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My Marriage Diary – Episode 4

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That was even still small until I felt a pain in my stomach and I discovered that I had lost the baby.


“Ahh, see what you have done to me” I said to no one in particular.


I was the only one in the hospital room.


“Hello madame, I am sorry to tell you that you lost your baby as a result of miscarriage. It was your husband who brought you here” the female doctor said to me.


“Hmm, miscarriage, you say, did he tell you the cause of the miscarriage” I asked the female doctor.


“Without you telling me, I can see marks of beating on your body, look at your teeth, it has been removed, look at your face battered by beating, so I don’t need a mirror to confirm nor a test to say that you are a victim of domestic violence” The doctor said to me.


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This time I had started to weep, when the female doctor continued.



“It is better you speak up now, and save your life or else you might lose it the next time” The female doctor said to me.


“But I love this man, I don’t know why he is doing like this to me” I said to the female doctor who was already having pity for me.


“I can see that the love is just one sided because I can’t imagine a man bringing you here and leaving for the house, I just can’t imagine” The female doctor said to me.


“So you mean that he left for the house after he brought me here” I asked her.


“Let me ask you, when you were dating him, didn’t you see all this traits in him” The doctor asked me.


“It is true that I saw all these traits in him but then love covered my eye, I was already old then ma’am, I needed love, all the other guys that were on my neck did not love me then, they were only after my skirt and because I was just losing too m any of them so I had to use everything possible to hold Jude down” I said to the female doctor.


“Like what and what” She asked getting interested.

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“ I used S3# to try and hold him down” I said to her. “Hmm, did it now work” She asked me.


“Not even for once and all he does was to label me wh0re” I said to her.

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“That is one of the major reason he sees you as the cheap one in the marriage, when a woman did not place worth on herself, then she would be used as a punching bag, anyways you are into the marriage already it is the way out that is necessary” She said to me.


“You are right ma’am” I said to her.


“So please which advise can you give to me as a way out” I asked the doctor.



“It is you that will determine the way out of this mess yourself, no one will but I advise you to use your brain properly” She said as she was about leaving.


“No man is what your tears and suffering” She added as she left.


I began to think on my own, should I divorce him and remarry, but I was already 38years old this time, I cried because I don’t know the option that will be best for me, I had weighed different options.


I was a the bed when I started to remember a particular guy when I was into Jude, this guy named Kelvin was on my neck but he was not the type of man I love then, I was so selective, he was having a job but his salary was not up to the one I pay my gateman, he was dark in complexion and was a little bit attractive, he was slim with no broad chest but he had a large sense of humor, I do see pity and sorrow in his eye anything he noticed that I was not feeling fine, he proved to be a man to me by almost using all his savings on me.


“Please just give me a chance to love you and see if we can be together” He asked me.


“You and me” I laughed at him even in the presence of my friend Anita.


“Don’t you see that we are not compatible, you are not handsome, you are not tall, can’t stand beside me, you only have a sense of humor” I will always say to him.


Although, my words to him were harsh and always ridiculed him, he was still after me, until sometimes I no longer hear from him again. It was just a month after my marriage that I saw him with my own friend Anita.


“Anita baby, don’t tell me he is your boyfriend or fiancée” I asked her.


“What would a poor girl like me do, he was always begging me to talk to you to accept his proposal and since it seems


you were not ready, one day I asked him if you were the only one he must marry or interested in but he said he just love you” Anita said.



“And since you were married and I saw husband material in him, I decided to let him know that if he wants to date me , I was available and he told me yes and we are together and taking the relationship to the next level” Anita said.


I was in shock the last time I saw him before I started having serious issue with Jude, he was looking very smart, I believe Anita had polished him to her taste, he was more handsome as his black was shining even under the sun, I was really jealous but he is now my friends fiancée and we the way she always talk about hoe he cares for her even though he was collecting lesser salary than her, she never allow her to suffer.


For you to know, Anita was a beautiful lagos big girls that I can’t even imagine can settle for a guy like Kelvin but when they say the Love is sweet when you are with the right person it is the truth and sweeter when there is money but here I am, I was selective , now I am with a man with a broad chest, six packs. Cash and fashionable who cheats on me everyday and a woman beater.


I was snapped back to life with the light of the room on, and standing before me was Jude with his mother and brother, they were there to beg for him I guess.


“Candy, I am sorry, please it was the devil’s handiwork” Jude said to me. Candy was the name he loves to call me though.


“Please my daughter, he has realise his mistake , please find a place in your heart to forgive him”His mother begged.


I wanted to scream for them to leave the room because if he had killed me, there is no one to beg for me then.


I just look away from them, as I was not ready to forgive even to go home with them I was not ready, I needed enough time to rest.


It was at this junction that the female doctor walked him and told Jude that I had lost the baby. I could see some fear and guilt on his face, he looked really unhappy but I was not ready to forgive and if I forgive I can’t go back to that house who knows maybe that will be the end of the show for me, so it is better I stay a little at the hospital.



After much pressure from them and from the female doctor who talked to Jude that he should stop all his b@d behavior and cherish me with all he has.


“Don’t you know that if you beat a woman, you are beating yourself” the female doctor said to him.


“Women should not be seen as s3# figure in your home but second half, and even part of your body, if you treat a woman like a queen, she will treat you like a king, if you give her all your heart, love and care, a woman can die for you, if you cherish her body, she will never make you cry, she is your support at home, so please cherish her” The female doctor advised him.


“It is only a weak man that beat his wife” His mother added.


“You see the life of a man is in his wife hand, she can open the gate for outsider to come in and you will not know, she can also close the gate. If a woman kneels on her two legs and pray for you early in the morning and everyday, my dear you are the richest and the most blessed man on earth, because her prayer will go a long way to make you successful but if she curses you always, you might be the most poorest man, even though you have wealth because what is wealth without peace” The doctor finally said.


“Do you think only a guy can cheat on her woman, NO, the one of a woman would be worst if she start to do her own, she will continue to deceive you that she love you but it is a lie there is someone out there, so bro take care of your wife and stop cheating on her for you to last longer” His younger brother said to him.


At this point, it was the first time, I saw Jude crying like a baby, I was moved myself that I wanted to cuddle him and place his head on my chest, it was then I know that most men have a baby heart but they just act tough outside to prove they are men.


That day, I forgave him and he change towards me, there was no more strange calling, he takes me out on a date and we really start to e



njoy our marriage until after a year that I have given birth to a boy. I was now adding much weight, I wanted to check it but it was not going down, I gym but no it is was coming down. This was where another problem started.


“Why are you so sluggish in bathing quickly is it your fat body that is causing all this, why all these stretch mark….why all….

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