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The Bad Boy Diary – Season 2 Episode 10

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Chapter 10




Clara’s pov


Immediately Drake left, I slapped my nervousness.


I had planned on confessing my feelings to him but I found it so hard to cos nervousness kept taking over me.


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I rubbed my forehead with a sigh.


When im I gonna gather the courage to tell him? I can’t keep it any longer.


I need to tell him that im inlove with him now and that I want to be with him then after that, I go to Noah and end it with him by letting him know that im moving on but that i’ll still love him as a friend.


I picked up the remote and switched off the tv, followed by the lights.


I headed to the bedroom.


Sitting on the bed, I repacked my hair and layed on the bed, covering myself with the duvet.


I breathed out as the thought of Drake filled me up.


I can’t pretend and I can’t stop my sudden love for him.


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He’s the one for me just like Danelle had said and talking about Danelle, im such an unfair elder sister. I’ve not called Danelle for this past days.


I can’t call her now. It’s late. I’ll remember to call her tomorrow evening.




I really want him to know that im inlove with him now and I miss his touch.


Yes I do. I wanna feel his touch again.


I hugged a pillow as the memories of our love making filled up my thoughts.


It was beautiful and I want it again, I can’t deny.


I slept off dreaming about Drake.




[Next Day]


I woke up, made breakfast and prepared for work.


I pulled on a yellow gown that stopped before my knees.


I slide into cream coloured heels and packed my hair in ponytail.


Recently, I’ve picked the habit of applying makeups to appear more beautiful, like I wonder why.


No, im actually lying. I know why cos I only think about him while I do that just like im doing now.


I applied more lipgloss on my lips and rubbed my lips together.


My eyelashes need more mascara.


I applied it.


If Drake look at my eyebrow, he might not really admire how scattered it looks.


I dressed my eyebrows.


When I felt that I was looking more prettier, I smiled and wore my necklace, the one he gave me at seashore after that beautiful love making.


I will never wear it off again from today.



I grabbed my bag and picking up my phone and keys, I walked out of the sitting


room and outside.


I locked the door.


I know Drake will be out in no time, so I stood at my door porch, waiting.


Two minutes later, I saw Drake walking towards in his work suit.


He look amazing in it.


His smile which he displayed when he saw me melted my heart, I instantly felt like rushing him in a hug but I held myself from doing so.


I walked down the few steps to meet him and his smile widened.


I smiled as my stomache tightened with desire to hug him and kiss him as he reciprocates.


“Goodmorning Clara and how are you?” he asked.



The way he calls my name is outta this world.


“Im fine Drake, and you?” I asked.



“Im fine because you are. How was your night?” he said.



“It was awesome,” I said recalling all the dream I had about him and I. “And yours?”


“It was awesome cos I spent hours of it with you,” he said.



The way he picks every word he say to me marvels me.


I couldn’t help the wide smile that came accross my face.



“Let’s go to work,” he said. I smiled and we head over to his car.



We entered, with me at the passenger’s seat.


He drove off to Gra-Avantees hospital.



“I miss this guy, Nuel” he said as he drove pass the place we do meet Nuel those days we did work out together.


That crazy bicycle guy.


It made me remember the lovers party and how I drank and fell ill.


How Drake treated me till I got better.


It made me fall more deeply inlove with him.


“I do too,” I said with my eyes on him as he drove towards Gra-Avantees.



His eyes on the windscreen but he did glance at me with a smile and I smiled at him too.


“You look so beautiful Clara,” he said.



I smiled, appreciating my touch up makeup.


“Anytime, anyday Clara, you are always beautiful even when you cry,” he said.



I felt my head boast with excitement.


“You always flatter me Drake,” I said.


He smiled. “Trust me babe, I can never flatter you. Everything I tell you is the truth.”


I smiled at that and held my bag well.


“Thanks” I said.



He smiled.


“So what are you saying about the party tomorrow?” Drake asked minutes later.



“I told you that im going with you,” I said.



He smiled. “Thank you Clara.”








We soon pulled to the gate of Gra-avantees and he stopped. I unfastened my seatbelt and turned to him.


“Thanks Drake and bye, take care,” I said.



He smiled.


“Ofcourse I will but you should take care of yourself and be careful. Have a nice day ok,” he said and then his eyes fell on my lips.


My stomache tightened in anticipation of what he is about to ask. ‘can I kiss you Clara?’


He had been doing this for the past one week he’s been driving me to work.


I will reply him yes and he will kiss me but today, it seem like something more than special and I can’t wait to feel his lips.


He drew nearer. “Can I kiss you Clara?”


“Yes you can kiss me Drake,” the words ran out of my mouth.



I had planned on saying just ‘yes’ like I use to but those words ran out of my mouth without warning.


He smiled but I can feel beneath that smile, a slight shock at my response.


Im sure he wasn’t expecting it this way but what he do not know yet is that; I don’t


care whatever he do to me now.


Im drunk inlove with him.


He leaned forward and immediately our lips met, I felt tingles, A pure desire for his touch.


I love Drake and I want him. I want to be his.


I don’t care anymore if im making a third mistake. All I want is to love Drake and to be loved by him.


I had no idea when my hand went behind his neck, not wanting the kiss to end.


I know he must be astonished by my act.


I wanted to withdraw my hand but I couldn’t as the kiss was lasting much longer than it should.


I kissed him like i’ve never did but i guess he got his right senses back and withdrew with a breath, his eyes filled with so much love and desire for me which I really wanted.


I smiled when I felt his palm caress my cheek.


“I love you Clara,” he said.



I couldn’t tell him that I love him as well cos I felt here isn’t the right place to let him know.



It’ll be better at home when after letting him know, i’ll kiss him so passionately till we loose control and end up on the bed and make the sweetest love ever. Not here in this car.



“Thank you Drake, i’ll go now, see you after work,” I said and with that, I walked out, deciding within me that im certainly telling my feelings to him tonight.


He drove away as I entered the gate of Gra-Avantees.


With smiles, I walked into the hospital hallway, towards the staircase.


I met Johanna and we exchanged greetings.


I followed the stairs and got to my office. Getting in, I dropped my bag, picked out my nurse wears and headed to the change room.






[Hamilton high]


Danelle’s pov



“Friends are special, so important, they make the world go round,..” Jayson sang, swunging our intertwined hand back and forth as we headed to the library.



“Being friends with a beautiful girl named Danelle, in school and deep down in my heart…”


I rolled my eyes amusingly.

“That’s not the way it was sang,” I said.



He dropped my hand and placed it around my shoulder.



“A friend like me is here to help you whenever you are feeling sad, to have a friend like me is veeeeery important,” he sang, smiling.


I smiled and placed my arm around his own shoulder too not minding the few passing eyes on us.


“You are right, having an annoying friend is really important,” I sang.



He laughed then shook his head.


“It doesn’t ryhme at all” he said.


“It does,” I said.



I released my hand from his shoulder as we entered the library but Jayson wouldn’t till we sat down then he removed his hand as I wanted to take out my books from my bag.


He took out his too.


One of the things I love about this annoying blondie.


His notes are all complete.


He dropped his books on the desk and got out two bubble gum. He opened one and threw into his mouth.


“My most special friend don’t like bubblegums while reading unlike me.” he said.


“Yeah I don’t,” I said.


“Yeah I know,” he said and opened his book, then looked at mine.



“I hate that topic you just opened,” he said.


“So I shouldn’t read it cos you hate it?” I asked with a roll of my eyeballs.


“Ofcourse bae,” he said.



I hit him on his knee and he gasped with an amuzed look at me.


I raised my brow with a smirk.


“Danelle, I won’t teach you how to fight again,” he said.



I smiled. “Im so sorry master,” I said.


He smiled and faced his books and I faced mine but then just immediately, he crossed his arm over my shoulder, and drew more closer to me.


I sighed with my eyes on my book, “Jayson Im reading.”


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He came to my ear. “I know but some assholes are here, let’s entertain them for awhile,” he whispered and bite my ear softly causing me to gasp. It was tickling.


“Jayson!” I said it out loud cos every student in the library turned their eyes on us, including Neil and Tessy who sat down behind us.


Jayson stroked my hair and bit my ear again.


It felt wonderful but arghh!


He kissed my cheek and shifted strings of my hair which came to my face.


I smiled but if he keep doing this to get some assholes more jealous then we won’t read at all.


“It’s okay Jayson I wanna read,” I wispered to him.



“Shh stop pretending like you don’t like it,” he said and bite my ear softly again.



It tickled me.


“Jayson” I laughed. It felt sweet.


I covered my ear with my hand to prevent him from doing such again.


Im sure everyone here is mad at me for yelling out but Jayson won’t just listen.


He left the ear and grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“Argghhh Jayson!” I yelled out but he kissed my cheek and then hugged me.



It made me laugh.


If eyes could kill, then both of us will be dead by now cos the glaring eyes everyone in the library was giving us is more deadly than a weapon.


But I guess they are all scared of Jayson and wouldn’t dare talk and the library master isn’t here atleast to stop him.


I want to reaaaad! ah!!


“Jayson, that’s okay,” I whispered.


“I know but you should see his face.. ew.. so funny,” Jayson whispered back and bit my ear again.


I laughed as I felt the tickle again.



“He’s up.. he’s leavig with his little bitch with him,” Jayson whispered and I didn’t give him the chance to bite my ear again, I quickly covered it again.


And yes, he was right. The duo left with Neil looking really angry.


I smiled and Jayson stopped his play.


“How was it?” he asked.



“What do you want me to say?” I asked.




“That is was sweet and you want more,” he said and I almost punched him on the nose which I know that I can’t.


I chuckled.


“Im reading, now” I said and faced my book.


“Yea let’s read,” he said and faced his book too.




Neil pov


Getting down the last riser, I stopped. Tessy stood beside me with crossed arms.


“So why did you say we should leave?” she asked.



“That bitch annoys me!” I said.



She came to my front, standing right at my front.



“Neil that is their business, let’s face ours. I don’t know why you are so bothered about her and not me,” she said.



“Cos she’s with that bitch! that guy!” I barked at her and stormed away, leaving her standing there.


Why that bitch! He is so annoying!


I wish I can teach him a lesson for doing those shits with Danelle in my front! but I can’t cos he’s so strong which gets me so annoyed!


How did he and Danelle even got talking! How!


Danelle should be with someone I am more hadsome and stronger than not him!



She doesn’t even act like someone who got heartbroken all because of him! him!


im so fu.cking jealous and damn annoyed!


I angrily kicked away an empty bottle I saw on the ground.






Tessy pov


I watched as he left angrily.


I know he still love her and I, well im having a crush on the blondie and im damn jealous of Danelle.


How did they even became friends?


It’s so annoying.


I love Neil. I’ve always wanted him to be mine and I tried and got him only for this hot blondie to come into the school and his friends with Danelle already!


I really want this new guy.


He’s so hot and handsome, funny and playful.


Neil isn’t funny and sweet like him, all Neil love to do, is shove his stupid d**k into my p***y and kiss all over!


I had loved him to do all that to me but Im suddenly getting irritated by it ever since this blondie came in and became friends with Danelle.


Neil is now so annoying but Jayson, he look so sweet and so romantic.


Danelle doesn’t act like a girl recently heartbroken all because he is with her.


I wish he is mine and not any close to Danelle.’


I hissed with spite for Danelle.


I walked away, heading back to class..




The BadBoy Diary


(A New Romance )




Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C







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