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Almost Is Never Enough – Episode 9

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*Almost is never enough* ❤ #9


*Last chapter*




The police started investigating while ben was still in the hospital he was doing his surgery,next day I was discharged I went him dad dropped me off,and I was home alone until my mom joined me I went to the bedroom and prayed for my son’s safety and Ben to be okay I don’t want to lose them both.


2 weeks passed and they couldn’t find my son,until one morning got a call from the police and they said. They caught a lady with a baby was about to leave the



country, I immediately rushed to the police and confirmed it was bertha I smiled and told her who’s dead now I got the baby from her and and I couldn’t believe I was holding Tristan I called mom and she was always waiting for Ben in the hospital and she told me to come to the hospital.


Mom:Ben has finished his last surgery and his will be recovering soon

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Me:I smiled I thank God Tristan was okay I missed him nor being around him made me sick I felt disturbed I kissed him and he was smiling.

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30 minutes later….


Me and Tristan arrived at the hospital we entered the male ward and and mom was glad to see Tristan healthy and kicking I took the baby and put him next to Ben.


Me:junior see your dad try to wake him up so he can see how big you’ve grown I told mom to go home it was my turn to wait for Ben she went and took the baby with her.


Mom:I will take care of the baby don’t worry.


I smiled police called me to say they found bertha guity she’s mentally disturbed ever since her husband left her so was keeping Tristan with her mother so was arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder,I was shocked I allowed the devil herself to my the evening I slept while holding bens hand and he moved his hand and talked. More interesting stories available…


Ben:honey am sorry I let bertha destroy our family.


Me:don’t worry baby everything will be ok I called the.nurses and they gave him medications and he slept.

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In a week Ben was discharged and they discharged him because I was a nurse and could take care of him.


I helped him up and dad drove us home and we found Mildred and the rest of my family waiting for us we all had lunch and soon Ben fully recovered cause I never miss any medication,I later accepted to work at university teaching hospital and told Ben the news and he was so happy for me.


Ben and Tristan had gone for a walk he put baby Tristan in the push chair .i prepared lunch for Ben i even cooked his favorite rice and beef stew ,he got home



and handed the baby to me and he was fast asleep I put him to sleep Tristan was already turning 6months, I went back to the living room and Ben said I have a surprise.


Me:what is it lets eat first


Ben:no it wont take long


He grabbed my hand and he said open your eyes


two plane tickets to go to paris I was,excited I jumped and hugged him.


Ben:will have our second honeymoon (teasingly)we laughed we kissed passionately I was so in love with Ben i didn’t explain


A week later we left Tristan with his grandma and off we went we arrived and in Paris it was great and we explored the view was amazing we went in the pool and made love there we made love the whole night and slept off.


Me,Tristan,and Ben lived happily Ben and I had another baby girl after one year her name was Karen we all smiled and happy we lived




*The End..*

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