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Dragon Girl – Episode 9

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#Possessed by and



Dragonith kicked the restroom door right to the ground,her tail landed on the wooden polished washing base and it breaks instantly.she took a huge step to go out when a man blocked her.A man with blue eyes and red robe,he is pure white but can’t be called Snow White.he raised his left hand and a burning golden orb emerged he gently swift his hands back and forth and slap it on Dragonith’s forehead in a twinkle of an eye she changed back to Judith as if the possession was nothing.She fell unconscious to the ground and The man carried her and disappeared before the cleaner entered the restroom seeing all the damages done by unknown students.




A Misty forest came into picture and a cave where Athusar lives.Judith opened her eyes though her Vision was blurry she managed to identify the image staring intently at her it was Dragonilla back to her golden yellow form.She felt a sharp headache as she make to sit.


Judith:arrh…where are we?


Athusar: Your school washing base is made of wood not Ceramic all because of fear of damage but you’re not fine with it I guess(in deep distorted voice)

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Dragonilla:wow.. Athusar that’s your longest speech in years.


Judith:Hate ha hate Athusar? Oh My God so you’re real




Judith:I thought.. you’re a dragon please I want to see your dragon form


Dragonilla:Judith please don’t ask him I’ll tell you.Actually when his wings was cut off by King Topaz..the dragon got trapped in his body..that’s why I always warn you not to get hurt during the possession.


Judith:oh my God that’s bad..I thought he was a spirit or why did he lived in the forest with you years back?and he’s 100 years old


Dragonilla:He’s a spirit but possessed by another spirit that makes him more powerful. Also all immortals have unending beauty you are an immortal now as well


Judith:so if I turn 60 now I’ll still look 18 wow cool…

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But,I changed in school earlier and it was bad I went out of control my colour changed why is that?

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Dragonilla:you got possessed by your dark side when you’re provoked or very angry so you have to learn how to control your anger for future cause.Athusar cultivated a golden orb in you already it will keep you calm but you have to make sure you don’t get the slightest scratch else the orb will disappear if after that you get hurt again I will be trapped in your body forever.


Judith:my life has changed already I guess


Athusar:Best of luck


Judith:is it true you don’t talk much?but you look so handsome.i feel like..


Athusar: VAMOOSE



Judith:can I just see you in your dragon form for a while?please okay 3 seconds..2 seconds,okay just a sec.


Dragonilla use her tail to flip her to her back and she flew out of the cave


Judith:so I can fly on you as well wow.


Then a white dragon fly past them in a great speed and enveloped in a white frosty air.


Judith:wow..arh(a sharp childish exclaim)he’s a white dragon.


Dragonith went back home and she met her mother setting the fruits and candle in front of her father’s picture.She pay her homage and they prayed for Mr Brian.She watch her mother going to sleep before she went upstairs and changed to her dragon form.She went to Dorothy’s house and landed in her sitting room breaking the roof.


Mr Hikes:welcome back talking dragon you kept me waiting too long


Dragonith: I hope your cry baby daughter is not home today

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Mr Hikes:Na (he said smirking)I can’t bear to use my daughter as a bait to save myself so I arranged a little show for ya.


Then armed forces came storming into the room with guns and pointer on it to confirm their target.Dragonith now got red dots all over her body.She fly to the terrace to gain advantage of space they followed her and have her surrounded.Mr Hikes adjusted his glass from his nose


Mr Hikes:now shall we get started?






To Be Continued



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