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Heavenly Fight – Episode 14

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Episode 14




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Heavenly realms


Liam’s pov


You mean the missing part is a time limit ” love asked


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Yes, and the eclipse will be in two months time, I don’t think it will be originally possible” I said


What should we do” love asked


Is the antidote ready” i asked her


Yes” she said as she gave it to me


After giving him this antidote, I think is better if we stay away from this” death superior said


What do mean” love asked



Because of our interference, things are getting worse, maybe we should let them be” he said


I agree with superior” I said as I understood what he was saying

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What about the other girl that is supposed to bring them together ” love asked


Too bad she fell in love with death but thankfully she refused to collide with nemesis superior ” I said


And you know nemesis won’t rest until she delays everything” death superior said How do we stop her” love asked


Leave her, Archie and Ashley would be able to take care of her” I said


Maybe we should use Lisa” love said


How??” I asked her


Let her act like she has agree to follow nemesis will, and bring information for us” she said


Would she agree” death superior asked


She cares about humans that she would do anything ” I said


You know nemesis is her mom” love said


I trust Lisa, she would be of help” I said


I will get going now” I said as I made to leave


Take care of light, make sure she doesn’t shed another tears ok” love pleaded with me


I will” I said as I teleported




Lisa’s pov


Liam came back as I rushed towards him


Tell me what is going to happen” I asked him


What did they say” I kept asking as he just stared at me


Lisa, we need your help” he said as I gave him the go on look


You have to agree with nemesis superior ” he said shocking the daylight out of me


Why, did you change your mind, how do you expect me to side with that witch” I yelled angrily


Watch your tongue, she is still a goddess ” Liam said


You just have to act like you are in the same side with her, so as to know her next motive, we have just six weeks” he said


Is that what I have to do” I asked


Yes, but it kind of risky….” he said as I cut him off


I will do it, I will act like am interested with what she said, and get information for you” I said as he hugged me


Thank you so much Lisa am sorry if am putting you in so much stress ” he said


Why don’t we skip the rest of the class together ” I asked him


Sure” he said as we left the school


You know, I have always been the type of person who never had much friends, it was just my family and relatives but when I saw Ashley I kind of wanted her to be my friend


Then when I found out about her powers, I wanted to do anything within my power to bring she and Archie together but I ended up falling in love with him


Am such a bad friend ” I said in tears


Let me tell u the reason why the hatred between Archie and Ashley started, in the heavenly realms I, you and Ashley were best of friends even though you were the goddess of nemesis Ashley cherished you more than anybody but because of your love for Archie then, you stopped interacting with us. She knew you were the one that took her moms everlasting love portion for humans but she kept quiet. Her anger of losing you as a friend and the fact you betrayed her was transferred to Archie.


Once in their life they never crossed each others part, they were invisible to themselves but you brought that visibility, they ended becoming rivals and the highest God and goddess after you were thrown down.



That’s the main reason you were destined to bring them together because you made them know each other” he said as we kept walking


Am afraid, what if I make the same mistake” I said in tears

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You know, I loved Ashley and I still love her but I decided to give up the love because of the greediness in it, I trust you Lisa your friendship with Ashley means alot to her and the memories you guys shared is something that is embedded in your hearts.


They have to be together, so the heavenly realms and earth would have peace and you would be able to makeup the lost memory” he said as I hugged him


Thank you so much Liam, thanks for understanding me” I said as I still hugged him


Is okay and I need to breathe ” he said as I released him


After spending time with him I went home, undressed as I lay on my bed as I was about to sleep when I noticed a presence in my room


My dear, just follow my wish I know your heart is troubled” she said as she patted my back while I pretended to be crying


What should I do” I said as I hugged her


Just sleep I will mind link you when I need you to do something


Am sorry for all the mean things I said to you the last time” I said as she patted my head


Is ok” she said and teleported










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