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He Is My Mate – Episode 12

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Almost Rendezvous








Few days had passed since BlackMoon’s attack in our territory.


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I got Clyde imprisoned when I found out he tried to kill my mate. I almost killed him myself. That son of a btch!


Thank goodness Alice was there to intervene.


Sapphire, on the other hand, seemed like a different person lately. She doesn’t want to eat, always locking herself in her room and only comes out when she wants to. I don’t know what’s happening to her, even Sky and Alice doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. And I’m starting to get worried. Did she regret staying with me?


The thought pained my heart. I know I’ve been a d-ick of a mate but I care for her, more than she thinks. I was really happy when she said she’ll stay. My wolf overjoyed but I know she’s sad. She’s sad and angry at the same time.


I knocked on her door a few times already but no one’s opening it. I’m starting to get really worried.


Sapphire, you need to eat ” I said but I receive no response from her. I have no choice but to break her door.


Adrian! What the hell?! I just got my door fixed and you freakin’ broke it again! Argh! ” she said as she sat up from her bed. I smiled. Thank goodness she’s okay.


Don’t worry. I’ll get it fixed for you, ” I said as I sat beside her on bed. She did move few inches away from me which made my forehead wrinkle.

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What’s wrong ?” I asked. She shook her head no then she looked down on the ground.


C’mon, tell me. I’m your… err.. mate ” I said as I looked down to. Silence fell before she spoke up.


Adrian?” she called.




Why do you hate omegas so much?” She asked. I tilted my head to look her just to see her looking back at me. Her eyes never failed to mesmerize me, those pair of dark hazelnut eyes.


Well… I… They killed my parents ” I said as I avoided my gaze. I don’t really talk much about my parent’s, painful memories just rush through my head as I recall the day I lost both of them.


Oh. I’m sorry for asking, ” she said, sincerity apparent in her voice.


Don’t be. You have nothing involve with it ” I said as I gave her a genuine smile which she gave in return. Gosh, her smile is so breathtaking.


I like seeing her smile but I love it when I’m the reason behind it.


I’m sorry ” I said as I looked directly in her lovely eyes. I’m not a kind of person who says ‘Sorry’ so she better be thankful.


For what?” She asked, curious.


For everything. For almost killing you, for shouting at you, for getting pissed at you and for… marking you ” I said as I move closer to her, keeping my stare at her red tempting lips.


It’s okay, ” she said as she stared at my lips too. I leaned in forward and before I knew it, my lips are on her lips.


I snake my hands on both sides of her waist while she encircled her arms on my neck. I pushed my tongue, asking for entrance and she did. I explore every corner of it while she was playing with my hair.


I laid her down in bed without breaking our kiss with me on top of her. I ran my hands in her blouse and cupped her breast and she let out a sexy moan. Fvck, she’s turning me on.


My kisses went to her jaw down to her neck. I sniffed it before I left small kisses on it. My wolf is enjoying the moment wanting to touch every part of her.


I unbutton her blouse revealing the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. I stared at it and she quickly covered it with her hand, shyly.


Don’t. It’s beautiful ” I said before kissing her again. I felt her hands in the hem of my shirt trying to lift it up so I helped her with it. She gasped when she saw my well-built body.


Like what you see?” I teased before kissing her neck down between her breasts.


Ehem ” we turned our heads to see a furious looking Skyler. I chuckled. I forgot the door is broken and we are completely seen what we are doing from here.


I thought we were suppose to have a meeting but I guess you have other business to do, ” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest.


Sapphire di


rectly pushed me from her and covered herself with a pillow. She looked rattled.


Sky! I-It’s not what you think! ” she said as she tried to sound calm but failed. I chuckled. She looks cute when she’s tense.


Sky just raised an eyebrow at her.


Just get dressed properly and you, Adrian. Let’s go, everyone’s waiting ” he said. I stood up and put on my shirt. I put a hand on his shoulder and chuckled.


Dude, I’m the Alpha here ” I reminded him.


Yeah, I didn’t forget that. Just don’t forget I’m your bestfriend too ” he retorted and we both laughed and had a race towards the meeting room.




As Produced By Rachel Romo






Okay. What the hell just happened?


Oh, my Gosh! We almost did it! We almost mated! We almost had se-x!


I grab a pillow and screamed to the top of my lungs. I know I look so crazy right now but it felt right.


Okay. I admit it. I enjoyed it.


In fact I was dangerously wet, and the idiot made me horny.


I’ve been frustrated these past few days and turns out, Adrian’s kiss was my only medicine.


If only you could be sweet and kind forever.


Oh Adrian




I’m sitting at one of the rocks beside the waterfalls, admiring nature. Everyone’s busy for tonight’s event. I asked Alice about it and she said it’s their Feast Day, where they thank the Moon Goddess.


Every pack celebrates it though different days. I remember our pack’s feast day, it was totally fun! You stay up all night to eat, dance and just do everything you want! Well, expect mates to make out during that event but don’t expect me and Adrian to do that.


I went back inside the pack house to help out. I went to the kitchen and saw a petite girl, she had blonde curly hair and she looked beautiful. She was busy cooking and preparing foods, I assume she’s the cook here.


Hello! ” I greeted in a blithesome tone as I sat at a stool. She stopped cutting the squash and tilted her head to look at me. Her eyes narrowed at me before giving me a sweet smile.


Hello to you too. You must be Sapphire, ” she said and I nodded in response. She lend out a hand covered with flour for a handshake. I was about to shake her hand when she chuckled.


Oops. My bad, ” she wiped her hand with a paper towel before she offered a handshake for the second time. And I gladly accepted it.




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I’m Kayla. The pack house’ cook ” she introduced herself as she cut the cheese in cubes. She seems kind and a carefree kind of person.


Well, nice to meet you, Kayla. You preparing for the feast tonight? ” I asked her. She threw the cheese into a bowl before answering.


Yup. I’m pretty beat up right now, ” she cracked a laughed and I laughed along.


You need help? ” I offered. I have nothing else to do besides I’m so bored I’m gonna go crazy doing nothing. I know I’m exaggerating but that’s a fact.


I’d be grateful, if you have nothing else to do ” she said as she handed me an apron.


Trust me, I’m totally bored ” I said and I grab the apron from her hand and helped her around the kitchen. We made a LOT of foods, when I say a lot, it means hell of a LOT! More or less food for the whole pack. If I’d be doing this alone, I’d gone crazy and give up easily but Kayla, she’s so hardworking and persistent in cooking which proves that she really loves to cook.


I really appreciated your help. Thanks a lot! ” she said as she dried her hands and enveloped me in a hug which I gave her in return. She’s such a sweetheart like Alice, I wonder why their Alpha is not. He’s the complete opposite of his pack members. But I don’t want to jump into conclusions yet, maybe has a good reason.


No problem. You can always call me when you need help and I’ll be surely there


I said and we both laughed. She told me to prepare myself for the feast will start in about an hour. I went up to my room to see Skyler holding a beautiful white dress.


Wow ” I commented. He tilted


his head and gave me one of his boyish grin.


It’s yours. Adrian told me to give you this, ” he said as he handed me the dress. I held it and ran my fingers through smooth silk. It’s so beautiful.


Why would he gave me this? I have few dresses on my own ” I said. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dress but why bother to give me a dress when I have my own?


Everyone is required to wear white in Feast Day, ” he said. Oh. That explains it. In our pack, we don’t usually pay too much attention on clothing but we focus on the traditions like: Drinking a cup filled with Ox blood; jump from the cliff to the waterfalls and the least of my favorite one— fully mate which means make love with your mate.



Thanks ” I said and he left after giving me a kiss on the forehead. I took a warm shower, dried my hair, curled the ends of my naturally straight hair and applied light make-up. I slipped on the dress and I just can’t help but to feel Beautiful at the moment. I don’t really consider myself as a beautiful person, I like to place myself at the middle– not beautiful nor ugly. Get the idea?


By the time I was done, I can already hear the loud speakers boom throughout the house, the disco lights all around and some people hollering and shouting. I peek through the window pane and saw few people, chatting, drinking and eating. I took one glance at the mirror before going down. I saw all the people from the pack, all in white. They were eating and dancing at the music. It didn’t looked like a feast to me, more like a party. But oh, well. It’s better rather than any traditional feasts.

I went around the crowd to look for someone but I can’t seem to find him.


Saph! ” someone called. I turn to see Alice and Kayla looking gorgeous at the white dress they were wearing. They both had a red cup on their hand which I assume is a cup of iced tea or so.


You look amazing! ” Kayla had to shout since the speakers was booming and we barely heard each other. She hugged me and I muttered a thanks and hugged Alice as well. We found our way out of the crowd towards the kitchen where there was less crowd. Kayla’s dishes almost ran out, good thing we had backup though.


Here, have some twist of alcohol ” Alice handed me a blue cup. Oh. I thought it was iced tea, I guess I thought wrong. I accepted it and smelled the strong liquor, by the smell of it, it’s a hard drink. Nevertheless, I drank it all in one go and the girls hollered. I can feel the strong liquor go down towards my throat. Damn! That was strong.


We chatted while drinking. I guess Alcohol isn’t so bad at all. Moments later, we heard a howl.


What was that? ” I asked as I placed my cup down. Alice and Kayla just laughed.


Relax, that was the signal that we need to go out at start the REAL feast ” Alice said. She finished her drink and toss the cup anywhere and we head out. I thought this was the feast. I really need to know more about this pack.


Everyone who was inside went outside. And there the moon was shinning and glimmering so bright. It was so big and beautiful.


Tonight… ” someone started. I looked in front and I swear, I almost squirted when I saw the most hot and drop dead gorgeous man on earth; only wearing nothing but his white pants exposing his well built 6 packs abs.


Those are Mine!



I badly want to shout but I refrain from getting humiliated. Damn! Adrian looks so smoking hot! Rawr! Geez, I think the alcohol hit me hard.


Tonight is a full moon. We celebrate the Feast Day in thanking the Moon Goddess for a victorious and powerful pack. Cheers to the Moon Goddess! ” he shouted and everyone raised a cup and chorused, cheers. The real feast started by eating the food me and Kayla made and dancing to slow music.


Hey, I need to go. My mate’s looking for me, ” Kayla said. She has a mate? How come she didn’t tell me?


You should meet him some time ” she added before she left. Alice just chuckled and drank. She’s been drinking since the start of the party, isn’t she drunk yet?Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I have high tolerance in alcohol ” she said like she read my mind.


Oh ” w


as all I could say. I wonder if I don’t get drunk easily, I’ve never really drank before so I’m pretty ignorant about it.


Prince Charming’s on his way, I guess that’s my cue to leave ” she said leaving me confused.


Sapphire ” I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and a hard rock chest behind me. I can feel his breathing on my neck and I can’t help but to shiver at his touch.


Adrian ” I managed to say as I grip on my dress trying my best not to stutter. Damn this guy for turning me on. Gosh, I’m freakin’ horny right now not to mention the alcohol burning in my body.


Yes, love? ” he said as he kissed my bare shoulders. I closed my eyes as his lips touched my bare skin. I can’t take this anymore. I turn to him and crash my lips into his. He asked for entrance and I let him.


I want you, bad ” I said in between our kiss. I heard him chuckle before breaking our kiss and drag me to who knows where.




#The_story_continues from the next “Happen”




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