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Heavenly Fight – Episode 23

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Episode 23




Archie’s pov


Seems like the shredded papers of the two groups has been fixed, is time for the puzzle explanation ” Nora said


What does the heart under the umbrella mean” Nora asked us


No need of saying anything cos the girls won’t have anything to say either ” Liam said



We don’t really know what ur means” Kelvin said So what about the ladies ” Nora asked

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You know when is raining we usually use the umbrella to protect ourselves from rain, we kind of have this belief that the rain won’t touch us as far as we have this umbrella


Same goes with heart, we trust our heart in the hands of the person we love, no matter what we will always be like he / she would never hurt me so I would say the umbrella serves as our partner who our heart is exposed to” Ashley said as everyone was touched by what she said




Time for the couples


Everyone stay with your friend or spouse


Liam and lisa


Archie and Ashley


Kelvin and Nora

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Mom and dad


Nelly and ken




First round a foreign word would sow on the screen, the couples would take turns in reading and translating what you read to English ” mom announced


They game started


Everyone took turns ,sometimes we ended up laughing


I and Ashley were taking the lead followed by Lisa and Liam


The others were trying there best to the extent that tongues were been beaten unintentionally at intervals while Ken and Nelly ended up sleeping


We went on and on


Is okay please, I don’t think I will be able to use my tongue again, Archie and Ashley are you not tired” Nora said



Like seriously this two sets of couples has been reading everything as if is there language ” mom said as she pointed at I,lisa, Ashley and Liam


So who is the winner of this round ” Kelvin asked


Is you that won” mom said


Yesss, we would go on a picnic ” Kelvin yelled happily


Will you shut up, tell me one foreign word you were able to translate Huh?? ” mom said as we brust out laughing


Archie and Ashley won this round, they will go on a picnic sponsored by us Mom said as I smiled


Why don’t everyone go to the picnic it won’t be fun if it just the two of us and is not like we are dating ” Ashley said shocking me


Why would she do this to me, I ve already started dreaming of how this picnic would be like and she including everyone


What did I ever do wrong to my ancestors

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What if everyone come with their family it would be more fun


At least we can be friends with your parents ” Mom suggested


No not….. ” Ashley tried to reject as I cut her off


That would be very nice” I said as she glared at me Pay back time


It will also be nice with the summer ” Liam said as everyone apart from my mom and dad glared at him


That would be nice but the men would still serve us


Sure” Nora said


I will have to start going ” Ashley said


Isn’t it late sweetie ” mom said


Why don’t you spend the night here, everyone spend the night here after the game, so would you stay ” my mom pleaded


Am …..” I shut her up with a kiss knowing fully well that she was going to refuse


That’s so sweet ” mom said as I noticed my lips were still on hers


I raised my eye as it locked with hers, I could feel my self flying to the last end of the room


Hey what was that for” l asked her as I held my head


I will stay for the night” she said to my mom who hugged her happily


Am still surprised nobody looked my way or ask me how I was feeling after been thrown


Hello everyone am still here ” I said to gain there sympathy


You dealt with him very well give me five ” mom said as they high fived right in front of me




Shut up there, Ashley is staying with you in your room


Liam same with u ” mom instructed


What” the four of us said together


How may I help you, goodnight my babies” she said as she left with dad


I showed Ashley my room as i left, so that she can bath and change after keeping my big shirt for her to put on


I went to the kitchen to drink water, when I saw nora


My baby take it easy with her OK ” she said as I vomited the water in my mouth


She just patted my shoulder and left


I went to bath in our spare bathroom I got in only to see Liam, Kelvin also bathing I had no option than to join them


I tied my towel around my waist as I got to the room as I found her already sleeping


I wore my night dress as I joined her, I kept my distance you might not know what would happen next if I go close, am still suffering from the previous flying



I lay straight as she turned with her leg on my body, her hand and head on my chest, I cuddled her more while I drifted off




Heavenly realms




Nemesis pov


I watched as those held each other close, telling them about the prophecy brought them closer


I need to find another strategy





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