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His New Secretary – Episode 23

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Episode 23







Ella’s POV.


I can’t really tell about what’s gonna happen later. Though the most important thing right now is that I have finally regained my memory .


It’s been two weeks since the incident between me and Reed and we are living very fine .


I can’t believe he’s the most kindest and peaceful person to ever live with. He’s loving and caring.

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He changed from being the rude and arrogant boss he used to be .


Did you know that even his employees now interact with him freely? It’s really a miracle and I’m happy the love of my life changed ..


What are you thinking of babydoll” Reed asked resting his head on my shoulder..


It’s nothing darling just thinking of how things turned around so quickly” I said straighten his beard.


Isn’t that great destiny brought you for me ? Like I said I will continue to apologise to you anytime the thought cross my mind because I have really been an ass ” he said and sigh. He won’t stop blaming himself for being a monster which is now in the past


When will you stop blaming yourself?”


The day the sunlight turns blue ” he said and winked while I rolled my eyes with a chuckle . I’m serious here and he’s all playful …



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Anyways babydoll, what you supposed thinking of is our wedding in two weeks not anything else ” he said and kissed my me slightly..


And yes , Reed proposed to me the night his step mum was sentenced to life imprisoment and his dad sentenced to 5years imprisoment. Mum was so kind not to allow them sentence him to life imprisoment. I mean God knows what I will do if it was me he killed my family. Not siblings, my whole family… Impossible, let me not even think of it …


I think we should go shopping tomorrow” I said


Of course yes we will, that’s a must” he said


The more I stare at you, the more I fall in love with you wife to be . I love you beyond reasonable doubt Harley” . He said and began kissing me intently while I gave in . I want that also .


We deepened the kiss as I wrap my legs around his waist .


This is the man that took my heart . Despite everything they did to separate us , we still came together and we will soon be man and wife ..

















Do you Ella Carter take Reed Emmett as your lawful wedded husband?” The priest asked. .


I do ” I replied while he repeated the question two more times …


Do you Reed Emmett take Ella Carter as your lawful wedded wife?”


Reed glanced at and winked before replying..


” I do ”


Is they anyone who is opposing to this wedding? If you are come out now or you hold your peace forever” the priest asked while everywhere became quiet and no one came out .


I now pronounce you as Man and Wife, now you may kiss your bride”

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Reed held unveiled me before rounding his hands on my waist protectively and captured my lips into his ..


I can’t believe I now bear his last name …



” Congratulations princess” dad said with all smile while I hugged him .


Our relationship has really grown and I can say he’s the best father every one could ever ask for.


And again , mum forgave him after so much plead from me so they are living fine now . And yeah we were living in his house here at South Korea thou he said him


and mum will move back to America after today . They will leave me here and go but I’m glad I have only one person whom I cherish so much with me … That should be enough but I will miss them so badly ..


” Thanks Dad ” I replied and smiled at him ..


“Congratulations darling” mum said giving me a side hug ..


Friends and family congratulated us and gave us their blessings . Now prepared for my husband’s house, a place where. I’m certainly going to spend the rest of my life



You are leaving me here now bes ” Lia pouted


Aww , I’m still in this town bes, you can visit me anytime and like wise me ” I replied while she took me into a surprise hug …


I will miss you” she said wiping fake tears..


I will miss you too bes ”



What more can life offer if not for happiness? At last I got the happiness I deserve…


Yeah Reed stopped me from working as his secretary but as stubborn as you know me to be , I refused to concur also .


It’s my wish to continue working not for the pay anymore because my husband has more than enough but to kill boredom. I can’t stay in that big mansion all alone..


Now I have you all to myself Barbie doll” he said and kissed my earlobe..


Yeah I’m all your baby ”


I love you Harley and thank you for choosing to be part of my life ”


I love you too Reed”








Destiny has a great role to play in our lives and what is meant to be will always and surely be no matter the circumstances..


When God has designed your life , no man can change it .


Your destiny is a thing that will come to past in your life. It can only be delayed


but that’s not the end of life ..


Keep hoping and trust in God..

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Good things await you

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