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Average Boy – Episode 2

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#Chapter 2






Jade turned on her music and Beck frowned upon hearing the type of music she was playing




It was a funeral song


He wanted to ask why she was playing it but he shove it off


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Jade: so Beck, how long have you been handsome?




He looked at her abruptly




Beck: you know my name already?




Jade: is that the answer to my question?


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She was just looking straight into the road as if her eyes were glued to it and her face was expressionless




Beck: sorry




He mumbled and brought out a gum from his bag to chew




He unwrapped it and was about taking it to his mouth when Jade took it and placed it in her own mouth




Beck stood gawking at her with his hand hanging to his mouth




Jade: I’m not a clown at the circus so don’t stare at me that way




He immediately looked forward




She changed the music to a soundtrack of evil laughter




Beck became uncomfortable


But she was enjoying the laughter




He began to wish he stayed away from her like Andre warned




Beck: I’m stopping here, thank you




He pointed to an arcade station but she didn’t even look




She kept chewing the gum and driving




Beck: you just passed where I’m to stop




She still didn’t answer




He sighed in frustration and sat back


Beck: I’m doomed




She gave an evil smirk




Jade: you’re not doomed. I’m not taking you to a crocodile pond to swim like I did to Tedy




Beck: whaaat? You took someone to a crocodile pond and made him swim?




She didn’t answer anymore


He began to breathe faster


To him, Jade was hell






Tori slammed her car door and made towards the building




She was operating her phone as she moved in


She opened the door and walked inside




She wanted to climb the stairs when she heard her name




She groaned as she turned because she knew who it was




Tori: Trina, I’m just coming back from school please




Trina: excuse me… I don’t care. Just give me what I want




She sighed


Tori: okay, what do you want this time?




Trina: your credit card




Tori: whaaat! No way




Trina: really? Wow, okay. I’m leaving and I’ll be back when dad is back from Chicago




Tori: fine, bye. I don’t need you anyway. My friends will be here when I need them




Trina: bye then




She walked past Tori and raced up the stairs to her room




Tori crossed her arms




Tori: I don’t need her anyway




She went up the stairs to her room




Trina Vega is Tori Vega’s elder sister with two years




She is tall and beautiful


But a little plump up than Tori




She’s an attention seeker and loves handsome guys




But she’s quite unfortunate compared to Tori


She never gets the attention she desires and hardly get asked out


She’s one of those girls that never gets a boyfriend




She’s a graduate of Hollywood Arts High School but everyone knows she doesn’t fit to be a student in the school




She has zero talent


She’s an awful singer and dancer


She’s one of the worst actors ever.




So people kept wondering how she got accepted into the school




In HAHS, before a student is been accepted he or she must be auditioned




The day Trina was to be auditioned, only one teacher was available for it.


And that’s Mr Sichowitz




He is very jovial but somehow silly minded


He is brilliant when it comes to his field but numb in others




He is so much in love with coconut milk that he could trade a human for one coconut fruit




What he does is to poke a hole through it and insert a straw and drink the milk




So this particular day, he found out that his cousin sent him a special type of coconut for up to three weeks.


He misplaced it but found it that day




Instead of disposing it, he took it to the audition and began to drink it


Fortunately for Trina, it was her turn to audition




Mr Sichowitz began to hallucinate because the coconut milk was intoxicating him




Everything Trina did was total nonsense but he saw her doing different things and her voice sounded angelic to him




He ended up giving her a Yes




Only few people knows the story of how Trina could enter Hollywood Arts




Sometimes Trina feels intimidated by the way her sister does everything perfectly so she always finds a way to pin her down




This particular day, their dad travelled to Chicago for a movie contract.


Tori has a particular type of phobia when she’s alone




It was there since their childhood


She hates being left alone especially at night


Back then, she used to say that monsters always attacked her when she was alone It started after she watched a horror movie alone



Ever since then, Tori hates being left alone at night




Trina knows well about this so she uses it against her whenever their dad travels




Even though they had house workers, she still had that fear.





She opened the door to her room and closed then sighed softly




Tori: I don’t need her. I can call Jade. Wait no, Jade is scary. I will call Cat.




She hung her bag and removed her shoes then fell on the bed




She called Cat




hey Cat, where are you?




Nona and I are making homemade ice-cream. Then we’re going to see a dog. Wanna join us?




why are you going to see a dog with your grandma? Do you want to buy it?




no, it belongs to my neighbor and he had an accident. We’re paying a visit to the dog to keep it company for the night




okay, my regards to the dog




yay ! Tori sends her regards to the dog




Tori squeezed her face and took the phone away from her ear because Cat was screaming the words out




She hung up and sighed again




It was obvious that Cat would not be chanced to come over




She decided to call Jade




hi Jade




why are you calling me while I’m slaughtering a chicken’s neck and watching it as it struggles to live?




oh my gosh Jade, why will you do that?




cause I’m bored




why don’t you come for a sleepover tonight




I wanna watch my horror CD’s today. Should I bring them?




what no! Just… Just forget it




She hung up and threw her phone away then she groaned frustratingly




She stood up and walked to Trina’s room with her credit card




Tori: you can have it but please don’t spend too much




Trina: now that’s my little sister. Don’t worry, I will take it easy on your money as long as you follow me to the mall and help me carry all my stuff




Tori: can’t you just tag a Maid along?




Trina: no I can’t. So go and shower and meet me downstairs




Tori reluctantly went to her room and showered




She afterwards followed her sister to the mall where her life was even frustrated more by Trina






Beck breathed in relief when he entered into their living room




Jade dropped him off and he was glad he even made it to the end




He closed the door and looked around then shouted




Beck: mom, I’m home




He moved forward and dropped his bag on the only couch in the room then proceeded to the fridge for a cold drink




His mom Mrs Oliver walked out of her room to him




Mrs Oliver : how was your first day of school my little rascal?




She ruffled his hair and he laughed and held her hand




Beck: mom, I’m no longer little and I’m no longer a rascal




She laughed




Mrs Oliver : you are and will forever be my one and only little one




He chuckled and she went to the kitchen to dish out some food for him




He got a text from Andre


don’t forget to meet me by five at the restaurant we talked about




He texted back


see you there




He looked up and his mother dropped the food for him




He settled down and began to eat




Mrs Oliver : Beck, I got a job today




Beck: really? Where?




Mrs Oliver : a museum as a tourist guide




Beck: awesome. What’s the pay?


Mrs Oliver : $2,000




Beck: it’s good




He wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood up


His mom carried the plates




Beck: Andre says he has a job for me so I’m going to meet him by five pm




Mrs Oliver : wow, my regards to him please




He nodded and went to his room to shower








Andre and Beck walked out of the restaurant talking




They walked down the road a little and stopped to take a taxi




Beck was accepted as a waiter and he was to resume the following day, after school till 9pm




Andre: one of the movie producers wants to buy my songs for his soundtrack




Beck: are you willing to sell them?




Andre: I don’t have a choice. Besides, they’re not the only songs I’ve got




Beck: I see you still have that awesome voice and song writing talent




He punched Andre’s shoulder and he laughed and ruffled Beck’s hair




Beck: hey, quit touching my hair




Andre: hahaha, I love your hair. It’s so neat and tidy




Beck: and you’re making it the direct opposite of what you just said




They laughed




A lady parked her car a few metres away from them and got out




They watched her as she tried to call someone to no avail


She looked sad and entered the car again




She began to start the car but it wouldn’t budge




Andre: I think she’s having a problem with her car




Beck: I’ll go and check it out




He moved to the car




Beck: hi, I see you’re having a problem with your car




She looked up at his face then smiled brightly




Lady: I… Yes, I’m having problems with my car. I’ve been trying to call the mechanic but his number is going straight to voicemail




Beck smiled and pushed a strand of hair back from his face




Beck: may I help?




Lady: sure




She shifted and he entered the car and tried to start it




He got out and smiled at the lady who he saw was admiring him




She smiled shyly


Beck: I’ll just check the engine




She nodded and he opened the bonnet of the car and checked




The radiator lacked water so he gently asked her to buy maybe a bottle of water for him




He closed the bonnet and rested on the car like it was his own




The car was red and was quite flashy




Just then, Jade drove past him and actually saw him




Jade: he’s as rich as he looks




She wanted to turn and talk to him but she didn’t




The lady came back with the water and he poured it in




He started the car and the lady was glad




Lady: thank you so much




Beck: you’re welcome Miss




Lady: Nora, that’s my name




Beck: you have a beautiful name. I’m Beck




Nora: nice to meet you Beck




They both smiled at each other




Nora : we should meet some other time. Maybe, grab a drink together




Beck: that would be nice




She took her handbag and brought out her card then stretched it to him




Nora: here is my card. You should call me




Beck: okay, I will. Thanks




Nora: good night Beck




She pecked his cheek




Beck: good night


He hugged her and she entered her car and drove off




Andre: whoaaah, someone’s got a date




Beck got startled




Beck: hey! How did you get here?




Andre laughed




Beck: and she’s not my date




Andre: yes she is. You guys go along well and you fit each other. Besides I saw her pecking you




Beck: nah… She smiles too much. I don’t like it




Andre: you’re so impossible




Beck: hey, did I tell you about my encounter with Jade?




Andre’s eyes widened




Andre: you met that witch. I thought I warned you




Beck: let me tell you everything about how I nearly died in her car……..




They walked home talking about Jade and how scary she is








Beck was going to go straight to the restaurant immediately school was over




He checked his watch and It was just two hours to go




He wanted to walk to class but saw Victorious approaching




He cleared out of the way and he watched them coming




He smiled when he saw Tori


He loved the way she was walking and the serious face she was wearing




Her hair was long and curly and it flew around as she was walking




He leaned on the wall as they passed by




He smiled and turned to see a pretty girl standing beside him




Girl: hi Beck




He sighed


This was like the sixth girl approaching him since today




Beck: hi




Girl: you look so tired. A handsome rich guy like you shouldn’t be too tired. It’s not good for you




She touched his cheek




Beck: uhh, it’s OK. I’m not that tired




Girl: why don’t we hang out after school today?




Beck: no I’ll be…


The girl’s expression changed




Girl: you know what. Never mind. Bye




She quickly hurried away as if she had seen a ghost


Beck turned and screamed when he saw Jade standing right behind him with her hands folded




Jade: hi




He didn’t answer




He moved back so he could create a space between them




Jade: are those girls giving you a hard time?




He swallowed a lump




She smirked and turned around then shouted




Jade: hey everyone listen! Especially the girls! Stay away from Beck! Do not bother him with your problems. Don’t fall in love with him either because of his looks or his money. Do I make myself clear?




Everyone was terrified




The girls began to move away




Beck smirked happily


Jade just helped him




Jade: that’s better


She turned to face Beck again




Beck: thanks Jade


She smiled without showing her teeth




Jade : you’re welcome




Beck was surprised




So Jade even smiles?




















To be continued


Written by Hossy




Describe Jade in your own words, let me go through your comments and see all your descriptions




You can make it funny if you want


I even wanna laugh




Please to make things clear




Victorious is a show that featured on Nickelodeon. It was my favorite so I decided to write a story based on the show.


Everything is mostly my idea and is different from what happened in the movie itself Just read and enjoy


Average Boy








By Hossana Isaac O.

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