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Heavenly Fight – Episode 18

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Episode 18


Liam’s pov


I ve been watching Archie and Ashley and the both of them are acting strangely, they keep on staring at each other when the other party isn’t staring, I wonder what could have happened


Hey” Lisa said as she sat beside me at the school field


Seeing the way Archie and Ashley are acting, I think nemesis already told them about the prophecy ” Lisa said


What, that was fast ” I said


I also didn’t expect it to be this fast” she really took us unaware” she said


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I ve been hiding from them cos I really don’t want Ashley to hate me for hiding such thing from her” she said


We just have to make them see reasons for them to be together” I said But it would seem awkward for them” Lisa said


Then what should we do” I asked


I think we should let them be, no matter what nemesis does their heart would make the choice, the way am seeing them it would be hard to believe that they are each other’s destruction ” Lisa said


What are you trying to say ” I asked her


If they hated each other like before, whatever nemesis said wouldn’t have affected them much but look at how they are behaving like a walking ghost because of it ” she said as she let out a laugh and continued


But seems like they are suddenly attracted to each other, they are practically worried about their feelings, they want to ignore each other but their heart is saying otherwise” Lisa said


So you are trying to say Archie and Ashley has feelings for each other” I asked surprised


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I once wished that they never develop feelings for them selves but I got otherwise and it hurts more when is under my watch” she said as she wiped her tears

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Yours is much better, I ve been with Ashley for so long, for years and centuries but my feelings for her through out those times and even now was never reciprocated, I was and am still friendzoned, so I understand how much pain you feel ” I said


Let’s get back to class ” she said as she stood up and stretched her hand for me to hold it and stand


I stood up as I held her hand




Ashley’s pov


I saw as Liam and Lisa walked into the class, I hated the fact that both of them knew about this and decided to keep it from me


Can I talk to you both for a while ” I said as I walked up to them


Me too I will like to talk to on the both of you ” Archie said as Liam and Lisa glanced at each other before nodding their head as we left for the basement


Liam who are you??” I asked him as we got to the basement


Huh??? ” he said


For the last time who are you??” I asked again


Fine, am peace ” he said


What” I exclaimed


Am a god, the god of peace ” he said


What about you lisa” I asked her


Am Lisa” she said


Leave Lisa out of this” Liam said


Why would I leave her out of this, you two knew about the goddamned prophecy but you hid it from me” I yelled


Light we had to keep it from you, that’s the only way it would be easier ” Liam said


So my name is really light” I asked


Yes, Archie and Ashley you don’t have to listen to whatever nemesis said to you guys, she is only doing this for her own benefit” Lisa said


What do you mean,” I asked her


She is the goddess of nemesis and my mom, actually what we gave Archie that caused him so much pain was an antidote ” she said


Antidote for what” Archie asked


When I was still in the heavenly realms I and my mom stole the goddess of love’s special love portion, I gave it to Archie then cos I loved him because of that I was stripped of my position of being a goddess and was sent down to earth to leave my life as human, nemesis would do whatever it takes to make sure the prophecy doesn’t come to fulfillment and when that happens she would build a world of her own with everyone of us serving her”she said and everything she said made sense


How do you think I would believe you, is your mother I know you guys are still in alliance” Archie said


Yes am still communicating with her but that’s for me to get information from her” she said



Light, death you two have to listen to us, can you please stop hating each other the world is at stake, this happiness you’ve seen here on earth is what is important, their lives, the peace, love, jealous, wealth, death, tears, anger, hatred but in all of this they love that is existing here on earth is the most important” Liam said


I think everything makes sense now we were deceived


But I don’t love him” I said as I pointed at Archie


I dont love her too” Archie said as he smiled


He looks so cute with that smile, at least I would stop hating him


You two can start by been friends” Liam said


Kk, no problem I just hope I won’t end up cutting his head off” I said


From now onwards Ashley is my girlfriend on probation” Archie said


What!!! I exclaimed


Hey, that’s my bestie” Liam said


Congratulations ” Lisa said as I noticed a teardrop on her face or was I hallucinating


Is lunchtime, am starving let’s go to the cafeteria


We got into the cafeteria as everyone was busy staring at us


What’s the matter” Lisa asked


I dont know ” I said


Hello everyone seems like our friend here is not human ” Annabella said as murmurs erupted


How did she find out” I asked


I don’t know” Liam said


What are you saying ” Archie asked her


Ashley who are you” Annabella asked


It would be nice if you bring an evidence for your argument ” I fired back


You want evidence ” she said as everyone had a beep on their fone


Light you have to see this” Liam said as he showed me the fone


It was a video of me teleporting


Now this is an evidence ” she said


So tell us who you really are” she said as I stood there dumbfounded





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