Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 5) Episode 1 - 39

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 73

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**dial segun’s number**** sege!!!! Abeg let’s chat.

***10 seconds later*****

SEGE: padi e, wetin happen?

ME: wahala wan shele ooo

SEGE: Bimpe matter again abi?

ME: yes

SEGE: I thought as much. I know say na one person go

kill the other between two of you. So what happened?

ME: ***** narrated everything in details*****

SEGE: wahala dey oooo

ME: so what do I do now?

SEGE: the whole thing is complicated

ME: as how?

SEGE: for her to feel that way, chating with you in

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open and expressing her mind without any fear of been

caught, then it is clear that she is no longer on a

revenge mission.

ME: I don’t understand.

SEGE: ok let me clarify it to you. Did she threatened

you of recent?

ME: no

SEGE: did she requested any money or materials from

you of recent?

ME: No.

SEGE: then its clear that revenge mission had turned

to a love quest, and what she felt was normal.

ME: normal as how?

SEGE: let me tell you, if you see an ex whom you still

have feelings for, having sex with another guy, you will

definitely feel jealous.

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ME: na lie.

SEGE: my guy, I dey tell you. Its a thing of the heart.

So, for her to still feel that way, then its obvious and

glaring that she still feels for you.

ME: but I don’t feel anything for her na.

SEGE: onihaxy!!!!!!, you can lie ooo

ME: I’m serious segun

SEGE: wait, ever since I know you. You had dated like

3 girls before you met bimpe isn’t it?

ME: yes. And how does that connect to the issue on


SEGE: onihaxy wait, after this same adebimpe, you

have dated like 3 or 4 girls too isn’t it?

ME: something like that.

SEGE: how come that among all the 7 exs you had, its

only bimpe you keep flashing back to?.

ME: things just happen jaree.

SEGE: onihaxy, things don’t just happen that way, after

kemi, lolade, janet and joys’ break-ups, I never heard

anything about them or hear their names again. But

two months will never pass by without hearing the

name bimpe. Onihaxy. You sef get feelings for her.

ME: segun, that’s not what I called you for, please

bring up a solution to my predicament before I fall into

another trouble.

SEGE: the solution is simple if only you can do it.

ME: ok, I’m listening.

SEGE: first one is to stay away completely from bimpe,

don’t visit her house again, don’t pick her calls, don’t

call her, don’t reply her texts. If the eye contacts and

communication is broken, the feelings will eventually

fade away.

ME: that will be difficult. You know betty lives there,

and also, she had always wanted bimpe and I to settle

our fake fight. Infact, any time I call her or she calls

me, she would give the phone to bimpe for me to

speak with her. And if I don’t visit there again, betty

won’t be happy with me, and she might be suspecting

me or be thinking maybe I don’t love her anymore.

SEGE: ok, here is another alternative, you should tell

betty maturely that bimpe is your ex. Though she might

not find it easy oooo. But I think if bimpe is aware that

betty knows her past moments with you, she will adjust

so as not to Bleep up.

ME: hmmmmm.

SEGE: but the danger in it is that, betty might not

forgive you for hiding things from her before now,, she

might not trust you again, and remember she is

travelling out of the country for her masters? And her

brother also travels every weekend?

ME: yes

SEGE: my guy, there is a higher probability that her

mind will not be at rest every weekend. And remember,

she once saw a text on your phone as you told me?

ME: yes.

SEGE: and you said bimpe had been acting cold

anytime you and betty are together?

ME: yes.

SEGE: my brother, betty is too smart from my point of

view, she will definitely calculate that you guys still

have something burning within,so its either she accept

you or end the relationship, cos she might not buy the

idea that you once slept with her brother’s wife.

ME: segun. That one is too difficult, I don’t think I can

tell betty about what transpired between bimpe and I in

the past.

SEGE: ok, here is the third alternative. Break up with

betty, forget about the henry’s family and move on.

Because if you still continue this way. The whole

secret will still be eventually blown out in open, its just

a matter of time. And by then, it might be too late to

put things back together.

ME: segun, that one too is difficult. You know betty is

my benefactor and helper. She so much love me and I

love her too. I can’t break up with betty, lailai!!!!,

nothing on this earth can make me leave betty.

SEGE: my friend, you are standing on the valley of

decision. So make your choice.

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