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My Prince Charming – Episode 12

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Episode twelve


Prince’s p.o.v (cont )




“Will you shut up Prince, how dare you yelled at me ,we are doing this for your own good ,she’s the best for you ” Dad shouted




“May be for you ,I can’t love her more than a friend, she’s not my type and you can’t force her on me ,just look at her, is she beautiful ?noo I can’t go for her hmm tell him there is nothing like me getting married to her ,I have someone better than her I will never love her and that your company take care of it your self I had enough” I yelled and turned to leave




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“And before you destroy our kingdom I will disown you Prince ” Dad said while I stopped half way to confirm I heard him right




“You said ”




“I will disown you ,you bastard” Dad fired




“Like I care ,do your worst dad I will never accept her as my wife ” I replied he walked up to me and hit my face




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“How dare you ” He yelled




“Get me DAd I will never love her ” I yelled and walked out




“It’s right time bro pls wait ” Ewa shouted running after me



I’m ready to claim my love and stop hurting her everyday she’s the one I want I don’t care what follow my decision. I walked into my room and lock the door ,Ewa keep on knocking but I’m not ready to hear anybody out




“Pls brother open this door”




“If you keep on knocking till tomorrow, I won’t open that door ” I replied




“Pls bro ,I have a lot to tell you ” She said. Since she’s not ready to leave I just laid my bed and sleep




Some days later




Queen’s p.o.v




I wonder who prince want as his wife,his father refuse to hold back his word,he promise to disown him like he said if he refuse to get married to Aduni




Truly I will never support his relationship with another lady even with another princess coz the best tittle ever is been Adetola in-law luckily for us Aduni want him so another girl is no




“Take it easy my lord ,I will find the one he love and separate them okay pls don’t take it serious pls ” I pleaded


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“Until he listen to me and accept to love Aduni I Will never accept him as my son ” King Adeyeye yelled


“You will end up hurting your self dad ” Ewa said as she walked in




“Will you shut up ” He yelled at her




“I’m sorry dad ,I’m only saying the truth pls Dad end this fight he’s your son the only Prince of this kingdom pls dad I want peace ” Ewa said holding his feet




“Listen tell him until he accept Aduni I will not accept him as my son ,will my son look into my eyes and say no to my request ” He yelled and send us out of his room




“Mum why na ”




“Ewa,I don’t know what to do but never mind where is prince ” I asked




“He went out ” Ewa replied




“Don’t worry ,I will handle it ,but wait Ewa what did you know about this ” I asked




“Mum ,you mean I know about prince love ah ah trust me if I have idea about the girl I will let you know ” She replied




“Okay ,just go ” I said confused I don’t trust Ewa she know about the one he want




“But who did he want as his wife ?”


Some days later






Prince’s p.o.v




I took her to the river side,where we have our first kiss




“Did you remember what happened here ” I asked my hands on her shoulder while she rest her head on my chest




“Yea,here where the feelings started ” She replied we walked down a bit sit on the rock our legs inside the water flowing




“My Prince, princess told me what’s going on between you and and our King ,why did you keep it away from me ” She asked running her hand on my chest




“Coz I don’t want you to feel bad again believe me Tomi is you or nothing else ,I don’t care been thrown out all I care about is you and I promise to love you forever” I replied toying with her beautiful hair




“Thank you ,I’m sorry you are passing through this because of me ”




“Shh I should be sorry not been there always ” I replied she raised her head up and kissed me




“(Smile) promise me you will keep the Royal bead well and nothing will happen to it and the love you have for me ”


“I promise” She placed her hands on my palm smiling




“Thanks” I smiled and kissed her head




It took my time to convinced her to love me again coz she’s giving up already but now our love story just started




Tomi’s p.o.v




I was surprised when Princess Ewa told me I can go for my love,I guess she can’t stand it separating us ,she even promise to protect me always and plead that I should not leave him,It was like a dream but it’s real coz I have him beside me all the time and our love keep on growing everyday,we sneak out of the palace together ,sneak in again well we find it easy coz ,Tehmy ,Yemi and I have been the famous maid in the palace ,love by others so anytime he asked me to join him I know how to handle the savant guarding the entrance .




“You’re such a lucky girl ” Yemi said sitting beside me under the big tree in the Royal’s garden




“Like I’m telling you ” Tehmy added standing resting her head on the tree




“Is just love sis thanks too ” I smiled




“But you have to be careful girl you know is not safe oo ” Yemi said with concern




“I know,I will be fine ” I replied



“Tomi I trust you ” Tehmy smiled then we sight Queen coming with Prince so we just have to go back to our work




“Hey the three of you come over here ” Queen called we are in trouble she saw us




“My Queen, My prince ” We bow




“And what the hell are you doing under the tree instead of working” She shouted




“I’m sorry,I raised my eyes and stared into Prince eyes ,he stared off immediately ”




“You are sorry,how dare you talk when I’m talking” She yelled at me while I go on my knee




“Did you feel like yelling Mum or you want to discuss with me ” Prince said grabbed her hand dragging her along he stared back at me and wink with a smile on his face ,I smiled back while while Tehmy and Yemi help me up and started laughing




“Life of been a friend of prince love ” Tehmy said laughing




“I promise you half of my meat or fish Tomi you safe us from hunger ” Yemi teased.




“And why are you laughing” I asked





“I saw everything with my eyes abi you don’t see what I see Tehmy” Yemi asked




“Well,well Tomi my friend ooo is like insect enter someone eyes here oo so they have no choice than to wink ” Tehmy replied while they drag themselves going back to our duty leaving me behind




“My friends are crazy ” all thanks to prince discussing instead of working no food for that day that’s the punishment if you were caught we will be asked to work through out the day ,well that’s not the first time we were punish for that coz life with Tehmy and Yemi you will always be in trouble they can talk for Africa.

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That remind me the first time we started our friendship with princess we were punished for not doing our duty ,luckily for us they ask us to clean princess room ,wash her dress for that day the three of us will serve princess alone with empty stomach when it get to a point Tehmy voice out and asked princess for food or else she will faint oo then princess can help she started laughing coz Tehmy have started rolling her eyes like someone that want to faint for real, that was how she gave us something to eat since that day she choose us as her maid and her friend




That gave me the boldness to discuss my love with prince with her coz she see us as her friend if not I dare not open my mouth and say I’m in love with Adeyeye’s Prince




“Tehmy if I catch you eh ” I shouted running after them




Some months later




Aduni’s p.o.v




Since the day dad asked prince when he will come for me as his wife,he left our kingdom without coming back ,at first I’m lost not until when his Dad visit us in



our kingdom today . I heard Dad and king Adeyeye discussing that was when I find out that he refuse to have me as his wife




“Remember I keep my promise king Adeyeye” Dad said




“Yes I know pls just give me more time I will talk to him plss ” He pleaded




“Okay ,but I want respond on time or else be expecting what you can’t stand ” Dad said and walked in I came out of my hiding place facing king Adeyeye




“Aduni ” He called




“He his the one I want ,if I can’t have him nobody will have him let him know I said this ” I ran into my room and started crying




“Prince get ready is either me or nobody and for the one you love let see if she will survive to claim you as her own prince ” (laughing and still crying)





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