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Child Abuse – Episode 1

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My name is Rosaline but some people especially my parents call me Rose. Right now I am thirteen years old but who knows? I might never stop being thirteen, I might never get the opportunity to grow into the much lusted after adulthood we teenagers don’t seem to ever stop dreaming of. I must tell you the truth, I am afraid of growing up, if my life can be this twisted at this age, how will it be when I grow up? And this is why I said I might never stop being thirteen.




Okay enough of all the introductions, I’m sure that by now you are curious about me and why I am the way I am right now. Well I will help feed your curiosity, quench your thirst for answers with the story I am about to tell you. It is the story of how I came into being. The ignorant decisions that ushered me into this cruel world and how I became this broken and bruised.

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At the age of thirteen, I have witnessed the murder of someone who seemed to be the only one who ever loved me. My innocence was also murdered and my childhood exchanged on the Devil’s gambling table.




Okay can you permit me to recite a part of a particular poem I have read like a hundred times already? It reminds me of my other parent, it will definitely give you a clear picture of his kind of person, this poem was written by Kukogho Samson; a poet I so much want to be like if at all I am to take the chance of growing up.





…In the folly of his wisdom,


He brews the wine of truth


With fermented grape of lies,


And lays tomorrow’s coins

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On the Devil’s gambling table!


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Hmmmmmm! I hope you got the picture of what I am trying to paint? Sorry I seem to be too wise for my age, my predicament and life experiences saw to that. So I shall begin…






*Fourteen Years Ago*




My mum’s name was Ahunli. She came from a family of five: she was the first and only daughter with two younger brothers. They were an average family who lacked nothing yet didn’t have enough to spare. She decided to leave her comfort zone one day to take a job she got in Abuja as a Geologist for Hobark International Limited. I must call that a curse since it was that one single step that led to every misfortunes that befell her, or must I say us, thereafter.




There at a party she was forcefully dragged to by her colleague Alexis, she met a man for whom she started developing funny and scary feelings, and she called it love. He was a very handsome guy and wore his shoulders high enough to depict someone of highborn heritage. He had cast one or two glances her way but that was all he ever did (don’t laugh within yourself asking how I got to know about something as minute as that because my mum told me every single detail of her life from the moment she met him with unshed bloodied tears in her eyes). That’s funny right? She thought I did not understand her rants but of course I did and everything was etched deeply into my memory.



Okay to cut long story short, of which yeah, it is still very long, she found a way to talk to him and a conversation broke out between them…




Ahunli: “Hi!” she was shy to the bones but knew she wouldn’t forgive herself if she did not talk to him that day.




Olamide: “Hi” he replied indifferently, telling her in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t interested in whatever she was selling.




Ahunli: “My name is Ahunli which means Joy. You can just call me Joy” she beamed with embarrassed smiles.




Olamide: “I am Olamide” he replied coldly.




He probably thought he should be nice to her since she was just the type of girl he found worthy enough to with. Or let me just call it what she called it; bang. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re shocked at hearing a thirteen years old use such words…well, I have been there, done that (will get to that in due time).




Ahunli: “Oh you mean like my wealth is here?”




She said laughing alone at what she perceived to be a joke. So embarrassing even I am flushing with embarrassment right now. Her friend sat in front of the bar man, clutching her head. She dared not look at my mum again.




Olamide: “So I want to get back to the dance floor now if you may excuse me? Your sense of humour is something to die for” he said arrogantly trying to play hard to get. So cheap!



Ahunli: “Okay that is okay but can I have your number please?” She told me the look on his face was that of sheer disbelief. He probably thought she was out of her mind at that moment but well after a little hesitation, he brought out his Nokia C6 and got her number then dialled it immediately. She was so pleased that she saved his number with Prince Charming. Smh! She probably thought life was a fairy tale. If only she could see it the way I am seeing it now, maybe I wouldn’t even be here to tell you this kind of story to begin with.




After that day, the hunt for the Prince Charming began, well only in her fairy tale did the Princess have to chase after the prince so much. She would call him all by herself like ten times a day while he ignored it nine times. She would leave a hundred messages for him on WhatsApp and Facebook but he’d ignore them all and only say hello.




It went on and on until one day he probably got worn out with her incessant gibbering and pestering, he decided to ask her over to his house. She was elated and just couldn’t find anything suitable enough to wear for her important outing. She had to consult Alexis on what to wear. Alexis had her fears when her friend showed up at her doorstep in the evening that day and did not hesitate to give her fears a voice…




Alexis: “Where did you say you are going to again please?” she said after she had sat her excited friend down on the only cushion in the room.




Ahunli: “You will not believe Olami has asked me over to his place at last. I am so excited”




I swear if I was Aunty Alexis at that time, I’d have slapped her beautiful excited face to douse her out of her naivety. And that was exactly what she also felt like doing but restrained herself well enough.



Alexis: “Hmmmmm I don’t think you are in your right senses. I know you are naïve and all but how is it that a grown up lady like you cannot use her sense? How old are you again? You will be twenty-seven by December and you are still thinking like a thirteen years old girl?”




Well I am thirteen and I wouldn’t have acted that way-this was my thought when she told me this part. Maybe I am just overreacting? Well maybe…




Ahunli: “Come on! You know how much I have longed for this guy. I will just go this once and if he is still acting up-tight, I will stop seeing him” well even I knew that was nothing but a blabber.




Alexis: “Who are you telling that to? I? You think I am daft like you? He hasn’t slept with you yet and you are like this, what if he sleeps with you once? You will definitely lose your mind. No! Your head will be pushed into your butt and thinking straight will become very difficult afterwards. Please we can avoid even the inevitable. Don’t go”




Ahunli: “You know I will go. So help my ministry and just get me something sexy to wear. I know you are the queen of sexiness. Baby I really want to give it a try”




Alexis: “I see!” she stood up, opened her closet to reveal different type of gowns.


She fancied gown more than any other cloth type.




Mum went closer with eyes popping out of their sockets as she took in the beautiful dresses before her. She took her time in testing them to see which suited her the most. At about quarter to 8, she was ready to leave at last in a stripe and printed short gown which revealed her nicely shaped straight legs. Those were her best assets as she didn’t see herself as being that beautiful.



Alexis watched her go, unable to stop her friend from walking into a hellhole. “What is the best way to learn again if not by experience?” Even I must have heard her mutter that from my world. My mother just walked on despite hearing her. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it by all means possible.






When at last he went to pick her up at the junction, it was already some minutes past eight and he was irked as to why she would be late for their first meeting and had already concluded in his heart that she was unreliable. Reaching fast conclusions and being judgmental were his finest qualities.

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Olamide: “So what took you so long?” he asked when at last they walked into his estate and headed for his apartment.




Ahunli:” I am sorry, I had to find something suitable to wear” she replied truthfully.




Olamide: “I see!”




Ahunli: “Your apartment is nice” she said when they entered inside. The place was small with two settees filling up most of the space and a shiny table at the centre. She was impressed with the interior décor and how it depicted the life of a young bachelor who was probably too lonely for his own good. There were few awards from his company adorning the walls of the sitting room and from where she sat, she could see his little home office.


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Olamide: “What should I offer you?” he stood in front of her enjoying the sight of her thighs as the gown rode higher up her legs.




Ahunli: “Just water will do” she blushed knowing he was ogling at her. it felt good.




Olamide: “Water? No way! I have all sorts of assorted alcoholic wine and beer. Those are the type I offer my guests so shall I bring wine or beer?” he asked impatiently.




Ahunli: “Okay I will just take wine since it’s my first time here but on a normal day, I don’t take alcoholic drinks” she replied with enthusiasm.




I can imagine her heart thumping in her chest. She was so super excited her heart was suffering.




She took sips of the tequila wine he offered her making sure she didn’t take too much to the extent of getting intoxicated. She could still feel his eyes roaming all over her body and she started feeling uncomfortable at last. “Maybe I really shouldn’t have come. I don’t think I am ready to have sex with him just yet. Maybe it’s time for me to leave” She thought uncomfortably. She was a risk taker and so even after checking time and realising it was almost 10pm, she still stood up to leave…


Olamide: “Oh no! You cannot leave just yet babe…” he said and drew her down with force.

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