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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 7

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[Silver house]


Mona Lisa’s luggage was thrown outside by the very angered agent man.


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“Do you want to go to prison! You snuck into someone’s house. Do you know you can pay so dearly for that huh!” He barked angrily at Mona Lisa who carried Blue with tears in her eyes.


“Sir, I don’t have anywhere to go..” she said.



“If you don’t have anywhere to go, go to a Sauna. There are so many Sauna in this Seoul! Go to one and sleep there while you find your brother. Get away from this house for goodness sake. I think I’m going to call the police.” he said and took out his phone.


“Ani o.. Please don’t.” Mona Lisa said.


“Then leave!” He said.


“I will.” Mona Lisa said, then carried her luggage up and dragged it along as she headed out of the compound.


She haven’t thought of a sauna. She will stay there while she search for Tenten and Rose.


Tenten!! That betrayer of a brother! She must strangle him and bury him six feet!

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How could he sell the only thing their parents left to them.


What is he going to do with all the money?


God where do she start searching for him?


“His friends house.. Yes.. Dong Jin, Zach, Daniel. These three guys might know about his whereabout.”


Mona Lisa headed to Dong Jin’s house.




“I haven’t spoken or seen him for the past six days.” Dong Jin said.


“Really? Are you sure you haven’t?” Mona Lisa asked.


“Yes. Is there something going on?” Dong Jin asked.


Mona Lisa shook her head. “No, I will leave now.” she said, turned and left.


“Something isn’t right.” Dong jin mumbled before closing his door.





“Tenten? Tenten and I stopped talking a long time now. Over months now. We had an issue and we haven’t reconciled. I have no idea where he is now.. Did he elope?” Zach said.


Mona Lisa sighed. “I will find him, thank you. Bye.” she said, turned and left.


“The last friend of his that I know is Daniel, if Daniel have no idea too then I don’t know how I’m going to find him. But I have to find him to get silver house back.” Mona Lisa soliloquize as she walked on the road with blue in her arm and dragging her luggage along.




“What are you talking about? You are looking for Tenten? What really happened?”


“You don’t know where he is?” Mona Lisa asked, not wanting to answer his third question.


Daniel shook his head. “No, I don’t. I haven’t seen him for days now.”


Mona Lisa sighed.


“It’s okay. I will look for him. Thank you.” She said, turned and left.


“I can’t loose hope. I have to find him by any means. I have to find Tenten. I can’t loose hope.” She said.


“Meow meow.” Blue cried.


Mona looked at her pitifully. “Are you hungry? I’m so sorry, let’s find a place to seat so I can give you your food.” she said.




[Blinks house ]



Li Sugar’s bedroom door opened, Angel and Bebé walked in and walked over to a li Sugar who’s wrapped on the bed in her thick duvet.


“What’s wrong with her?” Angel asked as she squatted in front of Sugar.


“She’s been sleeping till 10am?” Bebé said.


Angel touched Li Sugar’s forehead. “She’s not running temperature. She’s fine.” she said then tapped Sugar on the shoulder. “Sugar.. Sugar.. Wake up. It’s after ten.”


Bebé rolled off the duvet exposing Sugar in a short grey long sleeved shirt but stopped at her laps. The way she curled her legs, revealed her red p*nt.


“Red p*n?” Bebé wondered.


Sugar only wears red and black undies during her flow and Bebé still remembers that Sugar saw her period two weeks ago.


“Hey wake up girl. What’s wrong with you?” Angel was still calling on Sugar.


Li Sugar was awakened and managed to open her eyes after some hesitation.


“Thank goodness. You almost frightened me.” Angel said.


“Are you having some double flow or something?” Bebé asked.


Li sugar sighed and slowly sat up.


“It would be better if I do. I really wish to.” she answered Bebé.


Angel sat beside her while Bebé came over and stood in their front.


“Anything we need to know? Is it about Michel or Leo? Did Leo say anything crazy last night?” Angel asked.


Li Sugar brought her legs down, slide her anklet legs into a cute yellow slippers and stood up.



“Nothing important. I overslept cos I stayed late online.” she said then walked into her ensuite.


Angel and Bebé looked at themselves with different thoughts in their mind.


Angel stood up and shrugged. “Sugar, we were supposed to have ‘Hi school Love’ dance practice this morning, you overslept. What are you gonna pay with?” she asked.


Sugar picked the toothbrush from the beaker, looked back to the mirror then answered from the bathroom. “We will do that in the evening. I’m sorry girls. I will pay with a shirt from CozieRosa.”


Angel and Bebé laughed. “Wow…”

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CozieRosa is the top clothe company that Li Sugar’s buys her clothes from.


As she noticed that her room door had been opened and closed, she breathed out and dropped the brush.


She can’t stop thinking about last night. She wouldn’t have believed that Leo can do that to her?


She still didn’t want to believe him until he sent her those videos.


She has never been taunted all her life. She can’t believe the person to taunt her like this is gonna be Leo.


She can still read his captions on the videos.


«If you love your life and your wonderful reputation, you will do what you are told to do Li Sugar and everything would be safe. Make your decision by 10am tomorrow morning.»


Li Sugar turned the faucet, cupped water and washed her face.


“I hate you Leo!” she cursed under her breath.





Leo opened his refrigerator and when he saw the ice cream plate, he remembered Mona Lisa.


«Mr Leo.. Do you want to go on an ice cream licking challenge with me? I promise I’m not going to win.»


Leo chuckled on remembering that.


“Excepting her standard, she was fun.” he said.


He grabbed one can of drink and closed back the fridge.


Two arms wrapped his abdomen from behind. A back hug and a head lay on his back.


He opened the drink and sipped.


“How was our night baby?” A soft voice said behind him.


“Get your hands off me and leave, I’m done with you. Your money is on the bedside table.” Leo said and sipped from the drink again.


The lady rolled her eyes and released her arms from him.


“You aren’t a bit romantic.. Romance Movies are so fake!” she said and walked out.


Leo gulped down the remaining drink and threw the can in the trash bin.


“She was really beautiful. Her blonde hair was natural and her lips were alluring.


She laughed heartily and love cats like I do.” he said.


“Meows..” One of his three cats cried under the breakfast bar.


“Are you talking about me?” The lady asked, smiling as she stood by the door.


Leo rolled his eyes and turned to face her.



“I said get lost. A call girl doesn’t stay up to ten am in my house.” He said.


The lady scoffed. “You think I’m a call girl huh?”


“Whatever you think you are, get out of my house.”


She angrily flung her black hair back. “Don’t call me next time, you heard me!” she said and walked away.


“Crazy Lia.” Leo said.


He walked to where his phone sat. He picked it up and sat on one of the three breakfast bar stool.


He scrolled to Sugar’s contact and clicked ‘call’ he placed the phone to his ear as the call went through.


Li Sugar came out of the bathroom for one of her phones which was ringing.


When she saw the caller, her pulse stopped.


She hesitated before picking up the phone and answering the call.



“Sugar… What is your answer?” Leo’s voice came on.


Li Sugar closed her eyes, breathed in and out.


“You shouldn’t be doing this to me.” she said.



“What is your answer?” he repeated.



“Why do you f**king ask? You know the answer already. I think I have no other choice than to do this. You gonna regret doing this to me!” Sugar said.



“Be at my house by 7pm today.” he said.



“I have dance practice tonight.” Sugar said.



“If you don’t see your life and everything you worked for being ruined, be at my house by 7pm.. Don’t forget you wanna make Michel take you back. Don’t ruin everything.” he said.


“It’s fine. I will be there.” Sugar said and the call ended.


She dropped the phone and slumped to the floor.


“What do I do… I can’t believe this is happening to me.” she cried.




Michel was heading to his home.. He have to go see his grandmother or else, there will be hell.


He’s going this morning since he will be pretty busy with the guys in the evening as they leave for the new house.


As he drove on through the long road, the healing injuring on his wrist kept reminding him of the maniac at Thailand when ever he look at it. It always do and he wish it just heals finally and the scar should disappear.


He doesn’t want to keep remembering someone like that.


He prays nothing makes them see in the future.


As he drove past a particular area, he didn’t see Mona Lisa sitting on the pavement of a call center with her luggage and her cat.


“I don’t mind calling you a trillion times Tenten. Your numbers have to become available and you have to pick my calls. I will go round Seoul, searching for you.. I must find you Tenten.” she said and rested her head on her luggage.


She was greatly famished.





Michel pulled to the front of his father’s house and got down from the car.


He locked the car and walked into the gate of the house.


He climbed the step to the door porch and pressed on the doorbell.


He’s sure his dad isn’t home. He don’t wish to see him.


The door opened in a minute by a maid who bowed in greeting. “Welcome sir.” He walked into the house and headed to his grandmother’s lounge.


He got to the door and heard his grandmother laughing heartily and urging a maid to read on whatever she was reading to her.


He opened the door and when she saw him, she immediately placed her hand on her neck in presence.


“Ahh my illness… It keep coming.. My illness keep coming. What do I do.. My old age is really troublesome. If only my grandson can stay a little while with me. Ahh my bp.. My chest”


“Mother, are you okay?” Mrs Kim Sonia (Michel’s mom) asked.


“I’m not.. but since my grandson is here, I might feel better.” Halmeoni said.


Michel walked over and bowed.


“Hello Halmeoni… Hello m..mother.”


“Hana, drop the book. My grandson will take over now.” Halmeoni said.


Michel sat down in front of his grandmother, picked the book titled ‘Old Folktales’


“Halmeoni are you sure you were sick?” he asked.


“What? What are you asking me? What do you even know about falling sick. Go on, read the book for me and don’t rush it.”


Michel nodded. “Okay Halmeoni.”


“I will go prepare the table.” Mrs Kim Sonia said.


“Yes go, I’m very hungry and I know Tan is too.”


Michel sighed. His grandmother knows how he hate that name ‘Tan’ but she won’t stop calling him that and did he tell her that he’s hungry.


“I’m not hun-” but she cut him short.


“Don’t just look at me.. Read so I can feel better.” she said.













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