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Hope For Tomorrow – Episode 8

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Episode 8




Fred wallowed in regret and wished everything Sofia said to her was a joke.”What am I going to do now? I can’t lose my wife, I don’t know if I can ever replace her” she thought to himself as he headed to thier room.


he picked up his phone, he was worried and he tried to call his wife on the phone but Sofia’s line wasn’t connecting. He tried countless times but no response.




Fred almost dropped dead as his heart was beating uncontrollably. “Where has she gone to, I hope she had not meet with her lawyer to prepare the divorce papers?” he nervously asked himself.


he prayed silently for God to touch his wife’s heart and vowed to never take his wife’s love for granted ever again. After the little prayer, he felt a bit relieved.


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he tiredly laid on the couch and waited for Sofia to return from wherever she had went to.

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As Fred laid on the couch, he thought of how he hadn’t given his love and attention to his wife lately and his new addiction- alcohol and late night movement. he regretted his actions and wished he could turn back the hands of time, in order to undo every wrong he had done to his beloved wife. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t give up just to ensure that my marriage is save because I honestly can’t imagine my life without Sofia” he said as tears fell off his eyes.




Just as he reminisced on all the wrongs he did to Sofia and how he could have done better, the door opened and he ran to know who was entering inside. Lo and behold, it was Sofia!




Fred held his heart as he stood in front of his wife with tears in his eyes. “What is it?” Sofia asked with a straight face, “Baby please can we talk?” he enquired but she said No, “you will talk to my lawyer, I forgot something that’s why I returned”


Fred started panicking but tried as much as possible to hold himself together.



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“Sofia, it’s me oh, your Freddy, baby, I’m so sorry, I know I haven’t done enough as I could have done better. I have worked so hard to get everything in life, I struggled before I got a job but I thank God that I found you and now I’m struggling yet again, i’m waiting to be called a father, My mother and I barely ate 2 square meals a day before, when I was struggling to get rid of our financial instability but now I’m doing well for myself and I’m married to a very wealthy and beautiful woman- you and now I’m in dire need of a child, why is my life different, I’m always lacking something, I thought when we finally bear children, our mothers will finally give our union thier blessings, I have been through so much in life and I guess that’s why I misbehaved. I’ve always done the right thing but life has always been hard on me, I love you and I don’t want to lose you, I have realized that you are all I need and you make my life happy, Please forgive me and give me another chance. I don’t want divorce at all because you’re all I need. I have longed for a partner like you, so I would be making one of the greatest mistakes in my life if I lost you, I don’t want a child anymore, I want just you” Fred said with tears falling off his eyes.



Sofia was touched and felt bad for thinking about herself alone and not considering the fact that he might be going through alot of pressure too because of thier childlessness. She didn’t mean what she said to him earlier but acted out of anger. “I’m sorry for not considering how much you want to be called a father, I only felt unattended to and at the bottom of your priority list, cause you shut me out of your life. I want to have children too as age is not longer on my side but I always make myself feel better cause I have you in my life. I don’t want divorce either because I don’t want to ever be away from you. I love you baby and I’m glad you are My Husband, please don’t ever change, you are a good man and I’m sorry you struggled for everything you had but I won’t allow you to struggle this time, you are free to try with another woman as far as it doesn’t affect the love you have for me” She said.


“try with another woman? You mean get another woman pregnant? God forbid, please don’t say that, I love you and I can never do that” Fred uttered






To Be Continued

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