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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 7

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Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


“What? Like seriously? Are you really competing with Ronato? “asked Alicia. “I have no intention of competing with him. I was only trying to make him understand my view about the patient. But the director intervene. That is what he really wants “Patricia replied. “I’m sure Ronato would be confident by now. No one has ever win against him in any kind of competition. I’m afraid you might lose to him “said Alicia. “No I won’t accept it. I won’t allow him to defeat me. I must win this challenge at any cost. I have never been defeated before, nor will I be defeated now. I always win “said Patricia. “Don’t be too sure about that……..


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Ronato is an excellent doctor. He never fails too. He is intelligent “she declare. “But I’m not dull either…….. Just trust me Alicia. I’ll make sure I win this challenge


“said Patricia. “Alright……. I trust you “said Alicia, but Patricia is still scared to


lose on the other hand.


Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


“So what are you planning on doing now? Are you just going to sit and watch her win ?”asked Alfredo. “There is nothing I can do anymore. The test is being carried out. I can’t do anything but to wait for the result to come out “replied Ronato. “But what if the result turns out to be in her favour, what are you going to do then? “asked Alfredo. “That will never happen. I never fail. I must win this challenge. I won’t let my love for her get the best of me. I know Patricia is really brilliant. But that doesn’t mean she can defeat me. I am undefeated. Just trust me Alfredo. The winner would be no other than me “Ronato assured. “I trust you bro “said Alfredo.





Innocencia P. O. V.


(At home, sitting on the sofa, looking moody) Then Sabrina enters. “Innocencia, what’s the matter? I’ve been asking you ever since you returned back from school but you refused to tell me “said Sabrina. “I’m fine mother “Innocencia replied.

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“You are fine? But why do you look so moody? “she asked again. “I’m just not feeling well “replied Innocencia. “You are not feeling well? But you just told me that you are fine. It seems you don’t know the true meaning of being fine. The act of being fine attached to many things. If one is happy, it means he/she is fine. And if one is healthy, it also means that person has the quality of being fine. And also if one is good looking, people uses fine for that same person. But you don’t seem to have any of the qualities I mentioned “she explained. “Never mind mother. I bet you can’t understand “said Innocencia. “Well then, suit yourself “said Sabrina as she departed.


After few hours, Angelica arrived at samigel in Mexico. First, she branched an hotel and entered the building. On getting to the reception, the receptionist attended to her. Then she requested for a room which she would live in for 3 month. Then the receptionist handed her the key to her room. Then she went to the second floor where her room number is located. She unlocked the door and entered the room. “I am back Antonio. And I’m back for good. Now you are going to be mine. Sabrina wouldn’t be able to get in the way of my love for you. My arrival at Mexico is going to be the worse nightmare you’ve ever had Sabrina. Antonio is mine and mine alone “she said to herself.






Nurses P. O. V.



“Hold on girls, who do you think would win this contest? Is it Doctor Gomez or doctor Domingo? “Lucia put aside her work as she brought up a conversation. “In my own opinion, I know doctor Domingo would win the challenge. Have you all forgotten she’s a brilliant doctor? “said Christina as Delia interrupted. “And have you also forgotten that doctor Gomez is also a brilliant doctor. I’ve been under doctor Gomez’s supervision for years and he hasn’t made any mistake yet. Apparently, doctor Domingo is still a new doctor in this hospital. All we hear is that she is an intelligent doctor. But still, she hasn’t proven herself yet. So what gives you the assurance that she would win this challenge Christina. “Enough of the argument you guys. The result is yet to come out and you’ve started concluding “Laurette uttered in a frustrated tone. Then she face Lucia. “And it’s your fault Lucia “said Laurette. “Wait a minute! How is it my fault? “asked Lucia. “You brought up this conversation, didn’t you? Don’t you have anything else to do apart from gossiping other people’s actions and competency “she replied. “Just mind your own business. As far as I could remember, you weren’t the one I was talking to. You’ve always been against my words until now. I am not going to allow it anymore “Lucia spoke out in an angry tone. “You two stop it. Are you now going to fight just because of this little conversation? Well if that’s the case, then let’s stop it. No one is going to say anything until the result is finally out. Do you hear me? “Delia said.





Antonio P. O. V.


Few minutes later, a male doctor came in along with a file in his hand. “Oh Anhel. How was it? “Antonio requested. “Successful doctor. The result is finally out. Have it “Anhel handed over the result to him and he collected it. He opened the result and a cute smile drew out of his face. Then he picked up the landline telephone and called on a nurse. “Hello Candela, come right into my office immediately “then he dropped the telephone.


A minute later, Candela came in and greeted. “Good day to you director. Good day to you doctor Anhel “. “Good day to you Candela “Anhel and Antonio chorused. Then Antonio stretched the result towards her. “This includes the result file of the patient that was rushed in a while ago. I want you to pass it on to doctor Domingo and doctor Gomez. Understood? “he instructed. “Very well doctor “she replied as she exit.



Angelica P. O. V.


(In her hotel room) She picked up her phone, trying to call Antonio but he isn’t picking up. She sent messages but no reply. “Antonio is really avoiding me. He doesn’t pick up my calls anymore. And that is probably because of that crazy woman. After what we’ve been through for the past ten years ago. After what we shared together. You don’t seem to value any of them anymore. No problem. It won’t be long before we see eye to eye once again. Then you’ll finally know what I am capable of doing to you “said Angelica.



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Alfredo & Ronato P. O. V.


(Alfredo’s office). “So how is it going now Ronato? “asked Alfredo. “Well I’ve gotten the news already that the result is out. Delia informed me few minutes ago “Ronato responded. “So who won? “he asked again, looking curious. “How should I know? I haven’t seen the result. Delia didn’t know about it either. All we just have to do is wait and have faith “replied Ronato. “And you, how are you feeling now? “asked Alfredo. “To be frank with you bro, I’m really feeling paranoid. I will remain restless until I see the result “Ronato replied. “Don’t panic too much bro. I have full faith in you “said Alfredo as Candela showed up at the entrance. “May I come in? “she knocked. “Please do “replied Alfredo as Candela found her way in. “Doctor Marcesa instructed me to give you this “she stretched over the result to Ronato. “Okay thanks “he collected it. “Well then, I’ll take my leave now doctors “said Candela. “Alright Candela “Ronato and Alfredo chorused as she found her way out of the office. “Is that the result? “Alfredo requested, feeling eager. “I guess……….”he opened the result. “Yes it “he responded. “And?……. So tell me. Who won? “asked Alfredo as Ronato smile to himself.





Patricia P. O. V.


(In her office) Candela knocked. “May I come in? “she requested. “Sure Candela “she replied. She enters. This is the outcome of the test we carried out. The full result is in this file “said Candela as she gave the paper to Patricia. “Okay. Thanks a lot Candela. You may take your leave now “said Patricia. “Sure doctor “said Candela as she left. Then Alicia entered instantly. “How does it go Patricia? Who



won? “she asked curiously. Patricia opened the result and lifted her face up to Alicia, looking unhappy.







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