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The Prince Maiden – Episode 3

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Chapter 3



Allison’s POV


“Is this Prince crazy? Why did he choose me!!!”


“He is in for trouble. He’ll be the one to send me out of his house at last. This is unbelievable!”


“Muuummmmm!!!!!!” I screamed ignoring the stares I was receiving. “I’m here dear” mum was smiling


“Why are you smiling?” I frowned at her ” I’m not getting married to that scumbag”


“The Queen has mentioned your name and that’s final. I’m so happy for you my dear” mum said

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“Aren’t you angry, I’m dressed like this?” I asked


“No I’m not sweetheart, who knows, if you hadn’t dressed that way the Queen mightn’t have chosen you”


“I can’t believe you’re my mother”


“Let’s all go and prepare for the wedding coming up this night. Our Prince is going back tomorrow” The Queen announced.


Everyone left in twos and threes.


“Is that all!!? Mum do something”


“Yes baby, let’s get prepared for your wedding.”


“Why are you suddenly calling me sweet names?” I asked in frustration.

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“I know you’re angry but please let’s not cause a scene. I promise, after six months and you still don’t want him, I’ll help you but you must also perform your wifely duties too”


“Mum six months right?”


“Yes, I promise. Six months”


I grudgingly followed her home to prepare for my so called wedding.


“I can’t wait for six months, I know what to do”

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Tyler’s POV



“I can’t believe you did that to me mum, among all the girls standing it’s that crazy girl you chose.”


“I love her and she has a generous heart”


“I don’t care about generosity. How do I mould that to my taste? Didn’t you see the way she dressed?”


“What’s wrong with her dressing? It shows she’s not after your money.”


“I don’t want her, choose another person”


“Let’s make a deal, stay with her for six months and perform your husband duties, if after that you still don’t want her I’ll know what to do”


“I can’t even take her to an event” I whined


“You can and you will. Remember she’s your wife”


I looked at mum for a few seconds and went to my room.



“The Minister is holding an event and you have to attend with your wife” Mum shouted.






The Wedding


I watched as she walked through the aisle to meet me at the other end.


I grimaced internally as she walked with stilettos. If care is not taken, she’s going to fall down anytime soon.


I wonder when on earth she would wear a smart dress.


As a prince, my wedding is supposed to be a big but I thank Heavens it’s not really big else she would have disgraced me this same way.


Cameras are rolling and I’m sure the wedding is playing live on local channels.


I looked at her from her head to her toes again.


She deemed the occasion important enough for her to pack her hair in a ponytail, she’s wearing probably her great great grandmother’s wedding dress. The style is so out of date.


Why isn’t mum doing anything about it?


I searched the crowd for her mother and found her hands over mouth in shock.


She’s definitely not aware of her child’s dressing.


I turned to look at mum, she’s smiling so hard her mouth will tear.


I turned back to look at the bride.


The flowers in her hands had seen hard days and are dead.


I couldn’t cry, why’s this girl doing this to me!!


I looked at her feets, she was wearing a flip flop and socks!!


Did she come from another planet?!


When she got to me, she opened her teeth and grinned at the camera.


Each tooth is painted with different color.


We both turned to my father because he’s the one anchoring our wedding rites as the King.


“Do you Tyler Stones take Allison as your wife?”


“I do ” I answered calmly though I’m boiling underneath “Do you Allison……”


“Allison Porridge” Allison grinned at dad


Dad’s mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ before he continued. “Do you Allison Porridge take Tyler as your husband?”


“Yes I doing” she smiled


“I pronounce you husband and


wife” Dad announced “you may kiss your bride”


She opened her mouth for me to see her tongue, it was painted with different colours also.


“I’ll pass” I whispered to Dad and smiled at the cameras.


After the vows she took off to only God knows where.



The Queen’s POV



“I hope I’m doing the right thing Dennis” I held my husband’s arm as I watched the Newly Weds go home.


“I trust your decisions dear, but why did you choose her if I may ask?”


“I don’t know, I just love her daring spirit, she reminded me of my youth. I did worse than her” I laughed


“Thank God you’re soft now” Dennis pinched my nose in admiration


“I pray nothing goes wrong”


“Me too” Dennis added quietly.




Tyler’s POV



After she left me standing yesterday, she came back this morning with her luggages.


Now we’re on our way back to Ohio and we’ve been silent since the beginning of the journey.


“Aren’t you going to talk?” I asked


“What talking am I talking. I like silencing and no disturb. Let me alone on peace!” She said and continued looking out the window


“Oh God, what have I gotten myself into??”





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