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Raped By Anonymous – Episode 12

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Episode 12



Loretta pov


“Hey Helene…how about we go out this weekend?” I asked her.


She look at me.


“To where?”


“To go and visit a friend” I told her.


“Not interested” She answer expressionless I walked up to her.

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“You have to start mingle with others now, Helene. You can’t stay unhappy for life, you have to move on my darling. It just a weekend with a friend and nothing more”


“I said I am not interested”


“Helene…come on. When will you keep acting like this? when will you stop this nonsense? I know your are heartbroken but still you need to move on. Whether you like it or not, you’re going with me”


I stood up.


“I’ll go in there and pack your cloth even we are going now, nonsense” I said angrily and walked into her room.


She thought I am joking but she won’t prevail over me this time. She’s going with me and nothing can stop me.


My phone started ringing and I picked it up without checking the caller.


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Loretta” I heard a deep voice


who are you?” I check the phone but it was unknown number How is Angel?”


My heart skipped a bit.



Guardian’s Angel?” I asked


Is she okay?” he asked


Y…yes…sir..how are you doing?”


I am not fine without my angel. I got angry and chase her away. I separate her from her love. Since then I have not live a day with happiness”


You did what you supposed to do as dad but…you over reacted. You should have trusted your own daughter”



He sighed.



I know I made a mistake…but can you think that she can forgive me?” he asked I thought for a while.


She will definitely forgive you, trust me” I told him.



How is her baby? Is it a boy or girl?”



Boom! What will I say now? If I tell him the truth, he will blame himself more and more which is not hood for his health. I can’t say this.


I…its a g-girl…and she’s fine, sir”



Okay…thank you so much. Take care of her..bye”


He hang up.


I drop the phone and sighed. He still care for her.


“Who are you calling?” I heard Helene voice.


I flinched back and fell down on the bed.


“You scared me…!!!”


“Are you talking to a boy?” she narrowed her eyes.


“Shut up and get out” I told her and pointed at the door.


“In my own room?”


I rolled my eyes.



“Anyway…I’ll go with you. I came here to pack by myself” Helene said “Really?..”


My phone started ringing again.


“Hello…” I said smiling. it was Stephan. “Hi..so, have you convince her?” he asked “Yes…we are coming today” I told him. “Really?” he sound happy.


I nodded though he can’t see me.


“Yes…and we will leave on Sunday” I told him.


okay…I’ll send my driver to come and pick you. Send me your address” “Okay…I’ll send it now” I said and dropped the call.


“The driver is coming to pick us up” I told Helene.


“Yeah…yeah…whatever” she said and walked to the closet. “Let me quickly go and pack also” I ran out of her room. (Skip time)


We get down from the car and I saw Stephan and Dalton walking up to us. “Hey…darling” Stephan hugged me and kiss my both cheek.


“Hi…” I answer blushing.


“How was your Journey? I hope it wasn’t stressful?” He asked



“Not at all”


Dalton wave to me.


“Hi..” he said


I bowed.


“Is this your friend house?” Helene asked looking around.


“Yeah…don’t you know them?” She look at Stephan then at Dalton.


“Well…I don’t know this one..” she pointed at Stephan. “But I..remember this guy. He is the one fu.cking a girl in the bathroom. ” Helene said and Dalton smiled sheepishly.


“Nice to see you again..” Dalton stretched out his hand for shaking.


“Yeah..nice to see you again” She said and did not shake his hand.


“You really disappointed me, Loretta. I thought we are going to a girl house or something. How am I going to cope here?”


“Don’t worry…we are not biting..” Stephan told her. ”


She rolled her eyes.


“Shall we go in?” Dalton said




some maid came out and started taken our luggage inside.



We walked in with Helene feeling disappointed


“What can we serve you?” Dalton asked looking at Helene.



“Anything…I prefer” I said


“What about you?” he asked Helene.


She look at him disgustfully


“I am not hungry…” she said frantically.


“Your friend is a bad temper…” Stephan whispered to me.


I smiled and look at Helene who was now pressing her phone.


“You’re beautiful..Loretta..” Stephan said.


“And you’re not bad yourself”


We started chatting and laughing when Dalton came back with a wine. He open it and pour it into four different cup.


He gave one to me, Stephan and hand another one to Helene.


“I am okay..” she said


“Helene…stop all this attitude. It doesn’t suit you anymore” I said frustrated.


“I don’t like it here. How can you expect me to be with a man that I don’t know from Adam for two days? That’s disgusting and unacceptable..” she said


“But they are our friends. Our classmate”


“No…your friend but our classmate. And that doesn’t justify. We doesn’t get along well, so how do you expect me to cope? In fact…I am out of here” She said and stood up.


“Please…why can’t we just be friend? Is that difficult to do?” Dalton said


“Dalton..right?” Helene said


He nodded. “Yeah”


“I am not interested in being your friend and you, Stephan and whatever your name is. Loretta…am going” She was picking up her phone she I heard someone shouted.


“Bring me my food, STUPID!!”


Helene halt and look at me.


“Who is that?” She asked


“Oh..its my daughter” Dalton said and rub his head nervously.


“Who are these people, dad?. You brought… Oh..my..God! What are you doing here?” The girl squeaked and ran to Helene.


We all looks shocked.


Helene look at her and smiled.


“Huh? Its the girl from morning…is this your dad?” Helene said pointing at Dalton.


She nodded.


“Yes. He is cute, isn’t it?” she said


Helene smiled sheepishly and nodded.


“Happiness…is this your friend?” Dalton asked her.


“Yes, daddy” she face Helene back.


“What are you doing here?”



“They cane here to spend the weekend with us but she’s angry and wanted to go back home” Stephan said to the girl.


The girl face look sad.


“Why? You don’t like it here? Stay with us, please. I love to be with you, huh?” The girl started pulling her hand.


I sat down. She’s trapped now” I whispered to Dalton who smile brightly. “But…”


“Remember your promise..” She stuttered.


“Aish…Wait..is tho a set up or what?” Helene asked We all shrugged our shoulder.


“Nevermind. I gave up” She said and fell down on the couch.


“Waoh…we all shouted including Stephan but Dalton was the happiest. “On one condition..” She suddenly said “What’s that?” We all echo at once


“I need pizza ..” she tuck her head to the side looking at us from one person to another.


“Daddy…order pizza for her…please”



Dalton quickly brought out his phone and oder for it. “Now.. are you happy?” He asked her. “Absolutely..”



“Here is your food, ma” One Maid brought out a food and place in on the dinning table.


“Okay…” happiness nodded.


The maid refuse to go and was looking at us surprisedly.


“What are you still waiting for?” Stephan asked her.


“Ma’am…should I call stone and Snake?” she asked her


“The guys look at happiness


“Reasons?” she said


“I thought…”


“BEAT IT, STUPID” she shouted again and the maid ran away.


Helene shook her head.


“You’re bad, girl..”


“I took after my dad..” she smiled and hugged her.




*Raped by Anonymous*

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