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Stigma – Episode 3

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(Episode 3)



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Natasha and Francis started off as friend before they became lovers, they dated for a while, Francis was the only child of his wealthy parents, He was also doing well for him self,



Francis owned a very big firm, he was a successful young man and it was obvious that he had fallen deeply In love with Natasha who felt the same too.

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Twelve months into their relationship, Francis proposed to Natasha. The marriage proposal


came to Natasha as a surprise as she wasn’t expecting it too soon. Her heartbeat was uncontrollable and She was having mixed feelings of both fear and excitement; she was afraid of the fact that her reckless past would stand as a hindrance to the beautiful love story, right in front of her. She was scared that Francis would walk away, if he ever found out that she was once a prostitute, She was nervous!




“Francis, why me?” She asked looking into his eyes,


“Because you have stolen my heart and everything just feels so right with you, I want you to be my wife” he replied. Francis stretched his hand as he was holding a golden ring with the tip of his fingers and he held Natasha’s hand, he was so into her and didn’t want to hold back any chance he had to make Natasha his wife.




On the other hand, Natasha fell into deep thoughts, she kept contemplating on whether to tell Francis the truth about her past or conceal it. “What if he finds out on his own, what if someone tells him? Oh Lord please I don’t want to be disgraced again, I don’t want to be heartbroken, I have vowed never to get married but I fell in love with Francis the very first time we met” She thought to herself.

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As the atmosphere became quiet, Francis had to break the silence by asking Natasha again if she would marry him.


“I love you alot and we have dated for a while, but I just think it’s not enough reason to get married “Natasha finally responded


“what are your fears?” Francis asked but she was mute.



“Natasha, I know Marriage is not a child’s play and with the rate of divorce in the society we live in, can make one decide to remain unmarried, but our love story is different, please don’t doubt my love, if you look closely, you will get to see and feel the genuineness of my feelings but honestly, if you weren’t driving me crazy, I wouldn’t be here. I really do love you and I want to marry you and be with you forever, If you would just say yes, please say yes, our love is forever” he said.




Natasha was confused and didn’t know what to do, but one thing she knew was that she didn’t want to lose Francis. Read more interesting stories on Topster-stories app. “I can’t afford to tell him the truth about my reckless past right now, he might leave and if someone else tells him later on, he will still leave, please Lord I don’t want to lose him” she thought to herself.


“Yes I will marry you” Natasha said and Francis jumped for joy.


“I love you, i will make you happy and we will always be together, I promise” He told Natasha.


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All through that day, Natasha couldn’t concentrate. She was so worried and excited at the same time. “What am I going to do?” She asked herself and fell into deeper thoughts. She had a history of men taking a hike immediately they learn about her past, so she was scared that could be the case with Francis.




Natasha made up her mind to reveal To Francis her dirty past life, when next day they met. “I can’t lose Francis, not this time and I can’t afford to be disappointed and heart broken again, I will tell him why I choose that path years ago, before he finds out from someone else, I pray he understands!” She said to herself.




End Of Episode 3


To Be Continued

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