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Heavenly Fight – Episode 6

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Episode 6




Archie’s pov


Can you stop hitting the door no one will hear you” I told her angrily


I don’t just know why heaven decided to punish me like this, why can’t I sleep peacefully


I bent my head and decided to ignore her as something hit my head


Instead of you to find a way to open the door you are busy sleeping ” she said


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I thought you have powers stop making noise like someone who has a mental disorder and open the door” I said as I bent my head again as I received a knock on my head


Hey!!! I shouted


That was for calling me crazy ” she said as she glared at me


Aren’t you crazy” I fired back


Hey you bastard” she yelled


Now she has said what she shouldn’t have said


What did you call me ” I asked angrily as I walked closer to her


You heard me you are a fu.cking bastard” she said as she stood not moving an inch


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So what are you……. ” she continued as I cut her off sending a spike towards her


but fortunately she was able to dodge as the spike hit a chemical


I didn’t care cos I continued sending out more without stopping as she dodged some successfully while some hit Her and some broke and destroyed things in the lab as a chemical exploded



We still didn’t care as the fire spread around us but fortunately is didn’t burn us instead it spread faster around the school but non of this mattered to us as we kept on fighting not probably knowing that the life of many are at stake


Ashley’s pov All I want nof is to defeat this bastard


I don’t just know why I hate him and I can’t beat him same with him but since we are a match is either I defeat him and send him to the hospital for years


The fire surrounded us but was not burning us and I also don’t know why


The fight went on for hours without us knowing what was going on around us


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Author’s pov


Everyone leave the building” the teachers shouted as the took the students out of the school building as the fire extinguishers came trying to quench the fire which seemed impossible cos the more they try the faster the fire burn


Is everyone here?? They principal asked


Yes sir


Sir why don’t you call them accordingly to be sure if everyone is here” a teacher suggested to the principal


Can you please stop panicking everything will be fine ” the principal said as the ambulance carried those that was injured


Where are the homeroom teachers” the principal asked


Find out the students that are not here” he instructed


Sir Archie miles and the new student Ashley Caines, Lisa Ann are not here with us


What do you mean, where are there classmates ” he asked


Who knows were Archie miles and Ashley Caines and Lisa Ann will be ” he shouted


Who is their friend ” he asked again but everyone looked at themselves Sir” Lisa said as she ran in


Excuse me sir, what happened ” Lisa asked as she looked around


There was a fire outbreak and the fire extinguishers are not able to stop it


Lisa you are a friend of Ashley right ” the principal asked


Yes sir, what happened ” she asked already panicking


we ve not seen them, do u know were they could be ” the principal asked


Oh no, sir they are inside the building ” Lisa said in tears




They science lab” she replied


What, oh no they will be burnt by now




Lisa’s pov


I can’t believe that my silly plan has caused a lot of damage


Ashley, Archie you can’t die Pls. What am I going to do.


I looked towards the science lab room and noticed a light there, like the one I saw when they first fought, it was getting brighter and within some minutes everyone will notice it


I didn’t even think before I ran towards the building, they tried to stop me but I was too fast


Right now am not thinking about myself or the gods but humans No matter what the have to leave


I ran up as things as I got a lot of burnt even they woods that fell on me but u didn’t care I have to stop them


I succeeded in reaching the science lab they door was already burnt down so I got in freely as I met them tearing each other apart


Stop it” I shouted as the turned to me


Pls stop, lives are at stake ”


Lisa” Ashley called as I blacked out





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