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Gay High School – Episode 5

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By Destiny Godfrey.




Episode 5.








“I choose …Alex.” I blurted and Fred glared angrily at me.


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“That’s my boy.” Alex said whimsical.


Mason shook his head and smiled. While Eric Sat on his bed, glaring at me.



“Stay away from everything that concerns me.” Fred told me with a voice that depicts anger and hatred.


“W…hy?” I asked but he huffed and covered his body with the duvet.


“Fred, you shouldn’t be harsh.” Alex said.


“Don’t talk to me, Alex.” Fred yelled from the duvet.


“C’mon, Fred, it hasn’t come to that, you asked him a question and he gave you his reply. You shouldn’t be pissed.” Alex ventured. Fred didn’t reply.



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I sighed deeply. I wouldn’t have replied if I know it would be like this.


“Don’t feel guilty, come over.” Alex said to me.






The night was cold, it’s raining heavily outside and there was a thunderstorm.


I laid underneath the duvet shivering with cold. Alex cradled me in his arms, though it was awkward but, I felt relaxed. His body was quite comforting.


Then I drifted to sleep. Peaceful, dreamless sleep.




™Next morning




“HEY prefects…” was the first voice that penetrated my ear. I opened my eyes a little. And saw Jeffrey standing in the middle of the room.


“You all are still sleeping, it’s 9pm yet no one is in the school.” Jeffrey yelled as he shook Fred.


Fred yawned loudly and fell back asleep.


“Damn it…you are the one who supposed to be waking the student, yet you are sleeping like a baby.” Jeffrey yelled and Fred sobered and flinched as Jeffrey told him the time.



“Oh God,…Eric, Mason, Alex…get up.” Fred yelled throwing pillows at them. “And you…what are you still doing here?” Fred yelled at me. And I uncoiled from the bed.


Jeffrey looked intently at me and I looked back at him, he quickly look away.


“Jeffrey, He’s no longer my son, you can do him whatever you like.” Fred told Jeffrey, referring to me.


Jeff winked and I shuddered and look at Fred pleadingly.


He scoffed and look away.


Eric suddenly woke up and glared at Jeffrey. “Stop glaring at me, like I steal your money.” Jeffrey sneered.


“You know, I hate seeing you.” Eric fired.


“And I don’t care of what you hate or like.” Jeffrey returned.


“Its seems you want to leave this room with a broken teeth.” Eric grunted.


Making Jeff laughed.


“Says the boy, who can’t beat a rat.” Jeff grinned.


Eric huffed and stood up from the bed. He walked closer to Jeffrey.


“Am only sparing you today cause, I dreamt killing you. So I don’t want to be a murderer. But next time I won’t spare you if you exchange words with me.” Eric threatened.


Before Jeff could speak. Fred intervened.


“Calm down guys. . You both are grown ups, so stop acting childish.” Fred said.


Jeffrey huffed and thumped out of the room.


I sighed and walked to the bathroom.









“Oliver, you need to seat at the back.” Jimmy mumbled .


“Are you chasing me out?” I asked.


“No…Not at all…but we have Literature now.”


“And so?” I sneered.


He inhaled deeply and said.


“The teacher is dangerous…he’s a big-time gay.”


“And so?” I asked again.


“Look, Oliver you are beautiful, everyone knows that… this man we’re talking about don’t take beautiful boys for granted, he’s even worse than Jeffrey.” He explained and I rolled my eyes.


“Am handsome, not beautiful.” I sneered.


Before he could say a word


The Literature teacher walked into the class. He’s a young man of about 32 years precisely.


He’s quite muscular and handsome.


“Good day sir.” The class chorused. But he ignored everyone and looked at me.


“HEY boy.” He said with a smile.


“Come with me.” He quipped immediately. “To?” I asked.


“My office.” He said and I shrugged and started following him ignoring the warning eyes from Jimmy.


We walked to his office block and got in. He closed the door immediately.


And looked at me.


Then he drew me to himself and kissed me roughly.




A teacher!


I tried to resist but he held my head.



“Stop struggling boy…just Calm down.” He said as he let go of me. I rushed to the door in tears but it w


as locked.


I tried opening it, but all attempts went futile.


I turned back to him and gasped. His trouser has been pulled down. He brought his dick and I shot my eyes.


“C’mon boy, calm down.” He said and beckoned me to come closer.

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“What do you want?” I asked in tears.


He chuckled and said. “Oral sex…just that.” He blurted.


I was bashful for a while. This man is Damn crazy.


I stood still like a palm tree, thinking of what to say or do.


Then drawing my courage like a shield of valour.


I spoke vehemently with a voice similar to the roar of a lion.




“You have to do it …or I will force you.” He threatened.


I chuckled trying to hide my fears.


“If you can.”


Seriously, I don’t know how the courage came.


Then he pulled me forcefully and drag down my short.


I struggled with all the strength in me.


I fought with great prowess.


I kicked with my tiny legs.


I punched with my little fist.


But it was just like a fight between a baby monkey and a matured gorilla.


He successfully pulled my short and I used my fingers and poke his eyes.


He cried aloud and I made for the door as I pulled my short on.


I struggled to open the door.



Then I felt his hands, drawing my slim waist.


His other hand, slid down my short and pant.


Then I felt his dick trying to pass through my ass.


I cried and pleaded.


But he was reluctant.


Somehow, I managed to used my hands to grab his pe.nis behind.


I pressed harder and go for his balls.


That’s his weak point. He quickly surrendered but I still squeezed with all strength in me. He collapsed to the floor and I made for the keys.


I opened the door and hurried off, while crying my eyes out.


The anger and grieve in me, is second to none. I felt like killing someone at the moment.


It’s already break time and students gathered outside. I ignored everyone, and ran in tears.


Then a hand drew me backward. It was Alex.


“What’s wrong.” He asked with total concern


“Leave me alone…” I cried and pinched his hands.


He released the grip and I ran as fast as i could.


Then, Fred dragged me.


“What’s wrong ex school son.” He said mockingly


“You’re looking for me right. You’ve got yourself into trouble and you’re now looking for me.” He teased and smirked.


“Don’t be foolish.” I yelled and he released his grip looking abash.


I ran to the hostel and the door was locked. From inside.



I knocked continuously and Eric opened it and stood, blocking the doorway.


“Where do you think you are going to?” He asked.


“Get out of the way.” I yelled and he looked surprise for a while.


But he wasn’t ready to leave the door.


So I kicked him on his groin and he fell to the floor.


I entered inside the room and met Mason pressing his phone.


“What’s wrong Boy?” He asked but I ignored him and started packing my things.


Am leaving this school…Now.


“C’mon, talk to me…” Mason urged as he held my hand.


“Let me go!” I cried.


“No way, talk to me Oliver, what’s wrong?” Mason asked.


Then I angrily bit his hands. “Aarh…” He groaned in pain. And I left him and saw blood in his hands. Then, the others rushed in.


Standing before me, is an


Exasperated Fred


A furious Eric


An infuriated Alex


And A crying Mason. (Was my teeth, that sharp).


They all glared at me. And then …..


















Wow oliver.


You pinched Alex


Insult Fred


Kick Eric


And injured mason with your teeth.


Such guts.



Hahaha…I laugh in Chinese.

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