jayden dodge it with vamp-speed.




Josette made a swift movement then hit him with the fireball but unfortunately he didn’t burn.




you have idea how it feels to be a vampire, at first I hated it but now I embrace it…….it’s such a remarkable feeling, everything about you is heightened, even the immortality” Jayden said then continue.




but you won’t know that maybe I should turn you to one just to show you how it feels like” Jayden said.




you are Joeans greatest mistake , you are a mistake ” Josette said then throw a fireball to him and he shielded himself.




you and I know you’re no match for me” Jayden said then throw a fireball at her which she dodged.






The vampires manage to wound some of them and as they were about to kill them Joana and her team intervene.




They divided themselves into two, Joana send some team to Doomcity while she there with the rest and started fighting the vampires.




The Joeans are having the upper hand as they almost killed all the vampires and some of the Joeans are wounded while only five died.




The wounded ones are being treated by Julian and the others while Josephine serve as their guard killing every vampires that made any attempt toward them.




Josette manage to hold still with Jayden but he’s too strong for her, Jayden skillfully took her sword from her then hit her with fire which sent her to the ground.




He picked up her sword then move closer to her as she groin in pain.




I should have killed you 15years ago when I had the chance Maybe I should just do so with your own sword” He said then made to hit then out of nowhere a fire hit him which sent him away.




Josette turn her head sideways then see her sister coming to her.




sister” Joana said as she move towards her, Joana look around for Jayden but didn’t see him.




let’s get you to Julian” Joana said helping her sister up.


Julian is here?” Josette asked.




yeah…’s part of JOE’S plan” Joana said then all of a sudden a heavy force push them and they hit the ground hard.




Joana turned and see Jayden then she stood up and charge towards him with her sword.




Jayden uses Josette’s sword and they keep fighting then Jayden use his other hand to punch her on the face which cause her to bleed immediately.




She made to thrust the sword into him he grabbed it then broke it then push her down.




” I’m so gonna find pleasure killing you” Jayden said.




He made to thrust the sword into her then Josette jump to him to push him away but he caught her real quick by the neck then thrust the sword into her instead.




NOOOO” Joana screamed out then Jayden dropped her body on the ground.




Now it’s your turn” Jayden said facing Joana.






Joseph and DeVoe also continue fighting as Joseph never stopped throwing lightening bolt at him.




DeVoe also never stop punching him either at every chance he gets but Joseph didn’t make it easy for him.




Joseph ran towards him then skillfully kick him hard then thrust the sword into DeVoe.




He expected DeVoe to die instead he smiled at Joseph.




” one of the benefits of drinking your blood” DeVoe said then made hit him but Joseph hold him.




DeVoe uses vamp-speed to remove the sword with his other hand then thrust it into Joseph then kick him to the ground.




Jeffrey see Joseph on the ground with sword embedded in him then he ran towards DeVoe.




DeVoe saw him running towards him then waited to see what he wanted to do, Jeffrey jumped then thrust his sword right into him.


is that all?” DeVoe asked and Jeffrey was surprised to see him still standing.




what makes you think your leader haven’t tried that already, how about I show you mine” DeVoe said then grab him firmly by the neck.




Jeffrey No,No” Joseph said as he remove the sword from his chest.




Jeffrey also tried to release himself from his grip but he couldn’t then DeVoe drove his hand through his chest then pull out his heart.




NOOOOOOOOOOOO” Joseph shouted.






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. . JOE VOE .








උɦคpt㉫® 15 (F!ÑÂLË- B)










Author’s POV







The rest of the Joeans are killing the vampires at great length that it only remain few of them but same could not be said for their leaders.




Only few of the Joeans are dead and those that needed urgent treatment were treated by the Julian and the rest of the medical staff.




After Jayden killed Josette he moved closer to Joana to killed her as well.




Josephine saw him moving closer to Joana while Joana did nothing to protect herself.




As Jayden raised his sword to slash Joana, josephine quickly draw out an arrow and shoot at him which hit him on the shoulder.




Josephine ran closer to him then create a big fireball then throw it at him and Jayden couldn’t dodge it on time then it hit him to the ground.




Josette?……Oh MY God…..I’m so sorry Joana” Josephine said as she got to Joana crying on the ground.




Josephine stood up to look for Jayden but she couldn’t find him.




She looked all over but couldn’t find him but she knows he’s still around.




Jayden ran out towards her with speed from the back and Josephine knew immediately then she skillfully turned then thrust the sword in him.




Jayden screamed out loud in pain but he didn’t burn which surprised Josephine.


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Jayden kick her which sent her to the ground.




you know……i still don’t know who you are, or how you became a Joean like that bastard boy but there’s something that’s so familiar about you” Jayden said.




you talk too much” Josephine said then charge towards him and he punched her very hard which sent her back on the ground.




Nonsense, you can’t kill me……I’m immortal…..i cannot be killed” Jayden said.




As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, that look in your eyes I’ve seen it before and if I’m right…… must be the late Joey’s daughter” Jayden said as Josephine groan in pain.




how is your mother?…….what’s her name?……ummm….Ashley isn’t it?” Jayden said.




I know she was pregnant and you know what…….I searched for her for years but couldn’t find her, not to help her but to kill her” Jayden said.




but luckily she stay off the radar making it difficult to find her but it seems destiny can never be averted it can only be delayed” Jayden said.




I’m the only one that actually protect them in the fortress, I’m the only one that care about the law and the people but others think I’m the bad ones” Jayden said.




Jayden pick up her sword then move closer to her as Josephine draw back.




you maybe I should share something with you before I send you to your father” Jayden said.




I’m the reason your father died twenty years ago, all this shouldn’t have happened, I hated the way the your father rule, so I stole the only thing he needs to imprison the vampires forever to prevent that from happening but it seems your father always have his way and he did the most heroic thing a leader would do” Jayden said which got Josephine so angry.




he sacrificed himself, I really admired him for that, I love the bravery act and I really hate it to be the one to actually release the vampires, so that’s it” Jayden said.



so story time is over” Jayden said then raised his sword then made to slash her but she holds the sword.




you took him away from me, you took him away from my mother, you made me father even before I was born, you didn’t even let him see his child before he died” Josephine said crying and angry at the same time.




Then the anger overcame her as all her body turn into flame, Jayden moved back in fear as he saw this.




He tried to run but Josephine hit him with fire which sent him hard on the ground.




He stood up again then throw a very big fireball at her and she shielded herself from it.




She create a fire spear and throw it at him which he managed to dodge, then she created many more and throw it at him but unfortunately he couldn’t dodge it all and two hit him to the ground.




She moved closer to him then grab him by his neck then pull him up.




” you are an abomination, people like you aren’t supposed to be born” Josephine said.




Josephine gripped his head firmly by her two hand and started burning him from the inside out and Jayden screamed out loudly in pain.




He keep screaming in pain as he tried to release himself but he couldn’t then he started burning.




Josephine moved back as he burns till no part of him was left, then she calmed down and she came back to normal.




All the vampires are dead and they all went into the Doomcity and help the other.





With what Joseph just experienced, it stir up something in him, he feels like something wanted to burst out.




it doesn’t matter, how many of my soldiers you killed, I can always make more till we dominate the world” DeVoe said then he noticed Joseph growling .




Joseph started rolling on the ground making a growling sound and DeVoe wondered what could be happening .




Joseph felt like something within him want out and he could feel it coming out.




Joseph rolled on the ground for a minute more and DeVoe was surprised and shocked to see him turn to a Lion, bigger than an average Lion.




Gggggrrrrrrrrrrr” he roared loudly facing DeVoe, the vampires and the Joeans stop fighting and looked at them.




Impossible” the muttered.




DeVoe tried his vamp-speed to run and the Lion ran after him, then jumped and push him down.




DeVoe tried to stand up and the Lion his leg and put it off which cause DeVoe to scream out in pain.




The Lion moved to the other leg and pull it off as well making him scream out again.




It did the same to both his hands as well then went to remove his head but couldn’t then it roared loudly again.




After a while it turned back to Joseph with lightening sparking out of his eyes.



you still can’t kill me, I’m immortal……it’s only a matter of time before I return back to normal” DeVoe said smiling.




Joseph went back and pick up his scepter and came back at him.


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perhaps you’ve forgotten that every Vampires has one undeniable thing in common” Joseph said.




and what is that?” DeVoe asked.




Death with a stake to the heart” Joseph said then turned his scepter into a wooden staff then coax it with lightening then plunge it into his heart.




At first the nothing happened which cause DeVoe to smile then suddenly smoke started coming out of him.




The same happened to the rest of the vampires and after a while they all burst out and vaporised.




Joseph looked around and see that the same happened to the vampires then Josephine and the others came to him.




how are you feeling?” Josephine asked.


don’t worry…..I’m fine” Joseph said.




let’s take back our fallen soldier to the fortress and give them a proper burial ” Joseph said then they all went back to the fortress.




(Next day)




After they buried them all at the cemetery Joseph went to his chamber trying to calm himself.


A knock came to his door which he replied to and Josephine and Joana entered.




Joseph, you don’t have to beat yourself up cause of what happened, you tried your best” Josephine said.




Josephine is right, JOE” Joana added.


if not for your idea to split up a lot would would die” Josephine said.




I’m sure my sister is at peace wherever she is, she will be happy we win the war so her death is not in vain” Joana said.




so get yourself together Lion JOE, you need to address the people” Josephine said.




Okayy……thank you both of you” Joseph said then stood up and went out.




He got to the hall and met everyone present waiting for him, immediately they saw him the all silent.




Joeans, I know we lost few of our people, and we won the war…….i just want you to know that their death is not in vain” joseph said then continue.




their sacrifice is for us to have freedom, their sacrifice is for the whole world to be at peace” he said then continue.




the whole world is happy because of them, they are heroes and their memories linger on, they should be celebrated” he said then continue.




in a time like this we are not supposed to be moody or down with sorrow, we should celebrate cause we won the war” he said.




tomorrow here, let their be a grand celebration for them, and it will be so every year to be reminded of this day” Joseph said and everyone cheered.




L’chaim the Lion JOE” they all chorused.




(two days later)




Joseph and Josephine went back to his house and they knocked then after a while Ashley opened the door.




Mom” Josephine said then went to hug her.


oh my baby, I was so worried” Ashley said.


I’m fine mom” she said then they disengage.




How are you Joseph?” Ashely said embracing him as well.


I’m fine” Joseph replied.




thanks for bringing her back to me” Ashley said.


you’re welcome” Joseph said.




They entered and rested while Josephine narrate everything to her mother.




Ashley also told Joseph that his half-siblings came to check on him and she told them he’s not around.




Joseph knew they will be worried about him so he went to their house.




Immediately he entered he saw both Luke and Nancy in the living room and they are surprised to see him.

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Joseph?…’re back” Nancy said then came to hug him.


hy Nancy” he said then they disengage.




hey bro” Luke greeted.


I’m good ” he replied.




we dropped by your house two days ago but we saw a lady in your house, and she said you are not around” Luke said.




yeah, I went to do something urgent and the lady is just a friend staying with me for some time” he said.




did dad know about that? ” he asked.


of course not, I figures you wouldn’t want him to know” Luke said and he smiled.


thanks man” Joseph said.




Nancy went to inform her parent about Joseph’s visit and they came downstairs to greet him including the granny.




Mr Edwards told him how his visit to Nigeria was and how he apologized to mama josefu for two weeks before she finally forgives him.




Since everything has been cleared Joseph finally accepted him as his father.




Mr Edwards promised to pick up the role of a father and did everything he could for him and Joseph thank him for that.




The next Joseph and Josephine were in the parlour watching a soap opera, then something seems to be bothering Josephine.




Joseph” she called.


hmmm” he replied engrossed to the TV screen.


don’t you think we should talk about that kiss?” she said then he turned to her.


oh that, okay……let’s talk” Joseph said turning to her.




No you say something first” she said then Joseph draw closer to her.




actually…..i don’t think there’s anything to talk about” he said then they drew more closer till their lips met and they kissed.




They are still at it and without them noticing, Ashley walked in on them.




Ohhh” she exclaimed as she see them and the disengaged.


sorry mom” Josephine said smiling.

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it’s okay….it’s okay, joseph mind if I see you for a bit” Ashley said.


Alright” Joseph said then they went to the backyard.




I see you and my daughter are starting to be a thing” Ashley said smiling.


sorry for that” Joseph said.




Nah it’s okay,….it’s just that I can’t have you two living under the same roof while you’re a thing” Ashley said.




if you want us to stop, we will right away” Joseph said.




that’s not what I meant…….actually it’s not appropriate in this situation so I wanted you to know it will be best if we have our own apartment” she said.




oh now I get it” Joseph said.


good, I will start looking for any available house for us to move into” Ashley said.


you don’t have to worry about that……i will arrange that for you” Joseph said.


I’m glad you understand ” she said then they entered back.






Weeks later Ashley and her daughter moved into their new house, joseph also connected her to Mrs Edwards and she helped her find a job.




Josephine also continue her education in Harris High School and she and Joseph continue their love life.




On holiday he went to Nigeria to visit is mother and the Richards, he spent about a month with them before coming back to America.




Joseph finally made his decision to stay in America even after his studies, so he will be able to attend to the Joeans.




Joseph and Josephine visit the Jo-fortress regularly to make things in order.




He also made a rule that anyone over 18years can be allowed to visit the outside world so he won’t be the only one with that benefit.


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The Joeans remain a hidden world to the human.




The secret behind Joseph being the Lion JOE remain a mystery to everyone, though some said he is a descendants of one of the previous JOE’S.




While some said the spirit of all the past JOE’S are combined in one in Joseph.


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Though there could be a truth in that but no one knows, so I guess he should be called JOSEPH The Mysterious Lion JOE.








The End.




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