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Dirty Daughter – Episode 10

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by berlie








Chapter 10


Never ever disobey your parents ever! Because even the bible condemns it. If I had listen to my parents not to leave the house or to live a decent life I wouldn’t have been in this situation right now.


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Instead of blood to be transported to my heart through my veins, fear replaced it as


I watched Kesha’s lifeless body on the floor, the club owner had called the cops on


me but my girls told me to run and I ran not knowing where to turn to, I called Ken


but his phone wasn’t going through, who will I call, what am I going to do? I called


Ken again and this time he picked.


“Ken Ken” I breathed out.


“Joanne, is that you, what’s up?” He asked.


“Ken, please can I crash at your place, I have a lil tiny problem” I blurted out. “Sure, where are you so I’ll come pick you up” he said I breathed out a sigh of relieve, I looked around to find anything familiar to identify where I was, my eye caught a popular eatery.


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“I’m at dork eateries, please ken be discreet and don’t tell anyone” I pleaded. “Okay. Anything for my baby girl, I love you” he said lowly and I rolled my eyes, if he knows the hot mess I’m in right now, those words would be the last thing he’d say.


“I love you too” I tell him but I didn’t really care right now.


I waited on the street since it was dark and almost morning, I checked the time and it was around 2am. It’s morning already, I slipped my phone in my pocket and sat down on one of the bricks I saw on the floor.


Soon a light flashed in my eyes, I blinked my latches and saw Ken’s as he stood in front of the light and I struggled to take a good look at him. He helped me up and kissed me on my lips.


“I missed you so much” he smiled and I gave him a fake smile too.


“I missed you so…can we please go” I said as I saw some people coming.


“Sure” he said tracing where my eyes went and he let out a small laugh.


“Scared much?” He asked.


“Me? Scared of what? please let’s got” I scoffed and he smiled and led me to his car opening the door for me, I got in and we drove off.


Minutes later we pulled over at a fancy mansion and the gate opened on its own.


“Hope your parents ain’t home?” I asked and he smiled.


“No, you are scared of parents?” He teased and I rolled my eyes.


“You are fond of rolling your eyes” he playfully punched my arms.


“And you are fond of smiling, can we please just go inside” I opened the door and stepped on his porch as he joined me and held my hands.


“welcome to my humble home” he opened the door dramatically. I was restless, if he knew what I just did, I’m sure I’d be on the streets by now. “Nice” I faked smile as he had a puzzled look on his face.



“What’s up with you Joanne?” He asked as he stepped closer to me. “Please Ken, I’m fine I just need to rest” I pushed him back lightly. “Okay let me show you to your room” he led me upstairs. The house is breathtaking, his parents is fu.cking rich, I was too tensed so I didn’t pay attention to the beauty of the house. I just killed someone. Oh my God I still can believe it Joanne just murdered a soul.


Ken led me to a room beautifully arranged, it was obvious that a girl had stayed in


the room but I didn’t bother to ask because I was more focused on my problem, I


needed to sleep and think of my life and what’s the next thing to do, I can’t tell Ken


right now, he’d hate me completely.


“Okay make yourself com…”


“I will, thank you” I interrupted and sat on the bed, it was comfy.


“Would you like anything?” He asked.


“Yes” I replied.


“What?” He asked.


“I need my privacy” I tell him and he felt embarrassed.


“Oh I’m sorry, I’d leave you then, good night” he tried to force a smile. “more like good morning” I rolled my eyes as he left closing the door behind him. I lay on the bed and checked the internet I saw my face all over


“The daughter of a well known pastor who recently revealed the dirty secrets of her supposed father has been killed by another of his child Joanne H. Quay. The deceased who was identified to be a Kesha H. Quay; May her perfect soul rest in peace was found dead…” I was interrupted by the sound of my door as it clicked opened and I jerked in fear.


“Oh I’m sorry if I startled you or something” he apologised.


“No problem Ken…what is it you wanted to say?” I asked and he curved his brow in confusion.


“Yea, right! I wanted to tell you that..” He stuttered and scratch his head looking round his room as my eye trailed his.


“The shower! Yes the shower” he announced.


“What about the shower?” I asked raising my brow in confusion.


“It’s good, it’s soothing” he said slowly and I had a puzzled look on.


“Ken, what do you really want to talk about?” I asked because I was tired of all this his drama.


“Well I wanted to talk about us” he scratched his head again as he sighed.


“Us as in?” I asked.



“I’m your boyfriend for Christ sake and you don’t talk to me” he said moving closer to me because he was standing by the door.


“Talk to you? I don’t get” I grunt. Honestly I don’t understand that communication part of a relationship because my past relationship it was just party and sex and Fred was the only one out of all my ex that I actually was close to me and we never talked about any personal issues, only some crazy ones, SOMETIMES!! and I’m not used to telling anyone anything except my girls.


“What do you mean, we are in a relationship for crying out loud” he scoffed and I could see he was hurt.


“Ken, can we please talk about this in the morning?” I faced the other side and used the duvet to cover my legs. He looked at me for a while before heading out. I sighed and lay in bed. Ken is just blabbing, how I wish he knew what the fu.ck I’m going through, I tried my girls number, it wasn’t going and I texted them but no one replied but my parents almost blew up my phone with calls and Jaden also called a few times but I declined them all. I drifted off to sleep without knowing but a tear dropped from my eyes because I knew my life was over, if I keep running I’d be fugitive, if I show myself, I’d be jailed or even killed. …


I woke up the next morning or let me just say, i woke up later because I slept in the morning anyways to a familiar scent of scrambled egg and toasted bread. I stretch myself and got off the bed and saw a card on it.


‘Meet me downstairs when you are done” I read aloud. I looked to my right and saw clothes neatly folded on the bed with a card in it also. “Wear this” I read again.


I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, had my bath and came back into the room.


I wasn’t having an appetite but I just forced myself to eat anyways and went downstairs.


I now had a better look at the house, it was well decorated and had nice couch and


flat screened TV placed on the wall with some flowers guarding it, oh my God did


I just guard? I’m officially crazy!! and I saw a maid, I didn’t see her yesterday,


maybe she was sleeping.


“You!” She exclaimed.


“Do I know you?” I questioned and she looked scared if me.


“Yes, you! The girl on TV who killed…”


“Shut up!” I shouted.


“What’s going on here?” Ken interrupted and I flicked.


“Nothing-no-th-in” I stuttered.


“Go back to work Fiona!” Ken ordered and a breath of relief escaped me. “Are you okay Joanne?” He faced me and ran his hand through my hair romantically.


“Good morning darling” I pecked his cheeks and he was surprised.


“Morning princess” he smiled and I gave a fake smile too.


“You are going home now right?” He asked.


“No. God. No, you are going out?” I asked and he shakes his head sideways indicating no.


We remained silent till I broke the silence and told him I’d be resting upstairs.


“How about we spend time together” he scoffed.


“Later, I’m very tired now” I replied and ran upstairs before he could say a word. I breathed out as I closed the door with my back on the door and I slipped down working my hands through my hair as I sobbed. I then leaped to the bed and sat there crying some more.


“Joanne! You killed your sister” Ken barged in and I raised my head up and I saw him angry, very angry. Lord! I’m finished. .







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