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Blue Love Story – Episode 5

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BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




Jaja closed the door of my room and walked sexily towards me. I am lying in my bed, waiting for her to sit on my top. Her na.ked body awaken my desire and my manhood throbbed. She’s so beautiful with her na.ked body. She looks so sexy in her wet hair. Lust rushed through my veins as she climbed up to my bed and crawled. She never let her gazed away from me. She’s smiling, daringly, seductively.


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She positioned herself on top of me, sitting on my stomach. She parted her hair to one side and bitten her lower lip. She’s rubbing her *ss on my stomach and gasping. I quickly rose up, catch her arms, and pushed her beside me. In a swift move, I am now on top of her. I kissed her, deep and hungry kiss. I pushed my lower body between her spread thighs, making her feel my hardened manhood inside my boxer. She gasped and moaned. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and played with hers.


“You’re making me crazy,” I moaned between kissing her. I slid my hand up to her nighties and caressed her bo*bs.


I am in the middle of kissing Jaja when I suddenly woke up. F*ck! It’s just a dream! My abdomen is in pain, my body is hot.


I ran to my bathroom and took a bath, trying to ease the heat inside my body. But it is no use, my lust for Jaja consumed my body. I wrapped my towel on my waist and get out of my room. I searched for Jaja in the kitchen when I didn’t see her in the living room.


She’s still wearing the tight-fitting white dress. It shows the curved of her body that I fantasized. It’s good that it fits her well, I had measured her body yesterday and told her size to my secretary.


She wears one of my apron and was busy washing in the sink. I think she’s washing the plate we had used earlier. I walk towards her quietly.


She gasped when I held her waist and pulled her body against mine. I have to lower my head to reach her nape. I kissed her nape that made her gasp again. She tried to flee but I wrapped my arm around her body.


“Don’t ever try to anger me, slave. Let me do whatever I want,” I whispered to her ear.


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“Please, Master, don’t,” she begged. Her voice cracked,



Lust consumed me. I used my free hand to caress her b*obs. My lips kissed her nape down to her shoulder. I bite her there and slid my tongue to taste her skin. She cried a little but it only leveled up my desire. Her cry brought more lust in me.


I forcefully teared her dress that made her scream. I tied her arms on her back using the torn dress. I lifted her up and positioned her in the sink, she’s now facing me. It’s more easier for me because our face is almost on the same level. I kissed her again, wildly. She was completely confused for awhile but she learned to fight my kiss back.


I let go her lips and walk to the refrigerator. I took the box of a chocolate milk then came back to my slave. She’s still panting, the way she pants is like a music in my ear. I drank the chocolate milk and kissed her again, passing the milk inside of my mouth through her mouth.


“Drink it,” I said. I drank again and pass the milk to her using my mouth. She followed what I said. We did it until the box emptied.


I brushed my tongue on her lips and licked down her jaw down to her neck. She groaned as I bite her neck. She plunged her fingers on my hair. I soon followed her full rich mountains, they’re too big. I sucked her nipple as I caress her another breast.


“What’s this? Aahh!” she cried. She’s heating up too.






JAJA’s Point Of View




What is this feeling?


I am enjoying what he’s doing.


I felt the wetness between my legs. My body is shaking and weakened.


I gasped when he genuinely bite my nipple and licks it again. His one hand is touching my legs up and down until his hand slid into my panty. He played with my clit.


“Ahhh, M-master,” I moaned out of pleasure.


This is new to me. I’ve never experienced this before. My sweat is dripping down to my breast. I feel sticky too because of his saliva showering my na.ked body. He raised my arm up. His tongue wandered on my bre*st up to my axilla. I screamed because of the tingling sensation it brought. He licked it and returned to my bo*bs again.


He’s going to f*ck me, I am sure.


I am frightened with the idea that he’s going to put his manhood into mine. I know


it is painful.


Oh no!


But the way he give me pleasure makes me loose and out of control. I gulped. Am I ready to give it to him? .




BENJAMIN’s Point Of View


I played with her b*obs for a few minutes then I licked her stomach down to her abdomen down to her p*ssy that is still covered with her translucent panty. I pushed her body to make her lean backward.


“You smell good and you’re wet, slave,” I said. I parted her panty to the side and licked her juicy p*ssy.


“Ahhh! What’s happening to me?” she asked out of ecstasy.


“You’re feeling lust, slave,” I answered.


While licking her p*ssy, I am pushing my middle finger into her. She’s so tight that only my finger make her cry in pain. The idea that I am going to break my virgin slave brought up my ego into fire.


I can’t take it anymore. I spread her legs and pointed my hard c*ck on her p*ssy. She cried as I slowly pushed my manhood into her. Little by little, I am entering her. I kissed her and pleasured her to ease the pain of tearing her flesh. Half of my manhood was inside her.


“You are mine now. Mine alone,” I whispered as I fully thrust my whole c*ck.


She shrieked. I saw her tears run down and her face is in pain.


Slowly, I pulled my c*ck and pushed again. Her mouth is wide open while moaning in a lewd way. Her large b*obs flailed as I plunged her hard and fast. “Ma-master, it hurts! Aaahhh!” she squealed.


Her screams, her cries, her moans only fired up my lust. It feels so good. My manhood slithered inside her tight, wet well. The sensation I felt as I f*ck her pleasures me.


“Ma-master, it feels so good,” she said. She got used to my c*ck that’s why she also felt pleasure.


“So tight, slave. Argh! F*cking tight!”


Her fingers scratched my back that made me groan. She screamed and let out her moan loudly.


“Moan for me, slave. Scream the pleasure!” I slapped her face and kissed her aggresively.


She frantically gasp. “Ugh! Master, harder! Ughm! Ughm!” she screamed.


My c*ck throbbed because of her begging. I pounded her hard and fast, faster I


can. I felt her hand grasped my arm and shivered. She’s in the state of delirium. I


know she’s coming.


“Cum for me, slave.”


She moaned every time I thrust her. She look so hot in her na.ked sweating body.


Her hair scattered in her face.


“Master! I-I am coming! Don’t stop! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhh!” she squealed as she laid back, trembling. Her eyes look straight upward in delirium.


I felt her juice covered my manhood. I never stopped pounding her while she’s in her ecstasy situation.


I lifted her up and came up the stairs, not pulling my c*ck inside her.


I am going to take her innocence and wake her up in the world of lust right here in


my bed.






::::::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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