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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 3

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Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C






________ _______________________________


The days passed with Mona Lisa touring round the city each day till sunset.


She was very excited to be in the city.


Also she wished to see Mr Leo again but she couldn’t again.

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It was on the sixth day and as usual she had prepared for another touring and was waiting for breakfast but didn’t. She waited and waited, but no food came.


When she couldn’t bear the hunger anymore, she carried blue and walked out, down the elevator to the receptionist.


“Excuse me ms. Why haven’t they brought breakfast for me yet?” she asked in Korea.


The receptionist was confused. “Please can you speak English. I don’t understand your language” she said.


“Huh? English? English.. I…no. no English. Food. Morning Food.” Mona Lisa stammered.


‘Morning Food?’ The receptionist thought before guessing. Then she decided to check her reservation.


“Excuse me. Let me check something.” She said to Mona Lisa who nodded.


The receptionist checked her reservation expire date and it was today. She was to leave the hotel today.

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She turned to Mona Lisa. “Ma’am, your reservation expired today. You had only five days to stay in. You should leave the room in two hours.”



Mona Lisa didn’t understand the English the lady spoke to her. “Excuse me.. What are you talking about? I don’t understand you.” she said in Korea.


“Your reservation expired today. You are to leave the room in two hours time unless you wanna pay for more days.” The receptionist said in English.


Mona Lisa understood a bit this time.


Expire, room, leave?




“But.. The reservation was seven days, not five.” she said displaying five to the receptionist with her fingers. “Five days. Five.” she said in English.


“Can I see your reservation receipt?” She asked Mona.


“Huh?” Mona asked her, confused.


The receptionist raised a replica paper to her and Mona Lisa understood.”


“Up. I will go and get it.” she said and with that she raised back up to 497, grabbed the receipt from where she had dropped it on the table and raced back to the first floor and to the receptionist.


She gave it to her and the lady went through it and saw it’s fake.


“This is fake ma’am. This isn’t the real receipt. The real receipt said five days.


Please get your things and move out of the room in two hours.” she said.


Mona couldn’t believe it.


“What? What are you talking about?” She asked in Korea.


“Hello what’s happening here?” A familiar voice suddenly said beside Mona Lisa and when she turned, it was Mr Leo.



“Mr Leo!” she called. She was almost in tears.


He smiled at her and turned to the receptionist. “What’s wrong?” he asked in English.


“Her reservation is only five days but it seem she was given a fake receipt of seven days reservation. I’m explaining to her that she has to leave the room in two hours unless she wanna pay for more days.” she said.


Leo turned to Mona who was still confused about the whole thing.


“See Mona Lisa. She said that your reservation expired today and you have to exit the room in two hours. It seems like a wrong receipt was given to you.”


Mona Lisa’s jaw dropped. “What? How? It was a free trip. My brother said everything was going to be seven days.”


“It seems he lied to you or something went wrong. Try to call him and let him explain to you.” Leo said and turned to the receptionist. “How much for two more days?” he asked.


She told him and he handed her his credit card. She gave it to him few minutes later. “It’s done.”


He turned to Mona Lisa. “You can stay for two more days. Call your brother and let him explain to you what happened.”


Mona Lisa bowed severally to him. “Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”


“Here’s your payment receipt ma’am.” The receptionist said to Mona and handed the paper to her.


“We meet again.” Leo said, smiling at her. “And your cute cat. Hello blue.” he touched Blue who responded with a ‘meow’


Mona smiled. “Thank you Mr Leo. Today again, you helped me.” she said.


“It’s nothing. You got a reservation in a nice hotel tho. I came to see someone.” he said.


“Someone? A friend?” she asked, thinking he might say ‘girlfriend’ she swore thst if he say that, she wouldn’t mind jumping on his back and follow him.


“Kinda.” he said.


“Ahh.. Really. Okay.” she said.


“I’m going to 7th floor and you?” he asked.


“Oh Same.” she said.


“Let’s go together then.” he said. She smiled and they both entered an elevator to the seventh floor.


In there, her stomach grumbled loudly, Mona sighed, feeling embarrassed.


She was really hungry.


Leo smiled. “Have you had breakfast?” he asked. She shook her head.


He got out his wallet, opened it and handed her some money. “Use that to get your meals for today. I’m leaving Thailand in three hours time. I will give you my card also. Call me anytime you need help. You said you write stories. If you need my help, call me.” he said, handing her his card too.


“Ah kasamnida.. Thank you so much Mr Leo..” she said with a bow and hugged the money.


Leo smiled.


The elevator stopped at Floor 7. The door opened and they walked out.


“My room number is 497.. We are there already.” Mona said, grinning.


“Oh.. Then his should be close too. 501.” Leo said.


‘His? Could it be a celebrity too? Who could he be?’ Mona wondered and wished to see who it would be.


She got to room 497 and smiled at Leo before walking in.


Leo passed few rooms before getting to room 501..


He knocked.


Michel was sitting on the three sitter couch, going through a magazine and watching the news at the same time when a knock came on the door.


‘Who’s that. A hotel worker?’ he wondered.


He didn’t make any order.


“Aigh.. I’m so exhausted from the shoots today. I don’t need any disturbance. I’m glad I’m going back to Thailand tomorrow.” he mumbled.


The knock came again and he decided to go check. He dropped the magazine with his pictures ower boys all over the covers, stood up and took his time in walking to the door, he grabbed the doorknob and when he opened the door, he was shocked on who was standing at the door.


Leo Bethel!


At Mona’s room, she peeped out from the door to try luck if she would be able to see the face of the person.


When the door opened, she couldn’t see his face. She didn’t loose hope. She stayed still and watched.


Leo smiled immediately Michel opened the door.


“Long time, no see.” Leo said.



Michel scoffed. “How did you got to know that I’m here and how dare you knock on this door!?” he half yelled.


‘Wait, that voice.. that voice, why does it sound so familiar?’ Mona wondered.


With the way the person yelled, that ‘kinda’ Mr Leo had told her really meant they aren’t good friends.


“There’s no reason to yell. Don’t yell more or you might crack your voice. You know it isn’t cool for an nationwide idol.” Leo said.


‘Nationwide idol?’ Mona wondered.


‘Nationwide idol. Wait! Nationwide idol.. Kim Michel, was given that name two years ago. Could it be-‘ Mona gasped and clutched her hand to her mouth.


Could it be that it’s Michel in that room. That voice! It’s his! she can detect that voice anywhere! It’s Michel.. Oh my God!


“Are you kidding me? You are making a big fool of yourself by standing in my front.” Michel said.


Leo smiled. “Why not let me in, I don’t really like standing for too long, you know that.”


“When you are done standing, get lost!” Michel said and slammed the door shut!


“Heee!” He grabbed the wine glass on the table and smatched it..


“Damn you!” He Kicked the table and it stumbled.


He grabbed the throw pillow and flung away.


Leo’s presence reminded him of something he fought hard to get over!


From where Leo stood, he could hear the shattering of things inside the room.


He smiled, turned and waked away.

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Mona Lisa was quick enough to close her door before he saw her.


She didn’t hear the shattering sounds of things I’m room 501 but she heard Michel’s voice when he yelled at Leo to get lost when he’s done standing.


she said and rushed to her phone. She switched on her data connection and entered google immediately to search about ‘Actor Leo Bethel and Spark5 Kim Michel’s relationship.’




First website said;


The nationwide kpop idol, Kim Michel and Actor Leo Bethel were friends from High school. It’s good to find them hugging each other at IdolLive Night.


Another website said;


Kim Michel and Actor Leo’s friendship broken over a false speech against the spark5 band group by Actor Leo.


Four years Ago.


Last year: Kim Michel and Li Sugar breaks up.


8months ago: Actor Leo Bethel and Li Sugar’s new relationship.




Mona Lisa knew about Kim Michel’s break up with Li Sugar and her relationship with Actor Leo.


Mona Lisa was really mad at Li sugar and Michel’s breakup and truthfully, she hated Actor Leo and had been hoping they break up soon but meeting him in Thailand had changed her hatred towards him. She sees him as a very nice person now.


But she had no idea they were both best friends.


“But wait, Michel is really at that room over there?”


She hoped that moment that he haven’t seen her in the hotel or will he see her until she’s gone. Yes she had hoped to see him and give him back his hoodie but not anymore.


His voice sounded really scary when he yelled at Mr Leo.


And about Tenten and Rose.. She is going to deal with them when she gets back.


She rushed to the landline and used it in calling Tenten’s number.


It rang and rang but he didnt pick up.


She called again and again and again, he didn’t answer.


She called Rose and it was the same thing.


“You guys better pick up. You better pick up and tell me what happened.” Mona said.


Her stomachs grumbled angrily and she sighed and carried Blue.


“Let’s go eat.” she said to blue.


As she opened the door, she first peeped out to make sure there wasn’t any Michel nor his shadow at the corridor.


When she was there wasn’t, she hurried off.



________ _________________________________


(South Korea)


Rose sighed as she served Tenten food on the table in the small room there were at the moment they were going to pack into a new and wider apartment tomorrow.


“Thank you love,” Tenten grinned at her.


Rose sat down beside him with a worried look. “Tenten are you sure Mona will be alright at Thailand? How will she get back? She’s calling and calling.” Rose asked.



“I don’t really know but I believe she will find her way back to south Korea. She’s a strong woman.” Tenten said.


“I’m worried.” Rose said.


“Don’t be. Let me be the one worried. If you worry too much, you might disturb the baby.” he said.


Rose smiled. “That’s right.”





____________ _______________________



The rest of the day, Mona spent it on calling Tenten and Rose at every call centre she saw at the streets but they didn’t answer any of the thousand calls she made to them. At some point the lines went unavailable.


She was reckless and frustrated.


At around 7pm, she headed back to the hotel and once in, she went straight to the landline and began calling again.


“Please pick up Tenten. How I’m I going to get back to Korea. Why are you not picking my calls. I’m really going crazy!” She cried.


Blue curled herself on Mona’s laps.


Mona didn’t give up, She kept calling and calling until the next day broke.


There was no answer and the lines became unavailable.


Mona walked to and fro in the spacious room as she pondered on what to do and the way to get back.


She has only today left. Tomorrow she will have no one to pay for another one or two days for her and that means, she is going to either leave peacefully or get kicked out from the hotel.



Those two phone numbers aren’t going anymore. She is going to destroy them when she gets back.


“What do i do.. What do I do?” she pondered then she halted as an idea came to her head.




If she goes to him, he can give her enough money to book a flight back to Korea.


“How do I go about it.” She said as she thought of how to present herself to him.


“The hoodie.” she said and rushed to the wardrobe. She opened it and took the hoodie out.


“Blue, stay here. I will be back.” Mona said and with that, she walked out towards room 501.




(ROOM 501)


As Michel headed to the ensuite, his phone began ringing.


He went to it and grabbed it. It was his manager calling. He picked the call.



“Hello Michel, remember your flight is in four hours. I and Alvin will be there ik three hours time.”


“I’m aware.” Michel said and headed to the ensuite with the phone.



“Did you come across any pretty?” Bruno asked.


“Stop joking around.” Michel said.



“Don’t mind me. I will see you soon. The Creme teams are mad over the shoots. Once it’s out, I’m sure every magazine nationwide would want them displayed on the covers of their magazines.” he said.


“What do you want me to say right now? Come on, cut the call. I’m in the bathroom.” Michel said.



“Oh sorry sir. See you soon.” Bruno said and ended the call.



Just then, he heard a knock on the door. It must be the hotel worker bringing his order.


He quickly washed his face, wiped it with a towel and walked out.


Mona did the cross sign before knocking for the second time.


The hoodie was hung in a hanger and she held the hanger like a precious egg.


Michel got to the door and grabbed the doorknob, he opened it and got shocked when he saw it’s the Maniac girl in the plane with his hoodie in her hand.


Mona grinned anxiously at him before bowing.


“Hee heello Michel.. I brought your hoodie and I have an apology to make and a favour to ask.” she said.


Michel scoffed. “You bought my hoodie, you have an apology to make and a favor too. Really? Did you follow me up here?” he said, wondering.


“Yes, I mean no.. please let me in for a minute.” Mona said.


“Get lost.” he said and slammed the door to her face.


“What!!” Mona gasped.












Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C


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