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Heavenly Fight – Episode 26

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Title : Heavenly Fight


Subtitle : school trip 2


Episode 26


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Ashley’s pov


He wants to make out with me like seriously


It would be nice we stay in here for sometime before going out ” I said to him


But I don’t want that, let’s get down to business and leave here ” he said as he came closer to me Are you insane ” I said


Don’t worry am good at seducing no girl rejects me ” he said coming closer One more step and you will those off” I said at a his legs


You know girls are always girls they act up so much ” he said smiling Someone should hold this idiot


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I do act up in a very wonderful I only hope you will be able to tell the story” I said


I bang more than your boyfriend and you know what if you try to be stubborn I might end up raping you ” he said as he came closer


Don’t come any closer” I said angrily instead he kept coming closer while I went back until he pinned me to the wall and tried to kiss me




Sorry my hand acts faster than my brain ” I said as I cleaned my hand Did you just slap me” he asked


No, it was hand flexibility ” I replied as he pushed me roughly to the floor dragged me up by my hair and tried to kiss me forcefully this time as I punched his face


Ahhhhhh, sorry it is hand flexibility again ” I said smiling as I watched him on the floor


Do you still want to make out” I asked him as he stood up and tried to slap me while I held his hand


Seems like you still don’t know who you are dealing with ” I said as I kicked him making him kneel down


You should be more obedient like this” I said as I kicked his balls while in yelled him pain


I held him by his clothes and pushed him out of the room Next time I will cut it off” I said as I kicked him again


The make out got him so weak” I announced as I went to sit down Archie looked at me and gave me a grateful smile


I knew you didn’t trust me” I said while he just kissed me



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After the game and a little gist everyone retired to bed #next-day


The cheerleaders are likely supposed to open the event We went on as we dressed up


Annabella kept on blabbing about being the leader but we decided to ignore her Ashley, I really like the colour of the clothes, the red is so evil” Lydia said


I don’t know if we would take first place in cheerleading this time, dream high has always been on top


I guess the bitch that lapped danced on Archie is from dream high interesting


We should try ” I said


We will definitely be last place ” Annabella said


Anna everyone here knows that you are the reason why the dream high girls are always on top and they keep intimidating us” Kelly said


No need to lay blames, save the anger for some bitches” I said


When we were done with dressing and makeup we left to perform as the cheerleaders were been called


We stepped out as the dream high girls blocked us they were dressed in black


Are you guys ready to lose to us again” the bitch said


Hope you enjoyed your lap dance” I asked her


What, yes Archie is my boyfriend anyway ” she said proudly


Nice boyfriend too” I said


Anna, your position has been taken from you” she mocked


I guess she is more of a fool than you and it will be easier to deal with her” she continued


Sweetie” I started as I tuck her hair behind her ear and did like I was arranging her dress


You know that you broke two of my rules, and you ve not faced the consequences yet, so it will be nice if you blend your foundation well and stop talking too much maybe I might think about forgiving you” I said as I smiled at her and walked past her with the girls


After performing at the field the games started with our school taking the lead


The football team were making a mess of everything


I had to cheat a little bit for them with my powers


After the games and finding of the missing things


The medals and winners are going to be called tomorrow


I and the girls were busy gossiping of the days event wen Patty the lap dancer came with her crew


Losers ” she called


We all turned looked at her then stared amongst ourselves before continuing our gist


I see you are the new cheerleader and you are dating Archie, just wanted to let you know that even if you are his girlfriend my position in his heart is more of than the girlfriend position” she said


I told you to stop talking too much and blend your foundation, one more word and I will forget my hand in your face remember you already broken two of my rules ” I said


Archie” she shouted as she saw him ran to him and right in front of me kissed him as he pushed her off


She is really daring ” Annabella said


Oppa, she is bullying me” she said pointing at me


What ” Lisa said


That’s how she is very annoying and the worst part you can’t do anything to her” Kelly said


I guess she met the wrong person


I went to were she was holding Archie, dragged her out gave her a slap.


Her friend came to fight for her I have that one a slap too


Oppa” she said as she cried holding Archie who pushed her down and walked to me Are you ok ” he asked me


Am fine just that my hand is a little bit stiff


Oppa” she called again


Oh just stop that oppa oppa stuff, is irritating ” I yelled at her as I kicked her and walked out with Archie Why did you allow her kiss you ” i asked


It was not my fault ” he said keeping a puppy face


Why did I even agree to date you


Ah, I forgot to tell you Jake led ambush for you with his friends but I have taken care of him” Archie said


Did you destroy his balls” I asked mischievously


Don’t you trust your boyfriend ” he said


But come to think of it Jake is really handsome, with his small lips ” I said dreamily


You must never say that in front of me or talk about any other guy in front of me ” he said as he kissed me roughly





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